2 thoughts on “Kitchen Decor”

  1. Dear Tanya,

    Francesca is so trendy. I saw that they had these on sale at “Bed, Bath and Beyond.” I think this was in the “Beyond” department.

    I told myself I would get my Christmas shopping done early this year. Do you think they come in “Harvest Gold” to match an older model dishwasher?

    Who says that we have reached “the end of progress”? There seems to be no end to the labor-saving devices for the home.


    I hope you are feeling a bit better–your sense of humor seems to have returned in true devilish fashion….

    1. Hahaha!!! That is awesome, Mingori. Do you happen to recall that avocado green color popular in kitchens during the 60s? Or was it the 50s? I’d love to get an Avocado Green Sex Machine. Forget juicing.. there are better ways to get healthy!


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