Black Bikini Beatdown


Days that begin with stunning arrogance rarely go well for me. I’ve had a lifetime to learn this. One case in point: February 2017 match with fight legend Christine Dupree:

Somebody had a victory in there but.. who? Best to avoid reflecting upon total exhaustion and weeklong recovery because Christine and I have scheduled a rematch for this week. Didn’t I say something in a recent post about looking forward to time off? Yeah, right. Gent who ordered rematch requested that I wear same black bikini as above, thus forcing me to gaze at photos from previous altercation. A number of shots seem disconcertingly similar to fabled ending of Rocky 2. Wish I hadn’t looked.

In fact, a little voice in my head is saying this..

XO Tanya



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18 thoughts on “Black Bikini Beatdown”

  1. Dear Tanya,

    Time off? With your work ethic? Not likely. 😉

    My own rapidly expanding summer work tasks are bringing me to San Diego this week. Not your locale but site of some of your escapades, maybe? I am interested in checking out the SoCal architecture there. Any recommendations?

    Anyhow, I love the last photo in your post. And of course your dry wit in setting it up. Perfect foreshortening: foreground, middle ground, deep-space. Your shoulder, breasts, cheekbones, Christine’s derriere. Curvey sweep of your hair against straight lines of the ring-ropes. I was rambling on in my last comment about how sophisticated your work has grown. This photo sums it up.

    Fast forward to 2027. You and I are still friends and you and Christine still working it on out in the ring. You still looking awesome in black. That’s like the sun rising in the morning, right?


    1. Hi Mingori,

      Speaking of sunrises.. sun is rising right now as I type. Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate them. 2027? I can think of two wrestlers right now who are 10 years older than I am and they both look great. 2027 is feasible. Not that familiar with San Diego but do recall admiring the World Trade Center (passerby thought I was crazy) and the El Cortez. Still unsure of fate of white behemoth known as Hotel San Diego (downtown) but it captivated me years ago. Have alternately heard that it was torn down or converted into the US Grant Hotel. Hope you have a wonderful trip!


      1. Thank you, Tanya, for your recommendations. I share your interest in buildings from the Art Deco era. Quite a number of them in LA and SD. Simultaneous solidity and elegance.
        Modern with a historic attention to detail. Simply cool.

        The Cortez looks amazing–I enjoy hotel / residence hotel lobbies (and bars.) And apartment buildings from the era that had generous public lobbies–great places of arrival and departure. This kind of amenity has regrettably disappeared from the design of a lot of apartment buildings these days.

        The WTC SD is a building that would take someone with your eye for detail and appreciation of the overlooked beauty in the world to notice. You are certainly a Woman Out of Time.

        I think there is a great pleasure in simultaneously embracing the past and future with equal delight.

        The Hotel San Diego / US Grant hotel you mentioned still stands in all its refurbished glory. Looks from an older era than El Cortez. Your links connect to one of your blogs where you describe exploring with your friends Rollo and Jewel Marceau–and then your discovery of it anew. If only I thought to ask before making our reservations…..

        Weird segue, I know, but I just saw that I wrote Jewel and refurbish in the same paragraph. I remember you posting pictures of a very refurbished Jewel a short while back. Are you still in touch? Ever think of working together again?

        You and Stacy and Christine and Francesca and Goldie have maintained professional (and I assume personal) relations. You and Jewel were the Spencer Tracy / Katherine Hepburn of all things erotic for a long time. Can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic for that (like those old hotel lobbies.)

        I shouldn’t dwell on that…you and Alix or you and Saharra are the like the USGrant Hotel: ready for a brave new world.


        1. You and Alix or you and Saharra are the like the US Grant Hotel: ready for a brave new world.

          Now those are words to live by! Thank you, Mingori. I haven’t seen Jewell in a long time. Always thought we would reunite for a shoot or two or two hundred but that hasn’t happened. Just clicked over to her site but it appears to be under construction. Are you still in San Diego? Did you visit the Cortez? XOXO

          1. Thank you, Tanya, for your reply. Too bad about you and Jewell. Hopefully you will be together again soon.

            Back in Tejas now after the SD trip. We did get to visit the Cortez and Grant buildings, though it was a walk-by…we didn’t have a chance to go in. Quite a pair of erections as the saying goes. Such big buildings now dwarfed by newer ones. Very gracious in their place in the the city even still.

