Slice of Cake?


I have blog comments to answer, scripts to read, shoots to schedule but – per 2017 New Year’s resolution – I will step away from computer at 6pm. Long ago a wise man told me: “If you have all day to do something then you will take all day to do it.” With that in mind I am now ending work days promptly at 6 to commence much-needed home repairs. Hopefully this new daily structure will make me more productive.

Today I accomplished the following:

Speaking of Tres Leches (named for a wonderful Latin cake) I finally removed shark, changed title, and came up with following text for this birthday celebration video:

Tres Leches
“Pink satin bow unwraps delicious dream,
Astonishingly succulent dessert
Swirled with thick layers of vanilla cream.

Top tier banana nearly splits at seam,
Exhibits preternatural growth spurt,
Loads nuts galore upon meringue extreme.

Ethereal lights flicker, candles gleam,
Rich icing penetrates to deep culvert
Inside enchanted birthday cake supreme..

Arriba! El tres leches misticos
Son ingredientes balísticos!”

“I.. I’m not sure I understand description for tres leches cake.” puzzled shopper says. “Perfect for birthday celebration.” proprietress responds. “Be sure to include a pink bow in presentation. I guarantee that events will unfold exactly as menu indicates.” Customer purchases mysterious delicacy, leaves pasteleria with imprecise expectations. Later that night – awash in milk and nuts with her honey – she utters silent prayer of thanks for powerful Latin aphrodisiac..

Stop by and have a slice of my Tres Leches cake! I shall return tomorrow. Hope everyone is well 🙂

XO Tanya



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