High Roller

With April Flowers in Las Vegas circa 2001
With Sharon Mitchell in Hollywood circa 2005


Almost deleted my last post because I felt embarrassed that I was ranting about a cyst on my lip. Then I decided to leave the words intact because they reflect a dilemma faced by so many Americans right now: trying to stay healthy while avoiding the doctor. As mentioned previously I’ve had three surgeries in less than three years. Although I have insurance it did not cover all my medical bills, not even close. I prepaid for breast surgery but still received more bills afterward. Even though my insurance company approved foot surgery they later declined to cover all of the charges associated with the procedure. Have you ever tried to battle an insurance company? Don’t even bother. I had eye surgery at a county facility after a private physician ushered me out of his office. He did not want to deal with a patient who had a $5500 deductible on her insurance policy and I don’t really blame him. Ironically, I am still paying off his bill for the initial consultation. If he remembers me at all he must feel very relieved that he did not perform surgery on me.

Prior to eye surgery at county hospital a staff member called to confirm my appointment with the anesthesiologist. During the phone call the staff member chastised me for using county services without having established a payment plan. Can’t recall exactly how he phrased his accusation but the words stung. “But I provided my insurance information when I checked out of the emergency room.” I told him. He muttered something in return and we ended the call.

That particular conversation left me with a sensation that still lingers today: sometimes I just feel like a failure. In my twenties I wasted a lot of money but in my thirties I started getting serious. Two photos above show me at adult industry conventions which occurred years apart in different cities. Yes, I wanted to look nice but I wasn’t out spending big money on clothes. In fact, I was recycling wardrobe and preparing for the future – or so I thought..

This morning I woke at 4am to move my car from a street cleaning zone. I like to get up early and, honestly, don’t want to pay $80 a month to park in one of the nearby corporate lots. My trusty steed, now 13 years old, gleamed in the moonlight. For the thousandth time I looked at my car and thought: “Paying you off was one of the smartest things I ever dd.”

To sum all this up: I am doing the very best I can. Like so many other people I work hard but find that health care costs often exceed my resources. One way or another way I will deal with the cyst on my lip. Dr. Google says that mucous cysts usually resolve within a week or two. I will give it a week and visit a real MD if I don’t see any healing progress. Big thanks to my custom video collectors who have shown such patience. I am really looking forward to shooting your videos and appreciate your kind spirits more than I can say.

XO Tanya

P.S. I received notice that my health insurance policy with $5500 deductible will increase 33% in price next year if I want to keep it. They also sent me a thick booklet of the changes in benefits I will receive since policy will be downgraded to an “epo” from a “ppo”. Good grief, sometimes you almost have to laugh. Onward and upward – I’m young, healthy, and strong and I shall carry on.



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8 thoughts on “High Roller”

  1. Hello Tanya,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your travails and the difficulties you are having with the health care system over there. I must admit that things are much more straightforward here in England, though our insurance industry generally is just as money-grabbing. I don’t really understand the American system and can’t really comment as to whether Obamacare was a good or a bad thing – anyhow it looks as if Mr Trump is determined to destroy it…
    One thing I am certain of is that you will come through this with flying colours – I once described you as indomitable, and I really can’t think of a more apt description : I love your spirit of defiance and independence which is beautifully balanced by your obvious altruism. As you say : “onward and upward”.
    I love the two photos in your latest blog – I’m sure that, if you were to wear the same outfit now, you would look just as fabulous, if not more so. By the way, do you design your own outfits in videos such as the superheroine series?

    Stanley xxx
    P.S. I’ve sent an e-mail to STJ – I hope that he comes up trumps (if you’ll forgive the expression!).

    1. Thank you for your support and very kind words, Stanley. Obamacare is a bust, at least in the opinion of most people. Like me, many ended up with policies which did not cover numerous basic health care costs and also failed to cover them in emergency situations. The ophthalmologist who wanted to get rid of me came right out and said: “In effect, you have no insurance.” He was referring to the huge deductible ($5500) I would have to pay before insurance covered any other costs. Here’s the kicker: if I don’t keep my health insurance then I will have to pay a fine for not having health insurance when I file my tax return. For the record – not that anyone really cares – I am neither Democrat nor Republican but I am a Constitutionalist. IMO Obama violated the US Constitution by requiring that private citizens purchase health insurance. I do believe that having health insurance is an important issue of personal responsibility but sometimes people can’t afford it. They shouldn’t be penalized for that. Whew.. probably more than you ever wanted to know about the issue 😉

      I will check in with STJ to let him know you e-mailed. He usually does come up trumps 🙂

      Thank you again for your supportive words. I always enjoy corresponding with you.


      P.S. No, I don’t design any of the outfits. Never been much of a clothing maven – prefer to be naked, truth told 😉

      1. Thank you Tanya for putting me into the picture so clearly – the U.S. system is certainly very different from what we have, and I totally understand your objections to a system which fines you if you don’t purchase health insurance (how do you pay the fine if …)
        On a more pleasant note STJ did indeed come up trumps and how! They were extremely helpful, and I’m sure a word from you also helped – I have the distinct impression that you enjoy working for them (provided you don’t come across Frankie Z…).
        I must confess 🙂 that I also like to see you naked, though my favourite “outfit” of yours is a thong bikini – the shape of the bottom emphasises the beauty of your midriff and superlative belly button, not to mention the best rear view ever! I must tell you that the STJ photos contain hundreds of examples, plus wonderful close-ups of your beautiful
        physiognomy. ( I try to use long words, but am no match for you – thank you for the word “maven” which I did not know).
        Continue to fight the good fight Tanya : you are a veritable inspiration,

        Stanley xxx

        1. Thanks so much for the compliments, Stanley!! I thought you would be delighted by STJ’s treasure trove. Think he has industry photos which date back decades. I do enjoy working for him. He pushes me to do (and endure) holds that I otherwise would never have encountered. What made you think of Frankie? XOXO

  2. Hello Tanya,

    I saw a photo of Frankie among the STJ treasure trove, and I immediately recalled your account of an unfortunate encounter you had with her – I wouldn’t want you to go through that again.

    Stanley xxx

    1. Hahaha! I see. Was wondering if STJ had some photos of our ill-fated match. He used to sometimes take pics at DT matches many years ago. XOXO

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