I have wrapped up a 4-day shoot for a private collector and will spend tonight packing for next round of videos. Fortunately I had some time to prep a custom photo gallery and do two website updates:

Funny thing.. I thought that pics above came from 1984-Aerobicise but just realized that they do not. No time to investigate now but during several successive years I did a series of workout videos which I came to think of as an homage to my personal inspirations Arlaine Wright and Bess Motta. Does anyone else remember them? Half the working men in America used to watch their 5AM exercise show on local TV during the early 1980s. I loved those ladies. Still do.

Anyways, will reminisce later.. must start packing. Looking forward to answering post comments as soon as I have a chance. Hope everyone is having a great week!

XO Tanya



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    1. I forgot! Will try to get on that this weekend when I have some free time. Thanks for the reminder, CatfightBlogger. Some time ago I think you sent a link to a feature which enables one to search comment fields in WordPress blogs. Do you still have that? Thanks in advance. Hope you are well. XOXO

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