Gold Bullion

Photo from “Electro Sizzling Shock”


Have not yet had a chance to read post comments. Was writing about a gold bullion heist (Electro Sizzling Shock) and half watching an old flick starring Barbara Eden entitled The Brass Bottle when a trunk of gold bullion materialized on screen. Instantly riveted I watched actor Tony Randall discussing  both fiat currency and gold bullion with a centuries-old genie. Randall actually says something to the effect of: “If people could start making their own currency the whole country would collapse.” Imagine that. Check out the whole scene (begins shortly before 35-minute mark) if you can; dialogue seems oddly prescient given current events of the day. Incidentally, The Brass Bottle inspired director Sidney Sheldon to create the I Dream of Jeannie TV series.

This evening I have already posted:

“Beguiling blonde from netherworld… Incendiary emerald… Gold bullion heist unparalleled!”
Will chief operative Johan succeed in making Agent Tanya talk??

Still working on updates but will return shortly to answer blog comments. Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!

XO Tanya



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14 thoughts on “Gold Bullion”

  1. Hi Tanya,

    Thank you as always for the wonderful photos and thanks to Johan for commissioning the video. Like him I love your take on “current affairs”!

    Stanley xxx

  2. Hey Dear TANYA! Waaaw must say to my new custom video! This is the best ever! How was your body/shape after this shoot? Hope you are fine! Try to sell it! 😉 you are sooo gorgeous!!

  3. Hiii Tanya! Glad you like those pic! And happy to hear from you again… so hows going?? 🙂 with me its going better i think. The wounds is start to grow now. I have think of you!

    1. So glad you are healing, Johan! I am doing well after surgery too – ready to start shooting solo videos but no wrestling til the end of summer at least. XOXO

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