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  1. Watched the video and just found out how single and looking you are. Is that true? You looked extremely beautiful in that video. I have been following you for quite some time now and saw you during your younger days and you do age very well. Hoping for more videos like these.

    1. Thanks, Rainbowman. I appreciate your compliment. Yes, I am single but not “looking”, per se.. more just open to the right person should I chance upon him. From past experience I have learned that it’s lonelier to spend time with the wrong people than to just simply be alone. XOXO

  2. Hellow Dear Tanya It’s 3 o’clock in the morning ,and just finished watching you,,and delight Stacey Burke . I thought it was great . Please tell her that she has a new friend in me ! Where have you all been all of my life ? Your both very genuine and endearing. Deep souls ,and loving hearts On a prosaic level ; you ,and I share discount groceries ,and dollar tree too ? Why not ? Who needs to spend precious dollars on stuff like that ! I must say you impressed me even more …Your deep character ,and sincerity . Your a very strong independent women ,and I like that . I’d rather be me then anything . When people inquire ,’ What is your ambition in life ? My reply ? ” To live as independently as I can with as much style and dignity as possible “. That’s you too ! My thoughts are the same on holidays . Why can’t you acknowledge people everyday ? Give gifts if possible all the time ? But do these ” special days ‘ really mean anything when Valentine’s Day is practically being pushed on January 1? Lol. Saying it doesn’t always make it so . Being there all the time is what counts . Holidays as a single man sort of bothered me at one point . No longer I don’t need affirmation from another if my worth . What will be ,will be . But I must say this on men pursuing women. One must be careful today ,as to much ‘ pursuit ‘ can become ‘ harassment ‘ really fast I like a signal somebody likes me too . Then I’m out of the gate if attracted . I really admire the great Mae West . She was brilliant ( like you / writer , innovative,dynamic ,down to earth class . She once said ; ‘ If you keep a man guessing ,he might go looking for the answers somewhere else “. Another cute one ; ‘ In life opportunity knocks for many men ,but with a women you got to give a ring “. Wow ,you did online dating too ? I had FIVE funny stories out of it . I visited one who had me overnight . Her crazy mother thought everybody ,and everything was ” Communism” ,and they where caregiving an old man who DIED while I was there ! I did not see anything as I stayed out of that room . I could not wait to drive home on the NJ turnpike back to my state …But my car broke down and had to be towed 60 miles home ! Lol. Two where Catfishes One was a beautiful educated ex club dancer who I visited a few times . She was lovely at first ; was into 5 religions simultaneously. ? Good cook . Sweet . Called me Archangel Michael But guess what ? She had photos lined up of old men ( tried to hide them ) and her hero was known other then Anna Nichol Smith ! ?. Now this was an ‘ educated women ‘. Her dream ? Finding a really old Rich guy. . I was ‘ too young ‘, and not rich…But who would ever be that rich !? I hear 6 years later she is still trying ! Lol. Hope springs eternal ! You are just so real Tanya A women of deep soul ,and honor. I see that in you . You are for real . I look forward to watching you and Stacey again . I’m so proud to know you . ????

    1. Thanks so much, Apollo!! I always appreciate your insights. Love this:

      When people inquire ,’ What is your ambition in life ? My reply ? ” To live as independently as I can with as much style and dignity as possible “.

      Totally agree with that statement. Your dating stories are very funny. Always good to have some adventures in life 😉 You mentioned bargain shopping.. I’ve attained a black belt in bargain shopping, always at the expense of the corporations. Other people vilify the corporations but I just work with them. After all, they employ a lot of people and offer great values if you search for them. Literally yesterday I was in line behind a man at CVS who declined his receipt by telling the cashier: “Oh, I don’t need that. It’s 2 feet long and full of coupons I will never use.” I stepped up to the plate next and watched register total drop from $103 to $74 when I presented coupons + CVS Rewards number. The cashier – a man with whom I’m familiar – and I exchanged knowing glances. Almost all my items were household staples: garbage bags, first aid supplies, breakfast cereal, nut milk, toiletries. I’ve learned to stock up when deals/rebates are offered. All that said, I do remember an era when I had never used a coupon. I completely understand that some people don’t have the inclination to bargain shop. My life forced me to turn on a dime and make big changes. Part of being a survivor is simply adapting to your circumstances. Being independent, as you commented, is very important to me. Also really admire how Stacy is adapting to her circumstances. She is tough. I will pass along your comments to her. Hope you’re having a great weekend! XOXO

