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Thank you for taking a moment to get to know me. I grew up about 40 miles south of San Francisco in a town called Atherton. Fear saturates my earliest memories. Everything seemed out of control. At the age of 4 I taught myself to read and began devouring every book I could find. My mother, on the advice of a psychologist, took away my library card shortly after I turned 8. I regard this as the pivotal event of my lifetime, a failed attempt at mind control. The censorship compelled me  to start questioning both authority and the prevailing mores of society. Not long after the library card confiscation I discovered a different type of reading material: stash of nudie magazines at my father’s hunting lodge. Horrified, my mother labelled the magazines “filth” and told me that they degraded all women. I requested clarification of these notions and got an earful of meaningless static in return. The models in the magazines – Gallery and Oui, as I recall – didn’t look degraded to me. They looked confident, beautiful, and even a bit defiant. (Little did I know that someday I would appear in both publications – pics below.)


Years passed slowly. School bored me academically and terrified me socially. My teachers promoted me directly from third grade into fifth grade. The social chasm between my classmates and myself widened. Eventually my parents enrolled me in an all-girls high school in Palo Alto, probably hoping that a confined,  highly structured atmosphere would help vanquish my lone wolf tendencies. It did not.

At 17 I moved to Southern California to attend the University of California, Los Angeles. Within two years I had dropped out of college to work full-time as a nude dancer at the now-defunct Century Theatre. Originally I had intended to “just take a quarter off” from school but I never went back. Expending energy in pursuit of a degree in history/art history didn’t seem all that compelling at the time. I had far too many questions about the world and about myself. Debauchery drew me like a magnet..


More to come.. I just got this site back online on Aug. 30, 2014 so I am reworking everything..

Lol.. today is October 22, 2014. Haven’t made much headway on this bio but I will do it soon..  XO Tanya

March 7, 2015 – Thought I would add a list of some of my favorite things..

  • Favorite book: I Ching
  • Favorite quote: “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”
    – Albert Einstein
  • Favorite poem:  LIFEDANCE – by Charles Bukowski

The area dividing the brain and the soul
is affected in many ways by
experience —
some lose all mind and become soul:
some lose all soul and become mind:
some lose both and become:

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  1. Hi Tanya,
    Hopefully I have the day right (Dec 3) 🙂 depending on what I believe on the internet-lol.

    So, Happy Birthday!

    For awhile I was under the impression that you had “retired” from the public eye, until recently when I rediscovered your site. From trying to catch up on some of your blog conversations, I gather that you have been through a lot (major understatement – duh), and I mean A LOT which I feel so sorry (side note, I have my own story with wells fricking fargo), yet through all that I also catch a glimpse of your personal strength. Loosing family support the way it happened to you has got to be an extremely painful, and once again I’m so sorry. With all that you have some how managed to persevere.

    That said, your birthday is the anniversary of when you came into this world to be a blessing and inspiration to friends and fans! A day to be truly celebrated! In reading your posts and watching your productions, it becomes quickly evident that you are a gifted and creative person which needs to be revered.

    Essentially, thank you for being you! and I mean that sincerely.

    You have a certain magic to make the world a better place to live in, just remember that fact.

    You bring this magic into the world my friend with your posts and shoots and whatever you do, and this world becomes a better place to live in and it is to be rejoiced! Don’t ever feel alone, it seems you have a quite a few friends here.
    From my own perspective, just do a shout out when ever you need.

    Hope you love your new age, because it looks awesome on you!

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have fun!

    PS, waiting patiently on a bio update 🙂 I really don’t get the whole take away the library card thing. Makes no sense to me, but I can be dense at times.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind and thoughtful words, Don! Very much appreciated. As far as I know this is indeed my birthday but as a kid I discovered a different birth date on my school records. My ostensible mother also frequently made a point of telling both my sister and me that she would never tell us if we were adopted> Go figure. Library card episode was significant because, in that era, it effectively denied me access to reading material. No Internet back then. Felt my mother was trying to control my mind and I never trusted her or most people in positions of authority ever again. XOXO

      1. Wow, I don’t even know what to say about your mother’s behavior, but the psychologist encouraging some of these shenanigans just blows my mind. I can see why you don’t like authority figures, I’m not a big supporter myself.
        On a different note, from scanning your posts I get the strong impression you’re a gifted writer. Other than this site, do you write anywhere else? I’m sorry there is so much pain involved, you have a strong story to be told. Or even fiction stories to share your gift.
        Just curious,

        1. Hi Don,

          Thank you so much. I started writing almost immediately after I began reading. Rarely a day goes by when I don’t do some writing. My mother definitely picked the wrong psychologist. Don’t think he was a bad guy but he was very misguided. She went to him for decades, I believe. He used to tell her to leave my father (which was good advice) but then he went duck hunting with my father. Truly bizarre. Don’t think he could get away with stuff like that in this day and age.


