Brutal Valentine

Good afternoon,

I had a great Valentine’s Day with Stacy Burke until our live web chat devolved into a knockdown drag out drunken fight. Just kidding. Pics above come from soon-to-be-released sexfight video All-nighter. Those who missed my live Valentine’s Day chat with Stacy can check it out here. Very busy week of shooting and preparation but I will return to answer post comments within the next few days. In the meantime Valentine’s Day lives on:

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!

XO Tanya



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26 thoughts on “Brutal Valentine”

  1. Hey Tanya! Cool to hear from you again. I know u been busy and shoot a lot! So hows go shooting? Yeah im fine thank u.. iam prepared my compettion seson soon. Starting in april.??

  2. Nice. YEAH i have seen that you wrestling? do u win sometimes? Or lose.. keep up your good work! And i will soon order a new custom video of yah! ??

    1. I don’t win very often, at least not in the scripted matches. Think official term is jobber 😉 Looking forward to your next custom! XOXO

      1. Hi Tanya,

        How do? I hope all is going well with you! It sounds like you’ve been keeping very busy with work, which is great. The web chats with Stacy are really cool! Do you think you’ll keep doing that for a while longer? You are both looking timeless! It was quite a while ago now (I dare not do the math!) that the two of you starred in my very first custom video ever! Still a classic (to me)! 🙂

        The word “jobber” does get used in the fetish fantasy combat world, but I think the role might actually be different. The classic jobber in the wrestling world is there to lose for the purpose of making the opponent (often a current superstar or an up-and-comer that the promoters want to establish as a legitimate fighter) look better. But I don’t think that is the role you are usually in with your scripted matches. Obviously, I can’t speak authoritatively to the intent of the scripts other than my own, but I doubt that most fans are requesting you to lose for the sake of making your opponent look better. But I’m curious what you think about this, given your correspondence with your custom-requesting fans over the years. Why do you suppose it is that you are most often requested to lose? Do you have a preference for winning vs losing in scripted contests?

        All the best,


        1. Hi pw,

          Nice to hear from you! Thanks for “jobber” amplification. My general impression was that a jobber was just someone who lost a lot of matches but I do see the distinction that you are making. More than a few people have pointed out that the sounds of orgasmic pleasure are very similar to the sounds of pain so that may cast the “loser” of a match in the more sensually appealing role. Men do like to see women struggle and be very animated (hence the allure of bondage, catfighting, etc.) Since I began wrestling I have steadily continued to “lose” over 95% of the scripted matches. It might be a strange day when I get hired to beat up a hot, young chick. Have a vision of myself standing inside a ring, staring at a young Susan Anton lookalike and thinking: “I always knew this day would come.”

          So glad you have been enjoying the Stacy webchats! We have a very generous sponsor who has been bringing us together for each one and we do hope to continue. I remember your first custom video with Stacy and me! It was indeed a while ago but always a classic. Back to winning and losing.. I do enjoy both. At least I think I do. Been a while since I won anything… 😉


          1. Hi Tanya,

            I think those rationales you mentioned for the “loser” being more sensually appealing are apt, and I’m sure that there are other explanations as well for particular fans. To me, “loser” is definitely the starring role, and I always imagine that there is some jealousy at last partially fueling the winner’s attacks. The winner knows she is not the star, but she also can’t help but admire the loser’s superior looks/physique, which generates frustration for the winner that she then takes out on the loser. So the punishment dished out by the winner is partly malicious but also partly a form of flattery, as if the winner is thinking, “It’s BECAUSE you’re so damn gorgeous and are outshining me and stealing the show that I am going to squash you all the more! If I can’t match your bodily perfection, then at least I can dominate your body and make you pay for showing me up with it!” It’s an odd sort of psychological interplay for me. But whatever the reasons for particular fans, I do think it’s true that “jobber” in this context is an exalted role! 🙂 I can’t think of too many places where the loser is the star, but this is certainly one.

