Sunday Punch

Returned home from yesterday’s match with Christine Dupree to find that ringmaster STJ had already uploaded some photos from our bout. Still recovering from that Sunday punch. Christine is probably nursing her wounds across town..

Incidentally, that same aqua blue bikini (thanks, Phil!) has seen quite a bit of action in recent years:

Francesca Le pummeling me in 2014

This week already looks busy but I will answer post comments as soon as I can. BTW.. just added Three Faces of Tanya to my Diamond Club Members’ Area (along with 75 other selections.) Hope everyone is having a pleasant Monday!

XO Tanya



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2 thoughts on “Sunday Punch”

  1. Good evening Tanya,

    I know how very busy you are, but I simply had to thank you for your latest video deal : you truly are a “cherry marvel”. There always seems to be a slight edge to your fights with Nicole, and there is always some cheating – I’m not sure how the ref allowed the fight to continue after you had obviously won, but I suppose that’s the fantasy part of these bouts. You really do look amazing in that bikini and I’m astonished that you manage to keep the top on throughout!
    Looking at the aqua blue number in your fight with Christine I cannot imagine that the top will survive in that one :).
    I have noticed that recently both you and your opponent seem to wear wrist-watches in your matches – is there any particular reason for this?
    Sorry to babble on, but all I really wanted to say was thank you once again for your special deals and for the wonderful photos.
    Stanley xxx

    1. Hi Stanley,

      Very nice to hear from you. I always appreciate your thoughts and comments so please post them as often as you wish. STJ has a customer who likes wristwatches so we frequently wear them for the benefit of that gentleman who presumably buys lots of videos 🙂 So glad you like 10-Count Twilight! Thank you again for the feedback.


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