  2. HELLO Tanya
    I saw one of your video with Kim Chambers and I think you guys were amazing at the vidoe. but when looked at Kim’s website when I found nothing about her and her new pictures or new hyhet about her in recent years. I was wondering if you know what happened to Kim Chambers and where she’m not working anymore? Do you know how you can contact her in any way?

    1. Hi Jack,

      I think Kim retired from the biz. Heard she had a baby. Her website went dormant years ago. I do not know of any way to contact her. Maybe she will resurface one of these years!


  3. Hi Tanya,

    I first came across you when I bought a compilation that had you with a scene with Teanna Kai at the gym. Must have been over 10-years ago. Since then, I have been a fan of yours and I’m happy to see that you are still posting pics, vids, and blogs. You’re beautiful and I just wanted you to know that.

  4. Hi Tanya

    U’re one of the most beautiful female pornstar i have ever seen 🙂 and not only
    Ur beauty is in everything from body,soul&kindness
    U have so many beautiful scenes
    Can u please tell me what is ur favourite/s girls to work ?

    Have a nice day

  5. Hi Tanya,
    Just joined your site. Howdy? Just looking at the reply above and I saw you liked working with Francesca Le. I do love it when both of you get together. My ultimate favourite is the Decoy with you as Megababe. I noticed you don’t have anything from hawkheroines here. There is also another one with her which I saw somewhere where she ties you up and you are lying on the living room carpet and she just scratches you body. You looked pretty toned there.
    Anyway I hope you are enjoying your day.


    1. Thank you so much for the feedback and compliments, Rain! HawkHeroines retains all the rights to their content so those videos are probably available on their site. I do love working with Francesca! XOXO

  6. Hello Tanya,

    she has ever worked with Nina Mercedez ?? if you have not done it like to work with Nina Mercedez ?? would be a dream to see a good lesbian between you and Nina Mercedez for me and I think for all fans, because they are two very good actresses, a brunette and a blonde, will complement very well, and cunnilingus Nina Mercedez say is very very good. greetings and thank you

  7. Hello tanya,

    thanks for answering, knew nothing, is a retired nina xxx ?? It is a real shame because of you two together saw pictures but never recorded a lesbian scene not ?? I would love you two together in fear serious lesbian scene

  8. sorry for the previous question, did not read his response that answers my question, with Ava Addams if this active in a lesbian xxx has recorded scene ?? is the most similar to Nina Mercedez my point of view and you both work very well together in a lesbian scene,

    if no recording lesbian Ava Addams would like to work with her ??

  9. Hi tanya,

    She live in houston, but often goes by LA. It would be a dream for all fans watch a lesbian scene between you and Ava Addams, the best of the porn fantasy xd can contact her


      1. 🙂 hopefully I will pray for them would be a dream to see soon one of your lesbian and Ava Addams pfff a blonde and a brunette with big breasts and big professional. thanks for answering, you’re my favorite actric

        and I wish to contact Ava Addams soon to roll xd

        1. Of all the scenes that ace recorded in these years, that actric remember that it has made to you a better cunnilingus ,
          who you has made enjoy to you??
          ciao tanya

  10. which was an all three actresses who has more excited about working with them ?? actric and that you have not worked even you would like to make a good lesbian scene?
    thanks for answering


    Some time ago I saw a lesbian scene between your and the big brunetteLisa ann but I do not find the video , you know where I can see the scene in which paginates please,

    thank you in advance

    1. Hi Miky,

      I shot with Lisa Ann only one time: for Danni.com. They must have that scene someplace in their archives but it looks like they are redoing their site right now (?) As I recall Lisa Ann and I filmed it as part of a spoof on the Harry Potter series. HotMovies.com does have some of my Danni.com footage but I have never located that particular scene there.


