Monday “Manifesto”

Falling, falling..


I awoke to news of the shooting massacre in Las Vegas. Rather than listen to endless media coverage I meditated on the rather helpless, hopeless, vulnerable feelings in my mind. It occurred to me that I can best serve the good by providing a happy, harmonious home for my loved ones and myself and by helping others whenever possible. Although I do volunteer work each week I find that many of the most meaningful opportunities to render assistance seem to arise spontaneously in the course of a day – sometimes even in situations where just a smile or word of encouragement helps out a friend or stranger who feels beleaguered.

Searching for higher guidance I queried the I Ching on how to best navigate through each day when confronted by a seemingly endless barrage of death, pestilence, and greed in the news. I Ching responded with Hexagram 23 Unchanging:

Hexagram 23 – DETERIORATION – R.L. Wing

When DETERIORATION is received without changing lines it implies a situation for which there is little hope. It is not in your control, and therefore your interests are not considered. Reaffirm and support your position by being benevolent toward others.

That pretty much says it all for me. I can’t control or prevent situations of mass chaos in the world but I can remain positive within my own sphere and help others whenever circumstances permit. I do try to stay mindful of not blundering into places where I don’t belong.

Anyways, hope I’m not philosophizing too much here. Been spending a lot of time with my nose buried in books recently. Ringmaster STJ just contacted me for work and I told him that I will start wrestling again in late November – just in time for Thanksgiving đŸ˜‰

Until then I will continue with solo shoots and solitary meditation:

Hope everyone is having a pleasant Monday. I just completed the following updates:

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XO Tanya



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