Star Trek Star Cross


Captain James T. Kirk had a big weekend:

Star Trek Star Cross

“Cannon fire rocks spaceship,
Alters gene code, smashes
Natural selection.

Neverending mind trip,
Orgiastic bashes,
Now demand correction!”

Speaking into communicator Captain James T. Kirk breathlessly describes grim situation aboard USS Enterprise. Gender bender cannon has fired upon vessel, instantly switching sexes of all crew members and driving them into collective carnal frenzy. Captain Kirk knows he must locate cannon, activate second detonation to restore both regular genders and order among crew. Alone on quest for cannon Kirk can barely restrain self from masturbating unfamiliar vagina which has replaced penis..

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XO Tanya



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6 thoughts on “Star Trek Star Cross”

  1. Hi Tanya,

    I have never watched a single Star Trek because it never tempted me, I prefer Star Wars, but I want to see this episode with you because already on the picture you made a charming captain and I Think you’re the only reason I appreciate Star Trek lol

  2. Hiii Dear Tanya. I hope u doing great. I know u shooting alot now. I have a nice/cool pic i want to show u/send to you if that is ok? ☺? take care so long! ?

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