Goldie’s Massage

Goldie Blair gets her beautiful body rubbed down by a handy massage therapist. The unseen masseur pours oil all over Goldie’s sexy naked body and gets to run his fingers all over her bare, soft skin, with very careful attention paid to her big tits and perky nipples. His groping provides her with waves of pleasure. This is a great job for a breast-man as long as he can get only girls built like Miss Blair on his table. Goldie gets too worked up from the man hands to just shower off and leave. Getting rubbed out has helped Goldie’s back and neck but now she’s got some new stress she has to reduce after the therapist leaves her oily and spreadeagle on his table. Goldie has to cum and release that pent-up energy. Another satisfied customer at SCORE Massage Parlor For Built Ladies where the service is hands-on. . Click here for video.

XO Tanya



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2 thoughts on “Goldie’s Massage”

  1. Dear Tanya,

    Thank you for your post. A “Goldie Masseuse”? My hunch is that Mr. Breast-Man got paid for his day’s efforts. Nice work if you can get it—as they say.

    Goldie is one of my favorite of your Co-Stars. She can enjoyably carry any genre of scene with you–and hold her own–as an actress and certainly as a physique.

    You are two consummate pros, both at the top of your games.

    You and Goldie have worked often together. What have been your favorite scenes that you two have done?

    Even after all this work together what type of scene would you imagine wanting to do with Goldie but haven’t yet–or would like to do again….?

    thanks for thinking about all this.


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