Good afternoon,

Do I look a bit glazed in above pics from December 22? Aside from fake cumshot I was already feeling effects of an uncommonly festive Christmas season. Generally I do little for holidays but lately I’ve been attempting to improve my social life. Think I went a tad too far. Put it this way.. on January 1 a friend and I embarked on a 30-day stint of sobriety. Only people with overtaxed livers bother doing stuff like that. After nearly two weeks I feel great, have discovered a lot more hours in each day.

Today, while editing photos for soon-to-be-released video Holi-glaze I gazed into desktop snow globe (same one featured in Magic Janet) and came up with this promotional text for Holi-glaze:

Transparent sphere contains lingerie-clad sylph getting doused with snow each time someone turns globe upside down. Man chuckles at novelty, reads accompanying placard:

“Month after month lone secretary dreams,
Year passes through spring, summer, liquid fall,
Soon Christmas vision shatters crystal ball.
Tis season for diabolical schemes,
Enchanted machinations, wild extremes,
Rich fantasy swirls like fast-building squall,
Yields hurricane force lust, delicious thrall
Punctuated by loud orgasmic screams.

Advancing maelstrom traces serpentine
Course over rapidly debauched terrain,
Kaboom! Splash! Landfall on pristine demesne!
Awake now, soaked like snow globe figurine,
Glazed secretary simply can’t explain
Exotic frosting from monsoon unseen.. ”

Slightly puzzled but mainly disinterested man turns from display to find collectibles dealer staring at him. “Very successful entrepreneur created snow globe, wrote magic spell in 1963.” dealer remarks. “Claimed he could seduce any female employee by placing globe on her desk.” Visitor nods politely at this questionable piece of trivia, prepares to leave store. “Sell it to you for $50. Bet you know a lovely lass whose heart you want to capture.” proprietor says with a wink. Feeling strangely obligated man buys item, presents impromptu purchase to to secretary as gag Christmas gift, promptly forgets all about it..

Looks like snow globe worked its magic on secretary:

Btw.. during shooting of Holi-glaze I told cameraman Jon White about a fellow whom I had recently met at a donut shop. Since I date so rarely (OK, never) I asked Jon for advice on whether I should text number man had given me. Jon encouraged me to do so. Shortly before New Year’s Eve man and I met for coffee. We enjoyed a nice conversation and stayed in phone contact. Throughout these days we never discussed anything of a sexual nature. On January 4 (just checked phone) he sent me a photo of his dick. In a subsequent message he bragged of his sexual prowess, suggesting that he might “ruin” me for any other man. I permitted myself one or two sarcastic responses before cutting off all contact. Have I turned into a prude? Do most women tolerate (enjoy?) unsolicited dick pics from relative strangers? Good grief. Suffice it to say that I’d rather stare into my snow globe and write sonnets than hang out with a misguided purveyor of poorly photographed penis (there was even a toilet seat in background of shot.)

Unsurprisingly, I will be staying home tonight. Plan to answer blog comments right after I complete a few updates. Hope everyone is having a great weekend 🙂

XO Tanya



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23 thoughts on “Holi-glaze”

  1. Hii Tanya! Hows going with ya? I love your big breast/body and face? you are so amazing hooot? hope u doing great! ?

  2. Great to hear you doing well. I’m ok. Dont like this long winter. I miss to doing things outside. But i look forward to spring/summer. ☺ Do you have any plans next week?

  3. Sounds great! Good luck to shooting more custom. You doing a brilliant job there!? so u have lot of customers ?

  4. “Have I turned into a prude?” No. I have yet to meet a single woman who liked receiving ‘dick pics’ unless it was from their lover/significant other and even then it is always more jocular or some reason for it rather than out of the blue. Guy sounds like a creep. I wonder what he was thinking the whole time he was messaging you before he sent that. Did he know who you were? I think you dodged a bullet there though. Though I do refuse to believe the dating life is as nonexistent as you’re making it seem for yourself. Hope all is well Tanya 🙂

    1. Hi Ned,

      Thank you for your supportive words. I told guy that I produced female wrestling videos for a living. He seemed to make the deduction that videos were of an erotic nature and was not bothered by it. Years ago I met some guy and told him that I owned adult websites. We went on only one date and he practically fell over when he found out I did porn. To this day I don’t really understand how he had failed to make the connection between “adult website owner” and likely porn actress, especially since I had met him at the beach and wasn’t, um, hiding much. Anyways, I digress. Dick pic guy seemed fine with what I did for a living – related to it somehow, like possibly he had dated someone in the industry before or maybe even been involved in it himself. Hmmm.. just grabbed my phone. Conveniently I still have all record of our correspondence. Looks like everything was fine til Dec 30. He texted to say that he had just finished a workout at the gym and his “testosterone was up”. He proceeded to make a few more suggestive comments and I told him he was getting way ahead of himself. Undaunted, he became increasingly explicit in his commentary. After a barrage of such messages I texted: “You didn’t work out. You just got high.” He thought that was funny and started bragging about his sexual prowess. Finally I told him I was afraid of his magic cock and could never have sex with him. From that point forward I stopped responding and a dick pic surfaced on Jan 1. Good grief, I hadn’t remembered that his text messages had continued for so long.

