Bill Margold: One of a Kind

Very sad to report that porn legend/historian Bill Margold passed away last week. Click on top pic to read extremely touching remembrance from his friend Brian Sebastian. Do not yet know all circumstances but one particular detail is driving me bananas. At our last meeting (December 2015, I believe) Bill told me exactly what words he wanted on his tombstone. Desired epitaph is eluding me right now and I feel determined to recall it. I had no idea Bill would pass so suddenly or so soon. He and I met on set at one of legendary director Jim Holliday’s productions. Amongst other onscreen appearances Bill and I exchanged a few lines of dialogue in Too Many Blonde Moments (box cover above). Seem to recall that Grand Inquisitor Bill laughed quite appreciatively at a joke I cracked.

Fierce intellect, steel trap memory, warm heart are qualities I most remember in Bill. So glad I visited him in 2015 and wish I had returned again to hear more fascinating and endless anecdotes regarding California porn industry from early 1970s to present. I will miss you, Bill. Please give my regards to Jim when you see him in the Great Beyond.

XO Tanya



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  1. Dear Tanya,

    I am sorry to hear of the passing of your friend. Yes, I hope you–or someone–remembers what he wanted for his epitaph. Or maybe “I Forgot” might be suitably ironic enough for a man of his wit.

    By a curious coincidence, we have a copy of “…Blonde Moments”. We watched it this evening to find your moments of repartee with Mr. Margold, but maybe these wound up on the cutting room floor?

    The footage there has you and a line of women queuing up to meet the Grand Inquisitor who is assisted by an exceptionally exquisite Carolyn Monroe–at perhaps her most beautiful.

    The dialogue jumps to the woman behind you in line, who just happens to be the same one who in a later scene deploys her own “Grand Inquisitor” upon you from various positions and angles. Not to speak ill of the departed, but that scene pretty much wiped out any of my memory of what happened before or after.

    Was that something new to you in performance? I don’t recall seeing you as a subject of such an “Inquisition” very often.

    Anyhow, as with your work and memories it is always a mutli-layered, rich loam of intelligence, eroticism and fun–clearly a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing this.

    Obviously, I don’t know Mr. Margold at all, but your elegy to him reads just perfect: Part forgetful, part dead-on, always sincere. Knowing you as I do, I have no doubt that I would equally so enjoy the people you value and respect.

    more to come,


    1. Thank you for your eloquent thoughts and kind words, Mingori. Funny, I remember the dialogue in that movie better than the sex. Did Carolyn and I undergo an anal inquisition by chance? Maybe at the hands of one Allysin Chaines? Guess my blonde joke got cut out of the final footage. I still remember it. Will definitely miss Bill and need to ask someone else about epitaph. Miss Carolyn too although I assume she is still alive and well. Hope you’re having a great weekend!


      1. Dear Tanya,

        Thank you for your reply.

        “I remember the jokes but forgot the sex.” I hope no one is saying that about me…. Particularly since I’m not a very funny guy.

        I had another look at the film in question and rather than the scene where Allysin Chains gets her end-on revenge upon you and the lovely Carolyn–which I think is from another movie–it is one impressively fit Daytona Raines who wields her lengthy inquisitor upon you.

        A pretty funny movie, really, and you are wonderful throughout with a look on your face as if you are truly enjoying yourself–and appreciating the goofiness of it all.

        Rather than Allysin, later in the film your nemesis and Grand Accusator, Felecia, provides you with a tongue lashing of your derriere. All in a day’s work.

        stay awesome, Tanya


        1. Hi Mingori,

          Lol.. you are a funny guy – I appreciate your humor. Did I ever have sex with you? Just kidding. Ahhh… Dayton. Of course I remember having sex with her. Wrote about her here a while ago. Clicked on link in that post and found that she is still working at a bar in SoCal. Maybe I will stop by 😉


          1. Dear Tanya,

            Thank you for your reply.

            “Did I ever have sex with you?” Hmmm, I’m not exactly sure, but I kind of think I’d remember. Maybe…. but you’ve witnessed how (selective) my memory works. 😉

            I do remember someone joking: “You’re not bringing that accordion in here with us, are you?” Might have been you or maybe someone else. LOL But I figured you liked accordion music. Or not.

            Yes, I’ve made the mistake of Tweetering photos of my accordion (real, that is, not metaphoric) to women I’ve only recently met at cafes, donut shops or bowling alleys. Okay, so maybe it’s not the best ice-breaker…..I’ve learned my lesson.

            In all candor, I do gut-bucket and head-high appreciate your sense of humor in both your acting and writing.

            You must be a very easy person to laugh with.


            1. Thanks so much, Mingori!!! I do like to laugh 🙂 Hope you are well. XOXO

              P.S. Nice accordion 😉

  2. Sorry to hear this. He sounded like fascinating person who carried himself well in controversial business . All History, especially of the most controversial kind interest me . It’s the anti Establishment/ paralle universe genre where the real knowledge is. The porno of the 70 s I have researched was raw ,yet more motion picture in style ,and quality . Many of the performers even slipped across boundaries more easily ,as it was open secret at one point some soap stars had done it . Of course dancers , wrestlers ,body builders , commercial models ,and actor asparints . The product shipped to old film palaces in dying downtown cities of that period when post industrial America ,and the rust belt was coming in. I recall as a boy the dark levity of my cool mother ,when local paper reported man found dead in once main stream film palace ( you know where ) watching XXX film ! ‘ That must of been a real hot one ” she said ?. I think last film of this type was Behind Green Door with legend Seka ,and one done in early 80 s with Nina Hartley ( first appearance ) with beautiful cast ,on picturesque island . It had high production values . You would know more Tanya ….On memory . Go to CVS and get Alge DHS 9000 for brain ,eyes ,memory . It was developed by NASA and you will remember EVERYTHING …. Again ,my condolences for your friend . I would of liked to talk to him myself . I love art / creative minds ,and beauty. To me pornograhy down right is a most compelling form of it as it’s exclusive in its human qualifications,and how it is done . Only the truly gifted ,and courageous can do it well ,and to me that is a powerful life force. The highest regards as always to you ,oh do ever lovely Tanya the soooo special .?

    1. Thank you for your insightful comments and kind words, Apollo. Always appreciated. i am intrigued by early porn as well. Did you ever see the movie “Boogie Nights”? XOXO P.S. Thanks for supplement recommendation.

  3. Yes ,I did see Boogie Nights . Nina Hartley was in it . I thought all characters very vivid ,and choice of big 1975 green Cadillac ,and that mid century house perfect for director played by Bert Reynolds . Props like that so count !

    1. Totally agree on props, Apollo. That was a great movie. Think Summer Cummings and Skye Blue had a scene in there too. XOXO

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