8 thoughts on “Grudge Match”

  1. Hello Tanya,

    I must say that I am rather reluctant to write to you since you must be so busy and I note that you have already spent ages writing replies to other devotees’ comments.
    I really enjoyed your three chats with Stacy and the main impression I had, apart from being overwhelmed by your simple beauty, was that you really are a very sincere person with very clear ideas, and so different from the persona you portray in so many of your delightful videos. In fact, despite the fact that you are self-confident, there is certainly a hint of shyness when you are being merely you (what DO I mean merely? – you are so much more than a “star”!).
    Apart from thoroughly enjoying the real you, I have also enjoyed so many of your recent offerings, all of which have their own appeal and highlight particular aspects of your majestic body. In particular “Darker than Amber” and “Elite Blonde Corps” cannot be bettered, but everything you do, and have done, is real quality.
    Thank you so much for all the pleasure you give to me and, I’m sure. to your legion of admirers – you are truly an exceptional young woman.
    Stanley xxx

    1. Thank you so much, Stanley!! I treasure your words and am really glad that you communicated them. XOXO

  2. Just had to say . Wow Christine Dupree She is a wrestling lrgtnd ,and you really hold your own Tanya ! Everybody really must get that match . I know she takes wrestling seriously ,and you and she have perfect chemistry . Real tension.! Love it

    1. Hi Johan,

      just preparing content for release, getting ready for next round of shooting. You?


  3. Ahh i see. Sounds great. Neh nothing much. Rest and have some movie time/evening? so u gonna shoot more custom yeah?

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