      Anyways, I agree that I dodged a bullet. He’s a creep. My dating life is nonexistent but I have plenty to keep me busy. Thank you for your input on this situation. It really does help to get a guy’s perspective. Originally when all this happened I was wondering if I was more out of step with the times than I realized. Most of the world does Internet dating (I don’t) so maybe dick pics had become rather commonplace without my even realizing it. Thank you for the feedback. I feel sane again 🙂


      1. Wow, from 0-100 in just a few text messages. Yeah I mean if you ever look at online dating 99% of women state on their profiles, please don’t contact me for casual sex, hookups, not going to send nudes etc. I do think the easy access to porn and from a young age has a lot of men growing up with skewed perceptions of sex and relationships. Dick pic guy probably thought, she films adult content, she probably loves this, living out some fantasy whereby him sending you the pic meant you would be begging him to come over etc.

        I think real online dating actually hearkens back to slightly older times of dating whereby mutual interests, mutual agreements, economics and attraction come into play. You spent years studying for a career and now have a non existent social life, join a dating site so you can find other single professionals etc. But again, just tough in real life and online as people become more anti-social, community aspects decline, and traditional dating roles are done away with.

        Either way, that guy hopefully is kicking himself that he ruined any chance he had with you.

        1. Hi Ned,

          I really appreciate your perspective. Agree that porn is more prevalent and accessible now and do wonder about the effects of that on younger men. Dick pic guy was 36, a full 15 years older than anyone who should even consider sending out a dick pic. I say that because college-age men are just understandably foolish, not that their dicks look better 😉 Some people have great experiences with online dating. My friend does my hair every six weeks and while the color processes we sometimes look at dating sites. We check Men Over 40 but never really “feel” anybody, even though that may sound silly.

          In recent years I have noticed a dating trend on the rise: sugar mamas. Maybe it’s always been common but I’ve been hearing a lot more about it, like every time I turn around. I know women (more than one) who got dumped so their significant others could hook up with women who had more money. I do wonder about the sugar mamas themselves cuz I don’t know any personally. Did they inherit their money? Earn it themselves? Get divorce settlements? I’ve even been approached by guys looking for money which is hilarious given that I drive a 14-year-old car and wear flip flops every day. One guy at the beach told me he wants a woman to support him but she doesn’t need to have a lot of money. Lol.. I still declined.


  5. Hello Tanya,

    It’s such a joy to know that you are in such a positive frame of mind and that things (apart from that very brief liaison with the rather conceited, vainglorious “fellow” you described so well) are going smoothly for you.
    No doubt you are now working hard once again, for the benefit of your myriads of admirers.
    I must thank you once again for the wonderful photos that you post and for the superb video offers that you make every week – your last offering, with Devon Michaels as a very unlikely policewoman, was really enjoyable. The two of you played it with a delightful tongue-in-cheek humour, and I loved your half naïve, half erotic Power Girl, who is obviously a close relative of the sublime Mrs Hamilton.
    I also love to read your vivid accounts of your amazing encounters and think that your video descriptions are always worth reading. Your sonnet for Holi-glaze is very impressive – where do you find all those words? – and witty. I only wish I had a paper-weight like that!
    I also loved your poem for “Tres leches” – very clever and very erotic at the same time- I don’t have a sweet tooth, but…

    Stanley xxx

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Stanley! Very nice to hear from you. Sorry for the delay in responding. I really appreciate your feedback. Since I love to write I often spend days composing something and then wonder if maybe I should be spending my time more wisely.. lol Yes, Devon was awesome in Super Orgasmic Self-destruction. I would live to shoot with her again. Wonder what that “very unlikely policewoman” (well put 😉 ) is up to now. Her Star Page at HotMovies.com doesn’t show material that strikes me as particularly recent. Am a bit amused to see Devon and me featured in a collection of “Classic Catfights” from Napali. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “My, how time flies.” Hope you are well, Stanley. XOXO

  6. Hi Tanya,

    I’ve never read words that so amazingly described turning a snow globe as “Transparent sphere contains lingerie-clad sylph getting doused with snow each time someone turns globe upside down”…just awesome!
    Also I shouldn’t be by now, but still I’m continually amazed at the people sending dick pictures thinking that’s an impressive mating ritual. I’m not sure even what to say other than on behalf of humanity, I apologize.

    Hope all is well,

    1. Hahaha! Thank you for the apology on behalf of mankind, Don. And thank you for your sweet compliment. Dick pics are a mystery to me too. Sending one seems like a really good way to NOT have sex. Everyone I mentioned it to had the same reaction as you and me. That poor guy is going to have trouble getting laid if he doesn’t rethink his protocol.. lol XOXO

  7. Hìi Dear Tanya! I hope you doing great. I have thinking about you here in the last time. I dont now why but i think becauce im care about you and like you☺

  8. Hii. U welcome! So do u have a nice shooting time this week? Any plans for the weekend? ☺ yes im doing fine. Thanks for asking.

    1. Hi Johan,

      I’m still recovering from Groundhog Day. Super Bowl is this weekend but I’m staying home. Will be shooting more customs later this month. Glad you are well!


  9. Hii! Oh i see.. sounds great. You like too shoot customs i have get it right? you are so good at that. Mayby in April i will order a new custom of ya. So be prepared? so any plans u are gonna do at home?

    1. Sounds great, Johan! I am prepared. Just working at home today on some new material. Want to get updates ready for next week. Hope you’re having a great weekend! XOXO

  10. Sounds cool. Yes i have a great weeked. Just chill with buddys and movie time/evening? this week is just work and workout? i wish u a great week Tanya! I like you?

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