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I will be wrestling Melissa Jacobs (top pic) this weekend and was just looking over the script. The 5th round starts with these words: “Tanya is standing in her corner, her attitude and facial expression is
a mixture of anger, despair  and disbelief.” Lol.. I’ve spent a lot of time in that corner over the course of the past year and I will be able to play my role with genuine conviction. Everything is going very well now but, as I’ve mentioned on this blog, I very recently have dealt with two surgeries, a foreclosure situation, and major website disruptions. As I rebuild everything I feel very grateful for all the support I have received from friends, fans, and readers. Thank you! Muuuuaaahhhh!!!!

XO Tanya

P.S. Bottom pic shows Ariel X inflicting distress upon me during the nadir of my woes in 2013. I’ve never met Melissa before so I don’t yet have any photos of us wrestling.



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6 thoughts on “Out of the Corner”

  1. Dear Tanya,

    I am happy to hear the optimism in your voice as look back on troubled times and forward towards the future as an artist and as a woman. You’ve shared a lot of detail regarding your anno terribile and I’ve stayed out of the conversation not out of lack of sympathy, but perhaps for fear of too much empathy: your litany of woes mapped mine from a few years back: financial, residential, personal, professional and health issues conflating roughly in a 12 month cycle. (I was very happy to get a new calendar.) How does one get through it? Leaning on my friends and redoubling my dedication to my work is what helped me–and it sounds similar for you…. You are a hard working craftswoman dedicated to your trade. How else can one put it?

    I have a great plumber that I can call and on whose work I can depend. I also ‘know’ an extraordinarily talented, beautiful actress who has an exceptional ability to mine the overlap between eroticism, humor, intelligence, athleticism and, let’s face it, morality tales–worthy of the ancient Greeks–or at least the original Star Trek TV series. And she does it again and again even when her own world seems to be collapsing in on her (as it must have been last year.)

    I found it interesting that you included a photo from your mid-summer match with Ariel. To my eye, this was one of the finest performances of your career, now made even more so in my esteem as you have explained the situations in your personal life that you set aside to work with Ariel in this video.

    How to describe my reaction to this performance relative to the many excellent pieces of work you have done? You were in extraordinary physical condition–even for the high bar we have come to expect from you. Your facial reactions to your predicaments were wonderful. Not a moment when you were not responding convincingly to the pain or pleasure the script had you were subjected to. Transcending them, actually.

    You and Ariel worked exquisitely together–your timing, your physically intertwining was perfectly posed (Bernini would be moved), as well as your obvious empathy for one another’s role in the ‘domination’ wrestling theme.

    The latter, made me think of Stanley Tucci’s generosity to Meryl Streep in the Julia Child bio-pic. In every scene, he effortlessly made Meryl look good. And she shone without overwhelming him. You and Ariel were that good together. Your moves together flowed with equal apparent effortless (I know it was hard work) from one to another-graceful, athletic and as erotic as can be imagined.

    If you have spent a lot of time in the ‘corner’ (physically and meta-physically this past year) I have never seen you transcend or translate that into such a high degree of art. It was perhaps even more erotic by not being fully explicit. Ariel was brilliant, I think, for both controlling and releasing her acts of domination and her sexual attraction to you. A psychological thriller as well as an erotic thriller.

    Am I going on too much? I suppose. But again, I value craft in our contemporary culture, which like your recent musings on civic politeness, has seemed in short supply. Your summer-of-woes video with Ariel set a benchmark for me for craftswomanship. It was that good. Your recent posts suggest you are reflecting on your choice of career or even your choice breast size. In the midst of that you should know that you are simply the best at what you do (on the entire planet, Tanya.) Ever. Those who are close to you know that. Those who are estranged from you should know.

    I look forward to seeing you work with Melissa. I am not familiar with her, but she seems to be a very experienced actress and wrestler as well. Like you, equally capable at the erotic and athletic.

    That’s a lot of burbling on my part. If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for reading! I guess I should include a question to solicit your response….

    What are your thoughts on that August 2013 video with Ariel? Am I projecting my own thoughts or values onto this? Was it just another day at the office? Or did you realize just how special a performance you two were making? Or how incredibly erotic it was? When you are completely nailing it as an actress, can you really tell in the midst of it all?



    1. Hi Mingori,

      Thank you so much for all of your kind words and sweet compliments!!! I am very touched.

      Btw.. this past Saturday I shot with Melissa for the first time and thought that she was awesome.

      I have done three videos with Ariel, all of them custom requests for Phil who posts on the blog here sometimes. She knows all the moves and has the grace of a pro, needless to say. Did you get the video from STJ? Or do you recall where you saw it? The video does not stand out especially well in my mind. Hope I’m not deflating you.. I’m sure that you would rather have me tell the truth. I mainly remember that Ariel makes the videos very easy because of her athleticism. Maybe I need to look at all that footage again. Please let me know where you encountered it.


      1. Hi Tanya,

        Thanks for your reply. No worries that you may be ‘deflating’ me… really, I can let my imagination run on. I have no real idea how performers feel about performing. I saw a concert the other night – just two musicians – and I was wondering the same thing: do they think they are having a good night? How could I tell? I was enjoying the performance. Were they?

        Such thinking guided my question to you. If it was just ‘another day at the office’, then even more of a salud to you. Off days are still great days. I am sure I did really good work on some given day last year, but I just can’t remember it, either.

        Can’t recall where I first saw that video or whether I’m conflating a few matches with you and Ariel. I think you two seem to have a certain chemistry on ‘screen’ even if you may not sense it yourself…..

        I’ve gotten some videos from STJ but iirc this was floating around on some web video tube site, kind of like the one you have linked here. I could be wrong or mixing up the images you posted and should double check.

        I do feel a bit sheepish, but it isn’t the first time. Probably like some fan talking to Hendrix or Clapton or someone and saying “wow, how about that guitar lick you played on _______” and they replied: “Huh?”

        Not looking to be complexify things at all. Probably time for me to ease back out of here a bit. Thanks, Tanya


        1. Hi Mingori,

          Don’t feel sheepish. Hopefully Ariel and I really did rock that video!! You have definitely stimulated my curiosity. I am going to look for that footage and send it to my editor. This may be a bonanza for everyone.. lol!

          I remember seeing Janine and Julia Ann perform together during the Blondage years. They were awesome! Found out later that they hated each other, wouldn’t even stay on the same side of the hotel where they were booked. That surprised me. I think that two performers can sometimes work really well with one another even if they are personally immune to the chemistry that they generate. Does that make any sense? I’ve heard that Jon and Ponch of ChiPs fame hated each other. Laverne and Shirley did not get along. Perhaps most surprisingly Lyle Waggoner still hates Lynda Carter all these years after shooting the “Wonder Woman” series.

          All those are kind of extreme examples because it wasn’t as if Ariel and I did not get along. In all honesty (am I too honest?) I just wasn’t aware that we were emitting an extraordinary amount of heat. Like I said, I am definitely going to revisit that footage very soon 😉

          XO Tanya

  2. Hi Tanya. Have a nice fight. Ooh… nice boston crab on bottom photo. Do you like boston crab hold ?

    1. Hi CatfightBlogger,

      I do like the Boston Crab. Not actually as painful as it looks. In the early stages it stretches my back out quite nicely 😉


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