Sub-Saharran Domination

Good evening,

Hosting company had an outage so you may have noticed that went down for about 24 hours. Now I’m back in action.. sort of. Pics from Friday (Saharra Huxly vs. someone I used to know) speak for themselves.

This is how I spent weekend after the match:

Lol.. my site had an outage and so did I. Just kidding.. pic above is from soon-to-be-released video Mind Fuck but it does sort of reflect how I’ve been feeling since Friday. Hope everyone had a pleasant Monday. Please check out my newest updates for the week:

True Detective 1 & 2 downloadable videos at

Tres Leches downloadable video at my Clips4Sale store

POV Cumshot from the Boss and A Woman Scorned streaming videos at Diamond Club Members’ Area

True Detective 1 and Land of Cameron photo galleries at

I shall return shortly..

XO Tanya



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7 thoughts on “Sub-Saharran Domination”

  1. hello little Tanya,
    hoo seen some falls videos with Saharra.
    Really huge, I have noticed that you grabbed, moved clutched as if she weighed no nothing.
    Your your breast was completely in her hands,
    When your thighs were close to her, they saw clearly that they were less than half.
    Were you afraid?

    But one thing,
    because it was my dream to see you in a catered like that.

    1. Hi Drexler,

      Saharra is so strong that I wasn’t afraid at all. Sometimes I feel other models quivering beneath me as they try to implement some type of lift or carry but Saharra was solid as a rock. Most dominant woman I have ever met.


        1. Honestly, yes, Saharra is more dominant. However, I am speaking from a femake perspective. Afrika may be equally brutal with men 🙂 XOXO

      1. Hello Tanya,
        I bought all three videos you shot with Saharra;
        I noticed one thing.
        I have seen Sahara particularly attracted to your body, it was cuddling, licking, palpeggiating, kissing, and often touching you in intimate parts
        In my opinion, he fell in love with you.
        But you also seemed to like so much attention;

        I especially liked the drop where it raised you on your shoulder and lifted in the air as if you really did not weigh anything.
        Another extremely sensual scene when it grabbed you from behind and taken to your breasts bent you to kiss your back, simulating the ability to penetrate you from behind.

        I would like to make another video where she dominates you well,
        Would you like it?
        thousand kisses

        1. Hi Drexler,

          Thank you so much for the comments and feedback. Very glad you are enjoying the Saharra videos. I would love to do another. Saharra returns to town this month!! Yes, I do enjoy Saharra’s “attention” and I will have plenty of time to recover after June..


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