            We stayed and worked up the coast a bit in Del Mar / La Jolla area actually. Got a bit of a day off and took a great hike in the Torrey Pines reserve right on the coast. That was splendid. Have you been there?

            We also had to drive up to LA for a while for some things. Saw the exit signs for your town but I couldn’t do more than wave out the window as we went by.

            More summer work/travel ahead, but this was a great start. Thanks again for the arch-o-recommendations!

            I hope your summer continues to be bonafide. Sounds –and looks–like you are very busy and enjoying your work and (not) work. The pictures from your recent escapades have you looking more fit and healthy than ever. Truly inspirational. All my best wishes to you, Tanya.

            more to come,


            1. Thanks so much for the compliments, Mingori! I’m glad you had a fun trip to California. There are a lot of nice erections out here 😉 I have not yet been to Torrey Pines but would like to visit. Hope it’s not too blazing in Tejas right now. XOXO

  2. Hahaha i know i’am just kidding with ya! ?? i know there was no winning☺ So whats up TANYA?

  3. Hello Tanya,

    Beautiful photos once again : thank you! I hope that your rematch isn’t too brutal, though I know that you will come through it, come what may.
    I have just purchased “Mind F***” and must again thank you for such a beautifully shot video which shows every inch of your beautiful body. I absolutely love the close-ups of your face and am thrilled to see you in “running gear” – is that the sort of outfit you wear when you go running?
    I am perplexed by your description of the story ( vengeful succubus, references to emeralds, untimely demise)and the two photos previewing the video (including the one in your blog of April 6) definitely show you in THAT bikini, though there is no sign of it in the video.
    Please believe me, dear Tanya, that this is in no way a criticism of what is, quite simply, one of your very best videos – may you make many more!

    Stanley xxx

    1. Hi Stanley,

      My rematch with Christine was postponed.. til TODAY! Yes, it was brutal but I endured.

      Very glad you enjoyed Mind Fuck. Think I got a little, er, carried away when I wrote the text description. Mind Fuck was not a custom video. Jon and I were shooting mostly custom photos that day and I had the notion to also shoot a short vignette. When the camera started rolling I had only the merest notion of what I would do and then somehow changed it right in the middle. When I later wrote the text description I could barely recall what happened in the video. Jon originally titled the clip “tanya_out_there” before sending the edited version to me. Think the preview pics came from a photo gallery I did for Yep, you eagle-eyed it again, Stanley. I probably did not wear that bikini in the video. Think I need a blushing emoji for this post 😉 Basically, I shot the video more for fun than anything- an odd, meandering vignette rather loosely inspired on the pics I did for BillsPlayhouse. And I remember writing that text both at the place where I volunteer and also at a nearby donut shop. Somehow my mind kept travelling back to a large green (pseudo) gemstone which lurks amidst Jon’s bedroom decor.. My mind takes me strange places sometimes.


      1. Hello Tanya,
        I think it’s my turn to blush… Thank you so much for your fascinating re-construction of how you put Mind F*** together. In fact it’s far from being a meandering vignette, but a very clever instance of the tables being turned on someone who thinks he is going to have his way with a young woman, only to find himself the victim of her rapid thinking. What’s more, you are breathtakingly beautiful in the whole scene!!!
        What’s more my habit of always checking on your links led me to Bill and the photos which you did for him : they are quite superb. Thank you so much,
        Stanley xxx

        1. Thank you very much for the compliments, Stanley! I’m glad you are enjoying what I shot on that fateful day: stream-of-consciousness shooting – even I did not know what was coming next.. lol


  4. Dear Tanya,

    Sexy Boom? Now that is truly inspired. Probably what your CIA code name would be. Or maybe already is.

    I’ve long wondered when you would either take on the role of a Luchadora or else battle one in the ring. Seems like a natural turn of events.

    You have a whole new career awaiting you South of the Border. But be careful. Some of those Lucha Libre women make Saharra Huxly look like Ashley Rene……


    1. Hahaha!!!! You must be on STJ’s mailing list, Mingori. Better hope I don’t forward your Saharra comment to Saharra herself 😉 XOXO

  5. Dear Tanya,

    Yes, I have been getting some emails from STJ. I think of the photos he sends out as “coming attractions” for your escapades.

    I do prefer to send my dinero to you for enjoying your work but I couldn’t help contacting you on your Luchadora match. Too funny. But it does give me an idea….

    I withdraw my quip about Saharra. I take your threat about contacting her seriously. 😉 She looks like she could bend me up like a pretzel and dunk me in a michelada.


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