Wrestling for Control





This is the first morning in a while that I have been able to sit at my desk and enjoy my morning coffee with Amy Fisher. She and I seem to operate on the same schedule. Usually I get online before sunrise in LA while Amy is starting her webcam show in Florida. Since Saturday I have done four wrestling videos, including the above match with Melissa Jacobs. Earlier I moved my car out of a street cleaning zone and may not need it again for a while. I like having a quiet week ahead of me.

I had a lot of fun wrestling Melissa and was very impressed by her tight, toned abdominals! That concave look really appeals to me.  Hopefully we will soon meet in the ring again. Contact STJ at stjwrestling@gmail.com about booking us for a match.

XO Tanya



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3 thoughts on “Wrestling for Control”

  1. She just may be my type :-)….. I’ll order that video from Ed and take a look! If she is, maybe she could be that 3rd person in the extended 2v1 match I’ve mentioned to you recently that I want to do with you and Ariel. I’m also thinking Randy Moore would be a good candidate, if she is willing!

    1. Hi Phil,

      Great minds think alike!! Just sent you a message before I knew that you had responded here 😉

      Heard Randy is doing other stuff now, has mostly left the adult industry. Have you seen her in anything new?


  2. No Tanya, I haven’t seen Randy in anything lately :(. However, I was under the impression she might be doing things from time to time….. not really sure though.

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