Lucha Libre

Good evening,

Both Paolo (first responder) and Mingori have identified gentleman in previous post as one Emiliano Zapata. Very grateful to both of you – I will have to do more reading on him when I settle down. Remember my much ballyhooed rematch with Christine Dupree? It got postponed til today. Remnants of wild energy still zing through my brain and body even though I’m exhausted. Does that make any sense? Decided to offer Christine a little surprise this morning with my south-of-the-border Lucha Libre mask. I like to think it gave me a an edge. Then again, maybe I’ve been looking at too much street art recently:

I better get some rest.

Hope everyone had a nice Monday!

XO Tanya



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6 thoughts on “Lucha Libre”

  1. Dear Tanya

    I am the person who requested this custom match (along with the one where you used your boot on her and the rematch). Enjoyed both and looking forward to this one!

    1. Thanks so much, Ty!! Very nice to meet the man behind the script. I always love shooting with Christine, a true legend in our sphere. XOXO

  2. Wow, just watched the match and it was superb. I loved your delivery of the dialogue….lots of attitude. You make an awesome heel! Thanks for the great work


    1. Hi Ty,

      Thank you so much for the awesome script and for the opportunity of numerous shoots with Christine! I’m so glad you are enjoying the video.


      1. Thanks Tanya for the kind words. The “Trilogy” between you two was great and you and Christine have such awesome chemistry. When Christine e-mailed me to let me know she was done editing the video, she told me it came out great and I was not disappointed.

        I’m hoping Christine hasn’t seen the last of “Sexy Boom” just yet! (I have an idea for another match but I know you wrote that you will be taking some time off soon).

        Best wishes,

        1. Hi Ty,

          So glad you are enjoying the videos! sexy Boom is ready for more action. I do have a couple weeks before surgery so let us know if you are ready for another installment before then. XOXO

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