Baked in the Cake

Old friend Rainier (manager of legendary Wild Goose Cabaret) and I got together tonight, visited a number of taverns, ended up at landmark Inglewood establishment The Proud Bird. We started early and I just finished baking the cake in top pic to present to him tomorrow. Just kidding. We had a very fun time but I will feel it in the morning. Amusingly, Rainier and I drank together for years at the Goose (1999 – 2011) and I never felt a thing except good humor. Guess I’m no longer in party shape – already cut myself off before 10pm. Sometimes I do miss dancing but I miss the clubs how they were back then, not how they are now. The exotic dance industry has lost its luster. I’ve sat by silently as “older” dancers tried to explain to current dancers “how it used to be” and the stories just don’t have much relevance anymore. We had some good times back then when money was flowing… glad I have the memories but it’s a different world now. Long live the showgirls of yesteryear..

We were naughty but we definitely dressed the part in that bygone era. Lol..  maybe I need another drink as I sit here at my desk and moon over the past 😉

XO Tanya



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