Do you know this man?

Click to enlarge. Mustachioed gentleman appears in center of shot, upper right corner of pink building (Long Beach, CA)
Same gentleman in Wilmington, CA.


You will have to click on top pic to see image more clearly but in center of photo appears unidentified man with large handlebar mustache. I saw him again several days later in a different section of Los Angeles. Do you recognize him? He looks a bit like Lech Walesa to me but Lech would seemingly have little relevance to this Wilmington mural:

Now that I’ve encountered mystery man twice in one week I feel compelled to learn his identity. I did the best I could with top pic (climbing on top of bus stop bench, standing on tip toes) but could not get any closer. My dated Lenovo T400 computer does not allow me to zoom very close in on gentleman’s face although I believe, perhaps erroneously, that the artist has scrawled a word above his eyebrow. Almost fell off bench trying to read it on Wednesday.

For a little perspective Wilmington (site of bottom two photos) is an unincorporated section of Los Angeles which lists its population as over 90% Hispanic. My memorable excursions to the area have included a tour of Wilmington Cemetery and also a 2015 shoplifting accusation. Given demographics of the region I am just about positive that mystery man is Hispanic. If you recognize him please let him know that someone is looking for him 😉

Lol.. always have to include a nudie pic.

Just posted Showdown video (pic above) at and a great collection of photos from both Showdown and Half-breed at Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!

XO Tanya

P.S. Please post a comment if you recognize man from pics. It will bug me til I find out.



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13 thoughts on “Do you know this man?”

    1. Thank you so much, Paolo!! You were the very first response. How did you discover his identity?? XOXO

  1. Could it be Jerry, owner of Jerry’s Breakfast Place in Long Beach. Seems to be a Hispanic restaurant specializing in some really good looking breakfast burritos in the videos I saw on their Facebook page :-). Got some really good reviews for their breakfast burritos too, lol. Couldn’t ever find a last name though.

    1. I absolutely love your response, Phil. Saw it right before heading to the STJ ring this morning. While waiting at a stoplight I received a call from an unfamiliar number. Person left a long message which began: “Hello, this is Jer. I’m calling about your lunch bill..” immediately I though about your comment and I froze. it just seemed too surreal. Turns out this “Jer” was the manager of my locals Togo’s where my card got double-charged for one order recently. Lol.. it was a funny moment but you had to be there for just that split instant when “Jer” announced his name. Is Jerry’s pic on his FB page? I did see a few guys on there who looked similar to the wall picture. As it turns out Paolo and Mingori have correctly (I think) identified him as one Emiliano Zapato.


      P.S. And your guess was way closer than my notion of Lech Walesa 😉

      1. No Tanya, no picture that I saw. All I did was Google “breakfast place in long beach”, and Jerry’s popped up….. and I saw their phone number matched the one in your photo. Then I went to their google street view of the restaurant, panned around to the right, and the exact same mural was on the right side of their establishment….. hence my thought it might be Jerry, lol.

        Alas, I’m pretty sure Mingori and Paulo are correct. So much for my detective work, haha!!! But if I’m ever in Long Beach, I may stop by and try a breakfast burrito. They really did look good in the pics I saw :-).

    1. You state that so calmly and matter-of-factly, Mingori. How did you know?? Is this Emiliano Zapato a great deal more reknowned than I realize? Paolo identified him too. XOXO

      1. Hello, Tanya

        That image of Zapata is sort of iconic, kind of like that famous one of Che Guevara on t shirts and posters. Remember all that news down in Chiapas when the paesanos were in revolt over land issues? They called themselves the Zapatistas.
        Zapata was an agrarian reformer during the revolution so his image and idealized self shows up a lot in poorer Mexican neighborhoods.
        I’ve never been much of a fan of graffiti art but I do tend to like mural “art” and the stories that they tell.
        I hope you’re having an enjoyable week, Tanya.

        1. Thanks for the info, Mingori. Even after most of a lifetime in California (in which the Hispanic population seems to represent a majority regardless of what census figures may say) I had not heard of Zapata but I will have to read up on him more.


  2. Hello Tanya,

    I don’t know much about Emiliano Zapata except that he was a Mexican revolutionary, but I vividly recall the film “Viva Zapata”, which had Marlon Brando in the starring role, and the great Anthony Quinn as Zapata’s hot-headed brother. The other notable feature was that my favourite American author, John Steinbeck, wrote the screenplay. The whole film is available on You Tube if you ever have time to watch it!
    Stanley xxx

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