Last night, while preparing for upcoming round of shooting, my ThinkPad T400 computer (dates back to Bush administration) froze. I have a LOT of stuff stored in that computer and spent much of today trying to fix it. Probably everyone has experienced similar frustration at one time or another. Finally I left computer on desk, headed outside, wandered to donut shop. Eager for distraction my mind floated back to great poster I saw at gas station last week (top pic.) I have literally never smoked a cigarette but for some reason that morbid image makes me want to light one up.


Compelling visual popped into my head as I sipped coffee: supervillainess character (kinda like Madeleine in second pic from top) ripping off signature black glove to reveal gory, festering remnants of once vibrant hand. Suitably inspired I began writing promo text for upcoming Madeline video tentatively entitled Half-breed:



In response to query gypsy utters mystifying quintilla:


“Behind articulated sheath
Raw, bloody fingers of death squirm,
Entwine, entangle, reconfirm
Each bullet prised from underneath
Decaying heart suffused with worm.. “


Madeleine replays words over and over inside mind. “Articulated sheath?” she finally says aloud. “Articulated sheath..   articulated sheath..   could that refer to..    a glove?” Again she reviews strange gypsy poem. Descended from one mortal and one superhuman parent Madeleine respects esoteric knowledge but often struggles to translate gypsy’s proclamations. Assembled search party has grown impatient with Madeleine’s confusion. “Maybe your half-breed intuition ain’t working today.” one of them says sarcastically. Pivoting sharply on high-heeled boot Madeleine announces definitively: “Fallen gunfighter has hidden silver bullets inside her black gloves. She pried shells from still-beating heart while she lay dying. Now we must locate her decomposed corpse. Those bullets are my legacy..”


Ooohh.. there are sooo many forbidden words in that text. Payment processors expressly prohibit distributors/producers from using words like “blood”, “bullet”, “gun”, “dying”, “corpse”, etc. when promoting adult material even if none of those elements appear in footage (which they don’t.) I will have to revise paragraphs but composing them did take my mind off computer probs today. Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! Tomorrow I will return to answer blog comments.


XO Tanya



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6 thoughts on “Half-breed”

  1. Hello Tanya,

    First of all I hope that you have sorted out your problem with your computer – these things are so frustrating, particularly when your livelihood depends on them.
    Thanks, as always, for everything – I love the photo of Madeleine (I think I have all your wonderful “gunfighter” videos, and that is the first time I have seen the name) – definitely a must-buy when it appears.
    Thank you for “quintilla” – the meaning is obvious in context, but I had never come across it before .
    Could you please explain what payment processors are? It’s strange that they are so squeamish about the use of words when they are quite happy with explicit images! Incidentally, is that why the word demise, which I love, occurs so often in the description of your videos.
    Talking of videos, I love the recently-purchased “Dr Danielle and Ms Hyde”. I particularly love the seemingly prudish doctor, who absolutely oozes sexuality. My favourite moment is when she is holding that exotic red lingerie in her hand, looks at the camera and says “No one wants to see me dressed like that” – I do beg to differ!
    Thank you Tanya! Stanley xxx

    1. So glad you are enjoying the videos, Stanley! Thank you for the feedback. Quintilla was new to me too. Frequently i like to try writing different forms of poetry and was intrigued by the rules surrounding the quintilla. Now I’m fixated – think I’ve written close to twenty. Payment processors are companies like CCBill.com or Tropical Productions who handle credit card billing for websites. They will not process payments for erotic material that contains death, blood, simulated death, etc. and their web bots specifically check text descriptions for those words. Yes, that’s why you frequently see the word “demise” 😉 btw.. I have added Half-breed to my store. Hope you’re having a great weekend! XOXO

  2. Hi Tanya!

    I realize I’ve said this numerous times before, but your writings always mesmerize and intrigue me. Madeline isn’t the only one who plays your words over and over in her mind. Well…..and the pictures obviously mesmerize as well 🙂 Can’t wait to see the results.

    Well done!

  3. Hello oh eternal loveliness ! Your visage ,and erudite revelations always compell me to comment . I too often see interesting classic adds for cigerettes but no way will I smoke any . I have seen the consequences first hand . Plus, my body is do detoxed from vitamins I reject the smoke ! I couldn’t if I wanted to . But a pack of high grade Dunhills ,or gold tipped Sobtany are indeed fascinating to a syberite like myself ( lover of luxury from Roman times ) . I too talk walks to donut shops,and gaze out of windows while eating ersatz ‘ French Crullers ‘. I doubt any real egg whites in them ? But good none the less . My computer was old too ! State of the art in 2002 ,and went to space ! IBM heavy duty laptop which finally went heavy duty out ! We book people sometimes just don’t keep up ….I wonder if this happened when writing pens went from quill to fountion ? I think it did when going from fountain to ballpoint ……..But now Im finally into Androids / Tablets . So finally up to speed . But you and I are classics,and we move slowly sometimes …but that is not good too …Must move faster ,and not look to ‘ someday ‘ all the time . I love how creative you are ,and of course your last group of photos make me weep ! Beauty does that to me …..But not since s teenager do I get that affect . Only you do that truly Tanya ! That adolescent pain the stomach thing when attraction hits . That’s why you are a star ! It’s not only the look ,but the personality of inner beauty ,warmth ,and intelligence you project . It’s great that you are able to indulge your creativity,and turn it into productions . Plus have fun ,doing it….You are the ‘ captain of your own soul ‘. On another post you mentioned stopping work at 6. Independent people ( and I am one ) who have the luxury of no structure should create some limited type of schedule to follow . It’s really good . As you might know I was a ghost writer for the President of international firm . I worked independently and ended work at 6 in the evening too ! It creates feeling of accomplishment,and rest. I hope and pray ,you and companions from feline world doing well ? Your always in my consciousness ,and prayers Tanya . Long January soon gone and 11 months to fill . Let’s make best of it ! ?

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Apollo. I am very touched by your compliments. Kitties and I are doing well. How are you? Still enjoying the new wheels? Agree that some structure is good but I’ve had trouble sticking to the 6pm rule.. lol It’s funny, I think I would be perfectly happy in an era with fountain pens and no technology. Even now I still write with pen and paper. XOXO

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