  12. I loved your videos with jewel marceau not there any scene recorded with Jewel Marceau and you, jewel marceau
    in which you make a cunnilinguos to you?

    catfigh videos only saw of tanya danielle and jewel marceau, any scene she’ll eat pussy to you,
    there sece will jewel marceau eat her pussy?


              1. YES, I have searched but can not find scene of jewel marceau licks her pussy 🙁 only scenes of domination and catfish

                if there any scenes that you eat her pussy jewel marceau, could tell me what it is? thanks

                ciao tanya

  13. hello tanya! I seemed that Lisa Ann working on lesbian scenes? say their cunnilingus is very good, you would like to record with her other lesbian scene?


  14. Hello

    there possibilities of contact Ava Addams lesbian scene to shoot both?? It would be the dream of every fan of porn,

    she said in her email that you love to eat her pussy, and would love you to record lesbian scene with you.

    ciao tanya

  15. Hello Tanya 🙂

    is an honor to speak with you always pleasant,

    and a question that may work with summer cummings? I have seen many lesbian scenes with her, say summer cumming is very good at doing cunnilingus, is that true?

  16. Ava Addams to put in his twitter fans who choose one actric for a lesbian scene with her, and you have been the most voted

    people want tanya danielle and Ava Addams together 🙂

    Ava Addams wrote that you like to eat your pussy

    thanks, ciao

  17. Just saw the updates to your ‘bio’. I remember in the past visiting the site and always hoping more would be added to your bio back then. But I pretty much figured you’ve always been a more private person in that sense. The changing nature of communication and the immediacy of it I guess is a factor. We want to know as much as possible as quickly as possible because it’s what we’re accustomed to. If I remember correctly Lonesome Dove used to be your favorite novel in the past? Either way, hope you add more to this page when you have time/want to. Ideally, I’d just love to ask you questions nonstop and have you answer if you wanted to. I’ve always wanted to know as much about somebody or something if I could.

    1. Hi Ned,

      I will likely be updating my bio sporadically. You have a good memory. Lonesome Dove has long been one of my favorite novels although I am long overdue for a reread of it. A few years ago someone asked me what it was about (fellow stripper who saw it mentioned on my former bio page) and I struggled to come up with a cogent description of the plot! It was rather embarrassing. Haven’t read it since 1992. Think the glorious experience of devouring it in the Tucson sunlight (by my old apartment pool) stuck in my head better than the actual details of the work itself.


      1. Yeah, I personally just read Go Set a Watchman. To Kill a Mockingbird was one of my favorite books. I should go and read Lonesome Dove as well. Now that I think about it, I can’t remember if I ever read it. For some reason the show miniseries is all I can vaguely remember seeing as the only recollection of the book.

        Either way, update whenever you can. Love reading more about you.

          1. I liked it well enough. I hadn’t read mockingbird in a long time which is why I think I wasn’t as bothered as some were to the differences in character for Atticus. But I do find myself wondering, if this book came first, and this was our introduction to the world and characters, would it change how I view TKAM? Either way, you should give it a read if you can. Do you find you read more fiction or non-fiction? For some reason, I’ve also been reading a lot of autobiographical accounts and real stories for some reason.

            1. Hi Ned,

              I will definitely check it out. Lately I tend to read more non-fiction. At the moment I am immersed in Jim Morrison and looking forward to examining some of his poetry. As a friend of mine put it: “On a scale of 1 to 10 Jim Morrison had the emotional maturity of zero.” Very true statement but he had a much more interesting background/intellect/view of the world than I had ever realized.


  18. Hello Tanya 🙂

    actric brunette that excites you more? that you would like to roll lesbian scene and eat your pussy? Raylene? kendra lust? Lisa Ann? Ava Addams??

    thanks, ciao

  19. Hello tanya 🙂

    Ava Addams lives in your city, you could contact her for two lesbian scene

    ava said in his twitter that he would love to work with you, that excites you so much. would love to lick her pussy

    It would be a dream for fans you and Ava Addams will roll together


  20. Tanya. Thank you for this bio, you impress me as such an honest open person, and yet private as well. I really enjoyed reading and look forward to any bio updates you post.

