Back to the 90s..

Was probably in my early 20s here – funny how I never looked “young”, per se
Renee Ryan – so hot. Never saw her again after this.
Very serious about winning those pay-per-view bucks πŸ™‚
Maybe this was Eden? Very beautiful woman. Not entirely sure of her name. She became upset on the day of the contest, was not accustomed to dancing nude in front of a live audience. Think the rest of us were all professional strippers.
Think this was Debi
Lol.. high-waisted and haughty

Good morning,

Long before either the Internet or DVDs became prevalent naked women vied for cash on pay-per-view TV specials. Above you see pics from one such PPV event – the Beverly Hills Short Shorts Contest. Back then I don’t even recall anyone using the term “booty shorts”. Β Just look at the high-waisted numbers we used to wear:

I thoroughly enjoyed these photos, love trips down memory lane. Please visit store of ebay seller who posted them. Release date for Bevery Hills Short Shorts Contest DVD is 2003 but we probably shot footage in early 1990s. Good to see material is still circulating – I have fond memories of those days.

Hope everyone is doing well. I will return to answer post comments later today.

XO Tanya



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15 thoughts on “Back to the 90s..”

  1. Hello ever beautiful one ! I promise not to use the clice ” I’mmmm back ” , but I guess just did ! I have had the worst time ! Evil women took over my building,and attempted to trap me here ,at high rent . I have so many official friends in this poor old City ,I fought,and will be moving to elegant rich suburb ,to English Tudor complete with antiques! Many silver linings to bad time , including increased fitness level running all over sad old Gothem . Now on you ! I think of you often ,and will be in touch more soon ,as my life settles again . I do it ALL alone,which in bad times can be a real emotional chain ,but that’s the lone wolf warrior spirit you inspire with too ! I love those 90 s pictures. Your timeless and I think shined over all the rest. You always convey a special vitality ,and depth Tanya ! You create an adoration that one does not forget I recall those pay per view . Pre internet ,they sure intrigued,and brought in the dough . Girl wrestling rock band ,strip shows. Stuff the stuffy of the time didn’t want on TV ….but other trash ok to them ! Lol. Please be well , and safe . Your great ?

    1. Hi Apollo,

      So nice to hear from you. Know exactly what you mean about silver linings that accompany difficult situations. Sorry to hear about stress of moving (I’ve done it alone soooo many times and I know the feeling) but your new place sounds absolutely wonderful! What year was your new residence built? I’m living in a 1923 construction that has never been substantially updated. Needless to say, both good and bad comes with that. Thank you so much for your sweet compliments. Long live the 1990s footage!


      1. Hello I’m in 1910 house ( apt ) now. Everything perfect from that time ! Bath is newish ,and kitchen a preserved 1940s ! Even ancient locks on door with the keys ! I was given by owner 4 poster bed. Talk floor lamps right from Dracula castle it seems ! They are glad I’m here ,as I have excellent references/ reputation. Rent reasonable. Hot ,as balcony black outside my screen door . Crickets chirp at night . Cardinal sing in the morning. Neighborhood nice . People too . Fancy car good intro . That old classy name ( Marilyn Monroe owned one . Mae West ,Joan Crawford lol ) still carries ! Lol. Take loooong walks . No grime ,or crime . Body ,and soul recovering from too long Gothem life ! Your the best . I have little hearts in my cuff links box on dresser . Precious possession of mine. ?

        1. I just found your beautiful cards ! They are very special to me Tanya ! I keep them in a safe place …..I’m so proud of them. Rain ,and crickets outside old balcony. Jazz on radio . Writing to the ever beautiful; inside and out : YOU ! I’m very lucky .?

        2. Hi Apollo,

          I’m delighted that you still have the hearts! Your home sounds wonderful. Glad that you are living in style. Chirping crickets are awesome. I had one near my balcony the other night – a rare treat. Very happy to hear that you are well.


  2. Tanya,
    You are as beautiful as ever. Wow, the 1990’s. Its truly amazing how well you have preserved yourself over the years, and I know that you have worked hard to do so. I for one, as a HUGE fan for many, many years, sincerely appreciate all the efforts, hours of training and smart diet and sacrifices you have made to keep yourself so beautiful and toned. THANK YOU!!
    Also, I would further like to add that with all the “body art” and piercings we see these days ( and some very beautiful women have ruined their natural beauty with tattoos, IMHO) I am so grateful you have not done that to your gorgeous and incredibly sexy body! So again, thank you!!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Chris!! I really appreciate them. And thank you for supporting me for all these years with custom work and your sweet, positive energy. XOXO

    1. Greetings JajaEverton! No, I don’t have any plans to do session wrestling at the moment. How is Everton doing this year? were you acquainted with femfight/Everton enthusiast Chairman Andy? I miss the Everton updates and enthusiasm that he used to deliver.


      1. Everton did alright this year. Not too good but not too bad. A new season is coming up! Sadly I was not acquainted with Chairman Andy.. Let me know if you do sessions! I would love to test my luck against you πŸ™‚

        1. Hi JajaEverton,

          Just reached into the cabinet and pulled out pink/white Everton mug given to me by Chairman Andy long ago. No, I don’t currently do sessions but will let you know if anything changes. Glad to hear that Everton is holding their own.


  3. Hii Sweet Tanya!

    Good news. My cut is healing very fast now so im so much better.. So soon i can cycling again. But none compettion. I can start in end of august. Small compettion/timetrial! πŸ™‚ hope you going great dear Tanya! XOXO ?

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