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Happy Halloween!

I greet you from home on this festive night. Thought I should keep my black cat company on her official holiday ūüėČ ¬†Earlier I added Vampiress Smother starring Summer Cummings and myself to my Diamond Club Members’ Area and am currently uploading Morrison Hotel starring Francesca Le and Stacy Burke to TanyaTV.com. Incidentally, I woke up yesterday morning, looked at Morrison Hotel text from last post and decided to change it a bit:

Powerful engravings decorate walls,
Reproduce mythology in marble,
Elevate medieval witch on corbel,
Summon ghostly spirits into dark halls.

Ebony eyes promise life-changing tryst,
Nighttime predators begin to warble,
Crashing orgasm! Transmissions garble!
Evidence fades with dawn’s earliest mist..

I live in a spooky old building with engravings on walls; etchings wend their way into my dreams at times. In writing above words for Morrison Hotel I was picturing Stacy and Francesca as gorgeous succubi who assault business traveler in his sleep. His wife could hardly blame him for such a supernatural occurrence ūüėČ It took me a few tries to put words together (see last post) but when I saw this I had everything I needed. Honestly, I had been looking for one more word that loosely rhymed with “marble” and it felt like a sign that this awesome medieval succubus was attached to a “corbel”.

In other news I will be making¬†Vampiress Sexfight starring Mercedes Ashley and myself ¬†the specially priced Video Deal of the Week this week. As you can see I’m juggling a few activities tonight so I should probably¬†try to focus a little better. One last thing.. as I walked to donut shop this morning I passed some street art that looks just a bit like Francesca:



Above pic of Francesca with Stacy’s lush breast comes from Morrison Hotel which I am going to post at TanyaTV.com right now. Happy Halloween!

XO Tanya

Update Р10pm:  All above missions now accomplished, plus I added gorgeous Morrison Hotel photo gallery, (including behind-the-scenes pics), to FantasyImageStore.com.



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