      1. Again ,you warm my heart Tanya . I too have grabbed coupons from those not willing to take them at CVS . I am into ‘ toiletries’ too ! Razors ,Nivea Saving Cream ,Face cream , Body Cream Clubmen Talc ,Aftershave ( best cheapest on the planet ! Total class ,and proves money cannot buy that ! ) And of course ‘ garbage bags ‘. Being alone my load of refuse ( who uses that word ? ) is light unless making attempts at being a gourmet ! ???, but find that Dollar Generals ” Good Sense ” ( that sanctimonious name makes me chuckle ) for one buck will do . I also giggle driving my luxury car there ,till I saw another . Owner of the other ,and I compared notes ! ?. Made me happy about the legendary brands reliablity . So we share CVS too ? I love that Thera Pur Shampoo . Expensive , but usually get Extra Bucks at purchase. Plus Algae 900 DHS brain vitamins. They work ! Are we in parallel universes ? We talked of this before I know luxury ,and struggle . Both are great ,as long as I stayed me . Circumstances will not define me . They don’t you either . Your beautiful ,brilliant , and good no matter what ! I.must ad . The best friend one can have ,or ‘ other ‘ is one who sees you ,as you want to be seen ! I see all great things in you Tanya . Your always in my most positive heart ,and mind . ?

        1. Thank you so much, Apollo!! I will have to try those algae vitamins. Do recall your mentioning them before. By any chance have you seen an issue of Vogue magazine recently? Today at the nail salon I leafed through one, thinking it would not hold my attention, but it did! A number of ads featured glamorous, severe women and seem to harken back to the 1940s or 50s. One cosmetics manufacturer is even releasing a new shade of red called “Noirish”. Very cool. Hope you’re having a great day!


          1. I did see that ! I look at fashion in everything . My late mother would adore that style ! I surely do . Give me beauty ,class ,splendor . She had total class ,and was ahead of her time . Timeless . Interestingly ,I found a note to my mother from manager of hotel in Jamaica inviting her to party with ‘ Vogue People’ in 1954 ! My style : . Simple ,elegant ,monochrome . I see that in you Tanya . This ,and first of all your inner beauty drew me to you You have flair ,with class . Gloss ,and glitter with taste. That is an art . You know what is appropriate for each shoot ,scene venue . I took a friend’s shipping . He and wife said ‘ everything you picked for us perfect ‘ . ( they asked me for help ) Do ,go on me ! Lol. I love how you dressed in your You Tube . Your inner beauty ,and sincerity touches me deeply . I think of the the eternal rose ?whenever I see ,or correspond with you . My day was a little rocky . But I’m a survivor like you I close it ( 2: 29 ) on the highest note one can have . . Writing to you Tanya . ? PS when CVS has two for one get that Algae 900 ! Childhood vignettes become whole scenes ! You can recall do much ! Fights Alzheimer’s etc They where out of stock last time I went . But getting them in .

            1. Hi Apollo,

              I will definitely look for the Algae! Your review of it sounds intriguing. Thank you, as always, for your sweet compliments. Funny you should mention “Gloss” – I’ve been writing something that features the word repeatedly. In fact, just returned from morning coffee at a donut shop where I was working on it. Hope you have a wonderful day!


              P.S. Are you really monochrome? What is your color of choice?

              1. I wear black / tan / brown combinations ….Green / tan . Blue / gold . White blue . Touch of red sometimes purple . For instance today I wore Hugo Boss double breasted blue ) grey / coat with epilets ,tan slacks,matching boots , tan zip up turtle neck . At New year’s day party I wore black genes ,boots ,white turtle neck ( fresh year ) and tan camel hair jacket . Recall it as host called tonight remarking on it . Summer safari style often ….. I love good cloths . Makes one feel good . James Bond look .Sleek I never wear plaid , Paisley ,etc . Polka dot tie maybe . Discreet . You go out with me ,and never cringe ! Lol. I see well dressed girls with sloppy guys and it is bad ! I hope my description fiit how nice it all is . I study the classic looks . Thank goodness I m 6 feet tall ,and have long legs . Couldn’t pull it off without that . I’m a male Susan Anton ! ?

                1. Quickly ,I wear male version of what you had on with Stacy in above photo ! You look soooo cool .

                  1. Love the “male Susan Anton” description, Apollo! I can picture exactly what you mean. Your wardrobe sounds marvelous! XOXO

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