            That’s a humorous and vivid image that you have of the day that you get hired to beat up a hot, young chick. But I actually do wonder sometimes what the scripted “winners” think of their roles. Do you think most models get what we are discussing–get that their role is not the most sensually appealing one? Does it bother any models that you know who are more often cast as the winner? Do they realize that “winner” is generally a supporting role, not a starring one? Is there ever any real jealousy over this?

            I hope your sponsor continues to support the web chats, and I’m glad that you do remember that first classic pw custom with you and Stacy! That kicked off such a fun little saga! It really is amazing that you and Stacy are still working together after all this time. Very cool!

            I’m glad that you do enjoy losing, and I hold it not against you that you enjoy winning too! LOL With that first custom request, I recall being worried that my script featuring your destruction would bug you. But then when I saw how vigorously and expertly you played the role of “loser,” I figured you must not mind too much. 😉

            All the best,


            1. Hi pw,

              Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. Very nice to hear from you, as always. Your first paragraph is the most brilliant summation of femfight winner-loser dynamics that I have ever read. People (especially those not so familiar with this genre) frequently do ask me: “Doesn’t it bother you that you lose all the time?” Now I have the perfect response. As to your question in second paragraph.. yes, I do think that some “winning” (just thought of Charlie Sheen there) models do grasp the dynamic and it bothers them at times. Others play their roles to the hilt, relishing every second because they understand the fantasy aspect and cater to it. Hoping to do another web chat with Stacy again soon. Or maybe Terra Danyell and Half Moon Girl will once again grace the big screen together 😉


          2. Thankyou Tanya for the enlightenment on ‘ jobber ‘ in your world of wrestling. If I may add something . I do think it’s an error to have slot of trash talking before / during a match . To me ,and dine other fans I know it takes from the mystery . I often allude to the old California Angels ,Belinda Bell began with . Zero dialogue,and fearsome. Really odd ,and compelling . There was a few spontaneous comments . ‘ You wanted to learn ‘ whispered ,grunts growns . Please see on Rovkin Robin website . Lighting bright . Girls heavily made up . Color coordinated bikinis . Pink V blue ,yellow v black etc . No smiles , laughter, threats . Just anxious stares ,preening ( genuine hot anticipation ) warm ups ,and real sweat ,exhaustion . I love what YOU do and recommend everybody see you / get ANY video your in as YOU are the most gorgeous ,and fun….But I always thought if anyone updated those late ,long lost productions and add even hotter moves they would be huge ! Look up rare HOT ,Shelly v Lynn Marie . 1987 ! The later surely in the a sexy role you described elinda v Rachel. I think the former never forgot the later !
            mat productions great too. Again ,the mystery / venue. . I first saw you in short ( porno site ) production with lovely Hungarian blonde ,and I’m sure you won that ! She was genuinely intimidated by you . You were agressively​ beautiful . Never saw it all …Looked like a Paris apt ! From then on ,I wanted to know all about you ,and adored you ,! Why ? The mystery ! Not only your talent,and beauty! I sensed the brains and spirit as well ! Always have confidence you are the best . There are no ‘ losers ‘ in the classical ideal. Only balsnce . Epic talent ,like time itself is not lineal ,but all encompassing !

            1. Really odd ,and compelling..

              Thank you for above quotation, Apollo. I love it. Believe me, I worship the sunset, love nature, and beauty in all forms.. but it usually does take something odd to stir my senses. Wow, look what I just found: check out this great shot of Belinda! I would like to start watching some of her old stuff. Thank you very much for your wrestling insighyts and your sweet compliments. Think Hungarian blonde you mention was none other than my fave co-star Zora Banx. Really do miss her. XOXO

  3. Aah. I see. Ok. But u like it to wrestling? Look also forward to prepeard the new order of a new custom ?. I think im gonna order in end of May and pay for it in June. I have some bills to take care of.

  4. Thank u! So u know it in my next custom u are gonna be a secret secretary agent! ? so hope you are ready for that! ?

  5. Hii. I have send prepared order to jay now. So this custom have also a story line.☺ hope u are ready to make this video so hot and very good as u always do. Secret Secretary Agent Tanya✌

  6. Hiii!! TANYA! Hope you are ready soon to shoot this custom with storyline or u are secret agent secretary! ?

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