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Tonight I return to 2017 (think I’ve posted enough old pics recently.) Shot above photos yesterday and spent all of today running errands. Huge thanks to Brad for the wonderful new book selections!! Picked up mail earlier and found myself touched yet again by your unerring instinct, thoughtfulness, and generosity. Very interestingly, (at least to me), I have read People Who Eat Darkness before although I didn’t immediately recognize the title. If memory serves it came into my life through an odd channel. Think I may have dreamt the words “people who eat darkness” Googled the phrase, and come across the book which I then ordered. Now it has returned to me again. Perhaps it has some significance that I will glean during the second perusal. Found book riveting the first time but could not figure out why I had encountered it in a dream. Incidentally, I received Hexagram 5 line 4 while reading People Who Eat Darkness in 2013 and, honestly, that freaked me out a bit. I began assessing new acquaintances more carefully. Thanks again for the reading material!

Very tired but will return tomorrow to answer new post comments and do video uploads, including a “dreamy” new selection called Bedtime Fable:

Good night!

XO Tanya



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9 thoughts on “Bedtime Stories”

  1. Hiii! Sexy bedtime story! ? I’m in France/Nice now Its is so awesome her. Sunny and hot weather? Im hope you doing great sweetie! ☺

    1. I’m doing great, thanks. Glad you are enjoying the trip! Sounds wonderful. XOXO

  2. Sounds brilliant to hear you doing great. Im enjoy my trip! Take care so long lovely Tanya! ? XOXO (love yah!)

  3. Hello Tanya,

    Wonderful photos from a very familiar setting : I have five of your videos, all of them filmed in front of that mirror and those curtains, and each portraying your magnificent physical attributes! I do notice, however, that you are not wearing your trademark belly chain…
    I do try to follow up on your reading recommendations and will be trying to find “People who eat Darkness”. As for your obvious devotion to I-Ching, I have to confess my ignorance, though whilst checking on Hexagram 5 line 4, the beginning of line 5 did catch my eye : “When the storm hits, it behoves one to enjoy a glass of wine” – I really cannot find fault with that!

    Stanley xxx

    1. Hi Stanley,

      Yes, you have an eagle eye – I did forget to put on the belly chain even though I had it with me! Thank you very much for your kind words. I am always happy to hear that you are enjoying the videos. Have not seen that particular translation of Hexagram 5.4 – the ones I saw were much more dire. Just out of curiousity do you recall the source?


    2. Hello Tanya,

      When I googled Hexagram 5 Line 4 I found the website
      I gather that Hexagram 5 is all about Patience.

      Thank you for putting me onto this,

      Stanley xxx

      1. Thank you for the link, Stanley. I had never encountered that site and look forward to exploring it more. Especially since I consult the I Ching each morning 😉


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