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  1. Great Podcast ! You both have it right ! Formal education ,like organized religion is a racket for the ‘ sheeple ‘. It encourages all system ,and not talent . You and Stacy are talented,and beautiful . System won’t encourage it. I attended a Parochial School ( S) . I hated it ,and still bear grudge . At least they did not molest me ! Rude ,stupid ,jealous ,and cruel . They treated my lovely mother with disdain . Those nasty yen plus kids mother’s ! Only children ,and ‘ single mothers ‘ need not apply . As for ‘ honors ‘. Only rich kids got attention . Especially ugly ,stupid ones . The looser clergy loved them . Then ‘ proud rich Parents ‘ give more money for Missy,and Mortimer glory as an ,’ honor student ‘. System needs drones ,and mushy mass to be ‘ pastored ‘. Not me ! I love education,but hate school ! My cool mother came to agree She called pedantic people ‘ drink your milk types ‘. Lol. Me / you can hold our own with any ‘ graduate ‘. I have professor friends . They admit this. So we are autodidact’s ( self taught ). . Knowledge and awareness had increased since internet . I love it ! Stacy do right. You Tanya and I don’t have TV as internet beats it hands down . As for 91I . ” We need a new Pearl Harbor event “. Quote from Project For New American Century .Lobby ) Think tank . ‘ Pull building 7 “. Owner of Twin Towers who somehow had MD appointmrnt ( admitted ) that day ,and ‘ missed work first time ‘ in thirty years ‘. Again ,enjoy your you tubes ! So cool ?PS lovely top. Great color. Tanya

    1. Thank you, Apollo!! I really appreciate your feedback and am so glad you enjoyed the webchat. looking forward to doing another one soon. Funny you also attended a private school. At my high school everyone really was on the honor roll. It was a joke that amazingly few could see. They (staff, parents) used to tell us (students, daughters – I attended a girls’ school) how “bright” we were, always implying that we were more intelligent than those at local public schools. Some of my classmates literally had private tutors for all five classes they were taking during a given semester but the narrative never floundered in their minds – they had been admitted to a private school and so they must be more intelligent than most other kids in society. I could not wait to leave that place – almost no one ever questioned what they were told. Thought I might go mad there 😉


  2. Must add ( apologize for flooding you with comments ) ….My school ,rich kids got the attention,and your school they wanted the parents to get there moneys worth
    I’d never want to go through those stifeling years again
    . Also missed answer you on my ‘ new wheels ? ? I love it ! The best The true American legend . Marilyn Monroe had a white one too ! ?PS . I’m a quill pen man too !

    1. You have a quill pen?? That is so awesome, Apollo! Glad you are enjoying new ride 🙂 XOXO

    2. Hi Apollo,

      Just finished listening to an old radio show (written by Sam Dann) that I really enjoyed. Think you will like it too. It sort of touches on a few themes we have discussed before.. specifically, about how black-hearted people don’t seem to, ahem, age particularly well. No prob if you are too busy to listen.


      1. I am not to busy for you ever ! ? I love old radio .That was great . Please see Tallulah Bankhead / Clifton Webb / Geurge Sanders repartee on You Tube ! Fantastic wit !

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