And how was your day?

Feel like I just got hit by a locomotive.  Today’s matches with Saharra Huxly capped a long streak of shooting and other activities. This weekend I will have time to answer blog comments, post more pics, lie in bed with ice packs.

Longtime friend Rainier, former manager of legendary Wild Goose Cabaret, and I were supposed to meet for a drink after shoot but I was too beat (literally.) My text to him about Saharra said it all:

“She is the most dominant woman I have ever met. No close second.”

On that note I end my day.

XO Tanya



5 thoughts on “And how was your day?”

  1. Dear sweetie

    I hope Saharra be lenient with your slender body.
    but I hope at the same time to see your feet dangle in the air so much, I hope you keep really lifted long time
    in any case I think it is preferable to be lifted in the air than crushed in the midst of 2 huge thighs saharra.
    to see her one thigh of her weighs as much as you.
    Thanks for existing
    With love

    1. Thanks, Drexler!! So glad you like the pics! Saharra was ferocious, Amazonian and awesome!! Pure strength. XOXO

  2. Dear Tanya,

    Wow. It is truly impressive (or reckless, scary or endearing) to think of you taking on a woman of her size and apparent reputation.

    I remember you saying once “I have a lot of endurance…” Yes, you do.

    I look forward to seeing the match–if you can call it that–but from your description it sounds as if I’ll be watching it peeking through my fingers….

    Brave Girl, I hope you are back on your feet, back in action and back out with your friends soon.

    And maybe wrestling Francesca or Goldie or somebody your own size next time? 😉


    1. Thank you for your well wishes, Mingori. I’m back to 100% vigor again. Next shoot next week will likely involve a number of models although I am not yet sure who. Let it be said on my tombstone: “She had a lot of endurance.” 🙂


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