Monique Hajkova


Good morning,

Thought I would start the day with Monique Hajkova, yet another lovely Czech model with beautiful, natural breasts. I believe that she has retired. Have a feeling that an agent, webmaster, or website promoter at some point anglicized Monique’s name to “Monica Miller”, probably so the moniker would stick more easily in the minds of consumers in the English-speaking parts of the world. Think the same thing happened to “Raylene Richards” AKA Suzana AKA Zuzanna AKA Daniela. When I wrote of Raylene I mentioned that she hails “from the Czech Republic where plastic surgery is less common and a surprising number of women boast slim bodies and huge cans.” Obviously the same can be said of slim, sexy, stacked Monique. Click here for full gallery of Monique.

XO Tanya

*Update* I am mistaken! Just discovered that Monique Hajkova is not Monica Miller. There is another model named Monica Hajkova who also frequently appears as Monica Miller. Monique Hajkova has evidently used the name Monika Cajth but never Monica Miller. Is “Hajkova” an especially common name in the Czech Republic? Very confusing – lol 😉


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