Happy Groundhog Day

Happy Groundhog Day! Photo above has nothing to do with Groundhog Day but I always try to post a nudie pic ūüėČ ¬†Earlier¬†I wore new Trailhead running hat for morning jog and I looooove it. Thank you so much, Kind Stranger! I already put another on my Wish List¬†so I won’t need to wash the new one¬†after each workout. Surprises me that I did not discover these years ago. During my featuring dance days I jogged outdoors in Quebec City, Cleveland, Toronto, Pittsburgh, et al. winters with no head coverings that I can recall. Lol.. was I tougher back then?

Just want to say that I have answered some recent post comments but won’t have time to respond to the rest til tonight or tomorrow. Don’t want anyone to think their messages are ignored because¬†I value all of them. Today I am celebrating¬†Groundhog Day with friends. This will suffice¬†as early Super Bowl revelry since I’m probably going to take¬†Atlanta +3 and stay home on Sunday. Happy to report that I have exceeded 30 days of intended sobriety and¬†will be jumping off the wagon with¬†Punxsutawney Phil in about an hour. As I dive into vodka please enjoy the new updates at my sites:

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!

XO Tanya

P.S. Haha.. realized that above pic may have subconscious symbolism. I could have placed anything in that space but “happened” to find a drinking photo on the day when I start drinking again ūüôā



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6 thoughts on “Happy Groundhog Day”

  1. Watching the movie right now myself as I am typing this. I actually have the Patriots this weekend. I cannot count out Tom Brady. Great to hear you are jogging again. I think, and I hate saying it, but it is probably just age and not toughness. Muscles take longer to warm up, joints ache slightly more, the cold probably affects you more. When I was younger I would do polar bear swims in the freezing water with just trunks in winter. I would probably have a heart attack if I tried it now.

    1. Noooo… I refuse to consider age as a factor. Just kidding. Sometimes I see my older cat get up from a nap and just plop down on the floor again. She needs a little more time for her joints to warm up too ūüėČ XOXO

  2. Dear Tanya

    It’s happening to me again.

    You’re sex-messaging with Stacy Burke from Punxsutawney Buttafuocco’s couch while drinking vodka and wagering donuts dressed in only a jogging cap?

    I should know better than to visit your blog when I’m sleepy.

    I’ll try to be back with a more coherent question or two after you’ve had a few drinks.


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