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This afternoon I sat down with the incomparable Stacy Burke for a live web chat. Click here to check out our conversation and subscribe to Stacy’s YouTube channel. Stacy and I have known each other for several decades (my how time flies) and have done countless shoots together over the years. Felt a bit strange to comply with YouTube policy and keep our clothes on today 😉

Very happy to see that lots of people are helping Stacy through a tough time. As I stated during webcam conversation Stacy is handling some difficult circumstances extremely well. I admire her a lot. She is motivating me to get a better grip on my own life.. lol  Been pretty busy lately but will get caught up on post comments, editing, etc. within the next few days. Hope everyone had a pleasant Monday!

XO Tanya



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12 thoughts on “Live Web Chat”

  1. Hey Tanya,enjoyed your interview with Stacy on YouTube.You being your candid self is always interesting and intriguing.Agree with Stacy how your talent as a word smith would lend itself to the animated -porn genre.BTW check out Great White live at the Ritz New York performing “Rock Me” it don’t get much better.Unfortunately years later tragedy struck when some pryo set a venue ablaze where they were playing resuling in some deaths

    1. Glad you enjoyed the interview naz7t! We are hoping to do more. And thank you for your cartoon encouragement. I need to get on that. I had forgotten that Great White was playing during that fire! Do you know if they continued to tour after that? Think they were facing charges related to the fire but I don’t remember all the details. XOXO

      1. G’day Tanya,Great White did continue to tour though i think they may have been Jack Russell’s Great White at the time of the fire which they later returned to with Mark Kendell(lead guitar) parting ways with Jack(singer) and court cases over who could legally use the bands name.The tour manager was the only one who took the rap for the fire and did some time.Often wondered what takes your fancy music wise having read you mention a lot of bands in your posts that i still listen to myself or go see when they make their way down here.Also do you have a twang on any of those guitars i’ve noticed as a backdrop to your shoots?Do remember some pics of you brandishing a Gibson flying v that looked archetypal eighties rock/metal goddess.

        1. Hi Naz,

          Interesting about Great White. Fire was so tragic.

          do you have a twang on any of those guitars i’ve noticed as a backdrop to your shoots?

          Not sure what you mean by this question (?)

          I like a lot of older rock from 70s and 80s as well as newer stuff and classical music. Fortunately a lot of the great 70s/80s bands are still active. Pretty amazing! Think I remember guitar shoot you mention but not sure whose guitar that was – photographer furnished it as a prop.


          1. Hey Tanya,when i asked if you ever had a “twang”on the guitars i have noticed in the corner of a bedroom where you shoot i was wondering if you have ever taken up guitar and strummed a tune ?You have known some talented musicians and thought maybe you had picked up an instrument along the way. Enjoying watching you and Stacy on youtube , but do really miss your LA noir blog and would love you to do more.

            1. Thanks for the compliments, Naz! No, I have never played guitar but do love the instrument. Thanks for remembering the LA Noir blog. Perhaps someday I will revisit it. Lots of memories there. XOXO

  2. A live chat with you would be amazing. I didn’t even know this was happening, I would have tuned in. Hope your friend Stacy gets back on her feet soon. I think it is imperatice for young women these days to make sure their careers, education, and own goals are not compromised for a family or relationship because you never know what can happen. One of my close friends who married her high school sweetheart and gave up her volleyball scholarship to a university to marry and raise a family and move away to a small island community where he ran a successful dealership is now struggling because ten years and two kids later, he had an affair with a younger woman and left her and will not provide her with child or spousal support and now she does not have the education, work experience, or even time to have any sort of career when she also has to be their mom etc. Anyways hope all is well.

    1. Hi Ned,

      Sorry to hear about your friend’s circumstances. Hopefully the ex will start paying some support. Stacy is a survivor. She’s handling things very well. Hopefully we will do another chat soon. Next time I will give advance notice.


  3. What a pleasure to see you and Stacy on a video interview, 2 women I love and who are great models, is what you will do other inteview with Stacy?

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