Head Change

Prinzzess Felicity Jade attempting to choke me into unconsciousness.


Needed a head change the other day and stumbled into a local tavern. For some unknown reason I had been feeling strangely agitated and couldn’t seem to shake the mood. Even worse a strong sense of guilt accompanied the agitation (“People are fighting in wars, losing jobs, succumbing to cancer – who am I to get irritated about anything?”) Intoxicants generally just amplify one’s existing mood so I knew that I was tempting fate with bar visit. Fortunately establishment had only two other patrons and owner greeted me warmly. He and I folded bar towels, looked at photos of trees while nearby ladies discussed dating adventures. An hour later I departed drunk and happy – head change achieved.

Moment of levity amidst the violence.

Photos really have nothing to do with bar story other than to demonstrate that it’s always possible to find a ray of sunshine amidst the clouds 😉 Lol.. let me become your life coach (“Just have a few cocktails. You’ll feel great!”) Or, better yet, allow me to instruct you in masturbation:

Masturbation Therapy now on sale for $12.99 (normally $36.99.)

Also, I just added Leopard Lace to my Diamond Club Members’ Area. Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

XO Tanya



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6 thoughts on “Head Change”

  1. Hello Tanya,

    Thank you once again for the wonderful photos : your fights with Prinzzess are always full of a special chemistry, but are you really smiling in the second photo? It look pretty excruciating to me!
    By the way I’m very happy to accept (who wouldn’t?) your offer to become my life coach, and your video deal of the week is too good to resist!
    Stanley xxx

    1. Hi Stanley,

      Yes, I was smiling as Prinzzess was nibbling on my ear. It was supposed to be torture. Once I started laughing she wouldn’t cut it out.

      Maybe I should put out a shingle as a life coach. My clients can meet me at the local tavern. Glad you are enjoying the videos!!


  2. Dear Tanya,

    Thank you for your post and the photos and your timely comments. Head Change. You couldn’t have phrased it any better. Just what I needed, too.

    I’ve been getting up early to run to avoid the heat and this morning I awoke feeling, well, “agitated”. I feel like I picked it up from someone like a cold or flu. A lot of agitation going around and I think some folks–a lot of folks–embrace it, or at least find a strange comfort in being angry or frustrated or pixxed off about something. And I had a dose of it.
    So, in that funky mood I thought I’d see what you’ve been up to while tying up my running shoes…..you’ve often had a good perspective on such cranialflagrations.

    I’m sorry to hear about your “agitations” which likely aren’t as irkingly superficial as mine. I appreciate your self-awareness to self-medicate, as they say, to recalibrate yourself. I put a lot of faith in the ability of smart, reasonable people like yourself (and what I aspire to) to take matters in their own hands to help heal thyselves. Both western and eastern medicines fail miserably in my experience with helping folks deal when the daily agitations ratchet up. I know that yoga and meditation have provided me with certain solaces and stabilifiers but sometimes a cocktail and some time with a skilled bartender are just what the Doctor or Guru should have ordered. Calmness is as contagious as agitation, I believe. Just a bit harder to come by these days, and maybe less fashionable.

    You posted some photos of Princess trying to help you out with a little ad-hoc chiropractary. She seems like a good woman, and I can’t help but imagine how much fun you two must have together in the ring or on the set. A pair of very droll senses of humor at their best. You two have created your own genre, really: erotic slapstick. How do you keep a straight face with her? Or she with you?

    All of which to say that this morning wasn’t the time or place for cocktails or pud-pulling no matter how earnestly your video link might have encouraged. With your merry antics and deelightful personality in mind I headed out to run and my agitationals devolved in short order. It was a brilliant morning. Head Change.

    I didn’t get a chance to send a “thank you” along earlier so just getting to it now.

    I hope you are having a wonderful week, Tanya, restful and envigorative and happy in mind and body in the midst of what seems like a long steady stream of work. (Which from the looks of your samples, it seems like very good work, as to be expected.)

    As ever, all the best to you


    1. I’m sorry to hear about your “agitations” which likely aren’t as irkingly superficial as mine.

      Great quote – you provides so many, Mingori. Yes, my agitations were just as irkingly superficial as your own – I’m sure of it. In fact, they hit the day after the Prinzzess shoot and I could not pinpoint the source of them. Maybe I missed her. She had just headed off to Belize. Who knows.. think you are correct about a lot of people being pixxed off (another great term) and that attitude can be contagious if one is not careful to practice yoga, meditation, and have a few cocktails when occasion warrants. Always appreciate your insight 😉 XOXO

      P.S. funny thing, I just clicked away after posting above words and immediately came upon this “trending news” item. Don’t think you and I have ever discussed Bob but I have a feeling that you just might be a fan. I definitely am.

      1. Dear Tanya,

        Thank you for your reply and link. Sensitively prescient as ever.

        “Turn the Page.” That’s what I know.

        I have certainly spent more than a wise share of time re-reading the script, re-examining my role when the other actors (actress) have moved on to other dramas.

        Even with my own variations on your Lynxes and Huxleys I find myself sometimes revisiting to that old play. Singing along with Mr. Seger’s advice is one thing, making it stick is another.

        Sound advice. A mantra.

        Stay awesome, Tanya. I hope Prinzess returns to nibble on your ear as soon as possible. 😉


        1. Thanks, Mingori! I have a habit of ruminating upon past events too but I’m trying to break it. “Turn the Page” indeed. Hope you have a great day! XOXO

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