Boobs, Boobs, Boobs


Love Monique’s boobs. I do admire the work of Mother Nature. As I am posting this gallery of Monique it reminds me of the criticism often leveled at women, such as myself, who opt to get breast implants. Fate does not bestow beautiful breasts on all women. Monique was lucky. I was completely flat-chested. Couldn’t even wear a push-up bra because there was nothing to push up. Nothing wrong with being flat-chested but I was also extremely muscular in my teens and twenties due to my weight-lifting regimen. My upper torso resembled that of a very fit, teenage boy. Eventually I got implants and recall that some people accused me of being a “sell-out”. What was I selling out? If there had been a method to make my boobs grow naturally I would have used it. You can obtain a slim waistline, shapely legs, and a tight ass through working out but there is no way to grow your boobs. Sometimes people still ask: “Why did you get breast implants? Did you do it to make more money?” I usually answer with the truth: “I got breast implants because I didn’t have beautiful, natural breasts.”

I was dancing in strip clubs before I purchased large breasts. Honestly, I thought my new cans would generate more tips for me but they didn’t. Different people like different body types. Some like busty, some like small-chested, some like thin, some like heavy. I like boobs 😉

XO Tanya



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6 thoughts on “Boobs, Boobs, Boobs”

  1. Hi Tanya,

    It really must be something in the water over there. 😉

    Your boob talk has made me smile. When I got up this morning I shaved before I came to work. Nature gives some guys a heavy beard and others considerably less. Some think it a curse to shave, others like to grow a mane. I change the way I look every morning. I had a girlfriend once who said “I never thought I’d date a guy with a mustache.” I shaved it off that night. We broke up eventually and I grew it back.

    We’re human beings, we get to change how we look. No ‘splainin’ necessary. The only important thing is that we act kindly to one another.

    Mingori logic at work: You like boobs ;-). You got yourself some boobs. Your boobs look great. You look great. You act kindly to other people. ‘Nuff said.


  2. You shouldn’t even waste time with people who want to tell you how you should live your life and what you choose to do with your own body.

    You said you were naturally small breasted and you wanted larger breasts, so you got them. They had their pros and cons. Some didn’t like them, others love them. Plus, they were probably a huge factor in the amount of work you got in the industry, it just is what it is.

    It’s funny, I just can’t picture you with anything but your lady lumps. I imagine the change was drastic? There probably has never been a pre-implant picture of you anywhere has there? Though I’m almost certain they had an effect on your athletic ability, especially running and jogging.

    1. Hi Ned,

      No change in athletic ability at all. Do have to say that I have ruptured 4 different sets of silicone implants. Highly unusual. Good thing they were under warranty – helped save me money on surgeries. Guess I’m hard on my body.


  3. I like thin….. I like long waisted and flat abs….. I like nice firm busts….. I like overall beauty…..And above all, I love kind, thoughtful people like yourself!!!! Which is you in spades :-). You’re the best Tanya,


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