Head Games

Good morning,

Sun has risen over Los Angeles but thick marine layer still blankets coastline outside my window.  Love this weather. Remember Emiliano Zapata (cleverly identified by both Paolo and Mingori)? An amazing portrait (above) lingers near Zapata’s Long Beach presence. I returned there specifically to take her picture and saw an inscription which identifies mystery female. As soon as I saw the dedication I said “Of course!” but, honestly, her name would have eluded me otherwise. She looks more like a goddess than a flesh and blood woman who ever strode the surface of our planet. Anyways, I’m curious to see if anyone will recognize her – please post your guess if you have one!

Impossible for me to write a post without including a nudie pic so I am extending the brunette street art space theme with this:

Photograph courtesy of KenMarcus.com

Legendary Playboy/Penthouse/Yosemite photographer Ken Marcus shot above photo of me for this 1997 (gulp) issue of Penthouse Magazine. Ken added spaceship and chorus line later on – they did not appear in original layout 😉

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!


XO Tanya



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6 thoughts on “Head Games”

  1. Looks kinda like Catherine Zeta-Jones to me…… which would make absolutely no sense and is probably a worse guess than “Jerry” on your last mural posting ?!

    I’ll await the results of a more educated answer from one of your other subscribers ?.

  2. Dear Tanya,

    You are too much fun. I’m not even an old fart and can recognize Hedy Lamar. Wow, she was timelessly, classically beautiful.

    You and I have been communicating long enough for you to know when I am pulling your leg or stroking your ego….YOU are timelessly, classically beautiful. You set that up long ago and it just becomes more refined and spectacular. I mean that sincerely and objectively. And I am a good judge of such things ;-).

    But that is not why I hang around trading quips and reflections with you. It’s the YOU behind the image, the mural, the icon. Don’t know much about Ms. Hedy. Maybe she had it as well, or maybe not. Maybe you are deserving of your own iconic mural for the rare combination of body and soul that you have chosen to bring to the Universe.

    Platitudes aside, I dig mural art and thoroughly am enjoying the jag you are on with it.

    grazie mille, Tanya


    1. Ding, ding, ding!! Again you are correct, Mingori!! Very impressed. As always, I very much appreciate your compliments. Hedy was both beauty and brains – I could only hope to equal her accomplishments. This from Wikipedia:

      “At the beginning of World War II, Lamarr and composer George Antheil developed a radio guidance system for Allied torpedoes, which used spread spectrum and frequency hopping technology to defeat the threat of jamming by the Axis powers. Although the US Navy did not adopt the technology until the 1960s, the principles of their work are now incorporated into modern Wi-Fi, CDMA, and Bluetooth technology and this work led to their induction into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2014.”

      Happy 4th of July!


  3. Hi Tanya,

    I really have no idea who this lady is – is she Hispanic or Asian perhaps? Could it possibly be Eva Perron? However, as soon as I saw the photo I thought immediately of the great Yvonne de Carlo, a real screen goddess.
    Talking of goddesses I do love the brunette underneath the flying saucer – is she being beamed up or has she been sent down to bewitch the world?

    Stanley xxx

    1. Yvonne de Carlo! Haven’t thought of her in years. Do I recall correctly that she had a catfight scene or two in a movie? Nice guess on your part. Mingori did correctly identify Hedy Lamarr. I would not have recognized her but as soon as I saw mural inscription I could suddenly “see” her through fresh eyes. Glad you like the Ken Marcus photo. Lol.. instead of a live birth she was simply beamed down here from another planet 😉


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