Snakes, Ghosts & Spiders

Damsel in distress during shooting of “Spider Walk”.
Message on exterior wall of local tavern.

Good afternoon,

I have long since recovered from July 30 illness and have some new videos under my belt. Above nudie pics come from soon-to-be-released Spider Walk:

Spider Walk

Translucent spider crawls up arm,

Retraces track marks on fair skin,

Inscription on veined porcelain

Advises: “Shield yourself from harm,

Dark devastation lurks within.”

No wonder that broad is screaming 😉

On August 4 I shot middle pic on outdoor wall of local tavern. Same handwriting has appeared in numerous other places in my neighborhood and for some reason I always find odd reassurance in the messages. Seems strange to type that last sentence, especially since property owners presumably don’t appreciate extra labor of covering up anonymous tributes to mystery individual. Maybe I find it refreshing that someone doesn’t rely upon cellphones and social media to transmit emotion? Not sure.. will have to reflect on it more.

About a week ago my VOD store at came down. Store had been experiencing technical issues and software provider accused me of lying when I requested help with correcting the problem. I feel tempted to post the e-mail he sent me but I know I should let the matter die. For the moment I will be selling all my videos exclusively at  Just released Black Snake Boogie (special introductory price of $12.99)  at Clips4Sale and am also preparing both aforementioned Spider Walk  and new paranormal fantasy Ghostbusted for their debuts later this month.

Hope everyone is having a nice Monday! I will return today or tomorrow to answer post comments.

Love this joyful snake. Often snakes are portrayed as sinister but this individual transcends the stereotypes.

XO Tanya



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14 thoughts on “Snakes, Ghosts & Spiders”

  1. Waaw! I just love this.. you have a gorgeous/sexy body! I hope you doing great! And looks forward to you shoot my custom! Take care so long sweetie! ☺

  2. HelloTanya,

    What a relief and a pleasure it was to read your latest post and to see your latest pictures (wow!).
    I had not been near a computer for weeks and the first thing I saw on returning was your Raspberry 33 post – the food poisoning sounded horrible, though I did enjoy the accompanying video link.
    I’m so pleased to hear that you have fully recovered from that and hope that the same applies to the surgery that you underwent.
    Now I can just imagine not only how hard you have been working to make up for lost time, but also how frustrated you must be with the problems on your website. As usual, of course, your resilience and good humour have carried you through, for which I, together with all your devoted followers, am very grateful.
    I am also very grateful for your special video offers : both Tres Leches and Black Snake Boogie are superb : the sublime Mrs Hamilton (a.k.a. Virtue!!) really is one of my favourites, and in that particular video she does appear to be more well-endowed than ever!
    So wonderful to be able to speak to you again : please take good care of yourself, dearest Tanya,

    Stanley xxx

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Stanley. Always fun to hear from you. Very happy that you are enjoying the videos. I will keep the sales coming. Hope you are well.


  3. Hii Tanya!

    Miss you.. i have thinking of alot in the last time! Hope you are fine/great! ? You are a wonderful person! Gorgeous! ?

  4. I agree with the sentiment expressed on the wall It’s your inner beauty which makes your outer beauty hlow ever brighter ! As for ghosts : My shiny original 1910 closet door just opened on it’s on. It made a big racket doing it too ! Got chills ,but stoutly said : ” Go to the light ,your not scaring me !”. I threw holy blessed water I keep in cabinet next to my bed ala Exorcist ! ✝ Get it in old German Catholic Church I don’t attend ,but meditate in. Gorgeous stained glass is awesome. Slammed closet door and that’s that. Other day threw water and had chill at area . ?? So ,your post is apropo ! Be well. Going on long road trip. 800 miles in your direction.? So close ,yet so far ! ?

    1. Your place sounds so awesome, Apollo. I often sense the past in my building too, even have some old postcards sent by inhabitants from here decades ago. Where will you be traveling? XOXO

    2. Sorry for the long delay ever so lovely one . I was in Ohio , Kentucky ,W Virginia, Indiana.. ..wish I could of been far as you ! Joked with cool , wonderful friend about going all the way to Ventura ! I hope you know how much your charming persona brightens my day . In your business it must be a thrill when others know they will be working with you . My life getting better all of the time . Someday I might get as far as the Golden State to ! ?

      1. Hi Apollo,

        Great to hear from you! Glad you had a nice trip. Were you just visiting friends? Or ? Have you ever been to CA before? Ventura is lovely. Thank you, as always, for your kind words.


  5. Hii Tanya!

    Whats up? Do that irma hurrycane hit your place/country? I’m seen and hear about it on the news.. ? thinking about ya! Hope you are fine! ?

    1. Thanks for the concern, Johan, but we don’t have hurricanes in Los Angeles – just wildfires and periodic earthquakes. Definitely been sending heartfelt prayers to those in the hurricane region though. XOXO

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