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Good afternoon,

Long-time custom video aficionado CD e-mailed me overnight about my last post, commenting that the behemoth white couch looked wildly out of place inside custom video cameraman Mike Raffone‘s living room. During the decades I shot with Mike I did 90% of my custom videos in front of or atop Mike’s signature teal green sofa. As I explained in my message to CD there was, however, a frame of time in which Mike temporarily replaced the teal green sofa with a big white couch:

“The big white couch surfaced at some point during the Raffone era. Mike had an old friend from the East Coast who manufactured high-end furniture. Think someone commissioned that couch and either never picked it up or never paid for it. Anyways, old friend gave it to Mike who became progressively fearful about “fluids” landing on it. In the beginning he used a reasonable amount of couch coverings but then he just went nuts, bedecking the thing with a dozen oddly mismatched pieces of fabric. It probably appeared in a few of your videos. Eventually Mike could take the stress no longer and brought the teal sofa back. Think he may have sold the white couch. It was actually really nice. Believe it was made of white linen, the kind of piece someone puts in a ‘show’ living room rather than a functional living room, if you know what I mean.”

Lovely Carolyn Monroe and I are gracing the white couch (top pic) in Beautiful, Blonde Blackmail. Summer Cummings is tormenting me in front of the much more familiar teal green sofa during the shooting of Origins of Power Girl (bottom pic.)

XO Tanya

P.S. The teal green sofa belongs in a museum of pornographic history. Even a young Jenna Jameson cavorted atop it. Museum curators could create a display where a black UV light perpetually shines upon the fabric..  lol 😉



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2 thoughts on “Big White Couch”

  1. It seems to me every video I had Mike shoot ( and there were dozens of them) I always got the green teal couch. I never was offered the white couch. Major bummer!
    Well at least they ALL had the lovely and sexually dynamic Tanya starring in them. Come to think of it, I never really noticed a couch. What couch?

    1. Hi CD,

      Lol.. the white couch only lasted for a restricted period of time. Mike was phobic about bodily fluids making any contact with its fabric. To tell the truth, it’s probably better that it never appeared in any of your videos. Sorta hard to perform when the cameraman might have an aneurysm at any moment. Almost makes you want to not do a hot video.

      XO Tanya

      P.S. Did you see the score on the Dallas game? I ended up neither watching it nor betting it but a friend alerted me about the results via text message.

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