February Already?

Good evening,

I am getting caught up on everything. Earlier I picked up both my venerable T400 laptop and my mail. Huge thanks to generous soul who sent the lovely pink shawl, external hard drive, and Trailheads running hat from my Wish List. Muuuaaaahhhh!!!! So grateful. You made my day. No note accompanied the gifts so I don’t know who you are but I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Hope to answer e-mails and post comments tonight after late dinner. Just posted following updates:

Hard to believe that February has arrived! Onward and upward – I will keep the updates coming in accordance with 2017 resolution to get my biz running like a well-oiled machine 😉  Hope everyone is having a great week so far.

XO Tanya

P.S. Want to mention that I am really enjoying Seduction of the Innocent (thanks, Brad!) each night before bed and am right now wearing Ugg Christmas slippers. Day after day I treasure the wonderful gifts I receive and really do thank my lucky stars for the generous friends in my life.



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6 thoughts on “February Already?”

      1. Just a pair of boots and you are beautiful, you are really a very beautiful woman and I would always be one of your fans and again thank you for taking the time to reply me,
        You are the BEST Tanya

  1. Heart pounding photos ( mine ) ,and could put fun into hypertension ! I love writing but caught up in projects too . I also appreciate friends in high places ,and humble who do so much for me ! See,as ‘ alone ‘ people fate does intervene in good ways . Always be consciouse that you are not alone when one has touched another’s consciousness….And you sure did to mine ,and so many ,many others ! Funny how these little tet a tates via your blog creates such emotional intimacy ! Such is tribute to your deep charisma ,and sincerity . Yes February ; Transit Fugit ! But your timeless !

    1. Always be consciouse that you are not alone when one has touched another’s consciousness

      Thank you so much for these words, Apollo. I have been feeling very lonely lately and your sentiments really help a lot. Think I’m in some type of transition phase but I’m not really sure what is coming next. My source of spiritual guidance/inspiration, the I Ching, persistently yields passages regarding the value of solitude so I can’t help but think that I’m supposed to be alone right now for reasons I don’t thoroughly understand. By the way.. I keep my I Ching coins in the purple jeweled box you sent me a few years ago 🙂 XOXO

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