Staying Cool

Long Beach, CA street art off Atlantic Blvd., possibly near Willow
Seasonal Surprise from “Summertime Rune”
Frosted in the Summertime

Good afternoon,

I awoke at midnight with the vague sense that something “big” was going to happen today. Nothing so far but I’m drinking lots of water, staying cool in current Los Angeles heat wave. Saw awesome street art (top pic) the other afternoon when I got off Metrolink train at random stop and went for a walk. Nudie shots come from soon-to-be-released Summertime Rune created in July 2016:

Summertime Rune

“I feel like I want Lisa more than she wants me.” you confess to Aunt Jillian. “We have fun when we’re together but sometimes she barely responds to my calls. Lately I’ve been acting more detached – just like she does – and it seems like we are drifting even further apart.” Aunt Jillian takes long pull from highball glass, responds bluntly: “If Lisa’s a female and you are playing ‘hard to get’ like a girl then nothing will ever work out.” Words stab your fragile heart like a spear. Without relinquishing beverage Aunt Jillian rises, selects thick tome from bookshelf, thumbs to specific page. “Make no mistake about it.” Jillian proclaims.”You need to go after what you want. Here’s a magical rune which works only on night of the strawberry moon. When you release dripping fluids mentioned in text you must simultaneously utter these exact phrases:

“Star-crossed June, full strawberry moon,

Cracked lightning arcs through midnight sky,

Oh, just have some fun – do or die!

Rich, dripping fluids usher in

Enchanting, entrancing July.. ”

Completely baffled, you sputter: “What’s a strawberry moon? What’s a rune? Cracked lightning? What kind of dripping fluid? Do or die??” Jillian regards you with sage 80-year-old eyes. “Do some research.” she says rather unhelpfully. “Your relationship will wither away unless you take dramatic action. A “rune” is a spell – if you implement details correctly Lisa will be your girl for life..”

In this post-surgery week I have become something of a lady of leisure but I am starting to snap out of it. Just posted Cyborg at my Diamond Club Members’ Area along with 40 other selections.  Join now to check them out Later today I will release Summertime Rune at and answer post comments. Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

XO Tanya



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15 thoughts on “Staying Cool”

  1. Dear Tanya,

    Thank you for your post and the further example of your street art collection. Keep them coming….. or any such observations on your wanders (I typed “wonders”!!)

    Looks like a hipster panda bear to me, which I guess is a bit of a redundant. Pandas always have seemed pretty hip to me.

    I’m glad to hear your recovery is going well. Your leisure is well earned. I guess we’ll hear / see more about it in the months ahead. But like Quasimodo, I have a hunch. So this unsolicited advice suggests you stay clear of the Misses Carter, Wane, Chiapazzoli, Dupree and the Ear Nibbler for a little while your exquisite form is reformulating.

    Tia Jillian’s words sound pretty optimistic to me, darling. Maybe another not-so-mysterious hint as to your summer affairs. I wrote them down on a scrap of paper and put them in my pocket. “Enchanting, entrancing July….” Indeed.

    all my best to you, Tanya


    1. Glad you are enjoying the photos, Mingori! Still wandering and enjoying my recovery. Who is Chiapazzoli?

      I love this:

      But like Quasimodo, I have a hunch.

      Lol.. I will have to appropriate that someday for future use. Hope you are well!


      1. Dear Tanya,

        Thank you for your reply. Sorry about the confusing reference. Maybe I was thinking of your recently posted mural of Zapata and thinking of the revolt down in Chiapas and I think I got the names of some of your adversaries merged up.

        I don’t think you need me to remind you to stay clear of Frankie Zapatoli. Or Zapatista? I was thinking Zeffirelli, like the film director, but that just made the name come out more jumbled

        Yeah, some bad juju around her, I know. Forgive me and forget about that quickly, please.

        Thank you, yes, I am enjoying the summer a lot, but it does seem extra busy. Had dinner out with a friend this evening which was a nice pause.

        Enjoy your R+R time Tanya. Let the peaceful moments linger. Stay awesome.


        1. Ooohh.. now I know who you mean. I often conflate names in my head too. Glad you had a nice dinner with your friend. I have enjoyed my R & R – start shooting solos again next week! XOXO

  2. Hii dear Tanya! Hope you are fine after the surgery! And you are ready to shoot another video in August! That is custom video of prisoner,with a storyline!?

    1. Hi Johan,

      I’m doing great, thanks. Really looking forward to shooting your next custom! XOXO

  3. Hi dear Tanya! Hope you doing great. I have been in hospital 2 days. Was unlucky to lose control over my bike in highspeed. And crash and fall. And got 10cm cut in my right leg! So my season is over for this time i’m afraid! 🙁 so unlucky!

    1. Oh, no!!! So sorry to hear that. How are you feeling now? Strange, you had mentioned risk of crashing in a few recent comments. Do you think you had a premonition? XOXO

  4. Hii sweet Tanya! Im felling now much better thanks.. but i have some days with lot of pain but i survive! Its was luck i dont brok anything. Just wounds and cut. But its is grow now. And i will most be back on my bike in August! ?

  5. Hi Tanya!

    YES is healing very fast! But still littlebit hurt. I survive!! But i got a big scar for life on my leg! They say that is tough to have a scar. Haha.” A proof that i’m have been in a war” ?

    1. Totally agree. Imagine going through life and not getting any scars – that would be one boring life! XOXO

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