  21. Hi tanya,
    You’re the best actress lesbian film world.

    a question:

    of all the girls that you have eaten your pussy,
    which are the three that you have actually enjoy more pleasure?? Goldie? Julia ann?

    that three actresses would you say you have eaten the best your pussy ?


  22. thanks for answering,

    and the four actresses that more you like to eat your pussy ? four actresses are the more you have excited while you ate your pussy?


  23. Romi rain believes that?

    romirain excites him much to do a lesbian scene??

    would be great you and romi rain lesbian escene uff

    romirain said in an interview that you love to eat your pussy


  24. Do you like lesbian scene with Romi rain?? romi rain excites ??

    she said in an interview, he would love to record with you, and eat her pussy, she said your that excites much

    Do you like lesbian scene with Romi rain?

  25. Dear Tanya,

    Are you doing okay?

    How is your health? (Yes, I am concerned.) Your state of mindfulness?

    I hope you are well and taking good care of yourself, my friend.


    1. Hi Mingori,

      Thank you for your concern. Been going through a bit of a rough time but choosing to focus my sights onward and upward. Hope you are well too!


  26. Dear Tanya

    I know you haven’t been able to come by here and visit for awhile but I wanted to check in to let you know that your fans and friends are concerned about you and want to make sure you are doing well in mind, body and spirit. And to reiterate what a loving and lovable person that you are.

    I know you as the consummate professional in all your work and communications. We have been communicating via your website(s) for a few years now, so I have some sense of your fundamental maturity, decency and equanimity. I do worry sometimes that you carry a weight of sadness and maybe regret around with you. At least I get this sense from your writing.

    I hope this writing is helpful and cathartic for you but I want to celebrate as well all the wonderful core levels of humanity that you evince. I know myself that I have carried regrets and worries and guilt around with me for no real purpose. It is part of my daily exercise to shed those. I sincerely hope similar crosses are not yours to unnecessarily bear.

    You are a spectacular woman, athlete, actress, muse.

    I’ll be candid. I saw some recent images from a boxing video of yours courtesy STJ. You just didn’t seem as happy, as radiant as I have come to know you. Your eyes looked sad. Yet, of course, you looked as splendid as ever at work.

    If it is a “rough patch” as you say, I hope it ends soon for you. If there is anything I can do to help I am ready. If you want to talk, or laugh or vicariously play Scrabble (you’ll win) or dance tango, I’m here.

    I’ll send my number via your main email. Use it if you are feeling blue or just want to talk. No come one or nothing weird here, Tanya. This is Mingori. Totally safe territory.

    I’m just concerned for my friend out there California way. You put so much Goodness out into the world. All of us owe you just as much back.

    molto forti abbracci da il tuo amico


    1. Thank you so much, Mingori!!!! Your words are extremely touching and meaningful. It means a lot to me that you have taken the time to write them. I was indeed going through a rough patch but am doing much better – made it a point to get away from home and do a ton of shooting. Did you see the STJ/Lisa Tiffian pics by chance? We were wearing boxing mouth guards so that probably contributed to a downturned mouth effect 😉 Thank you again for your concern and compassion. You are a wonderful person and I’m glad to know you.


  27. hello tanyaa!

    when you have sex with a woman, you are prefer submissive or dominant ? you prefer to eat pussy or she eat your pussy ?

    thanks, you are incredible

    1. Hi Tawny,

      Thanks for posting. Sadie and I only met once on the set of Sadie Rides Again. I thought she was awesome – so beautiful and sexy. We had a great time during our scene (#2.) Do you know her from Vegas? Do you have reason to be concerned for her? I would love to shoot with her again but I’m not sure if Sadie is still making movies (?)


  28. in a recent interview with Ava Addams said he would love to eat your pussy, and that tanya danielle actresses who was more excited her.

    He would like that ava addams eat your pussy??

  29. Hi tanya,

    i am from Madrid (Spain) Did You Know In A Survey pornography it has been made recently in Spain?
    the most desired in the survey in Spain was a lesbian scene between tanya danielle and Ava Addams, blonde and brunette

    in Spain are the two favorite actresses , and view them in a scene together is a dream for any lover of porn.

    Ava Addams is a great actric of lesbian scene and she said would love to shoot with you , we hope you agree and do them ye abide sleep Spain

    thanks tanya you are fantastic

  30. HELLO TANYA!!!

    That three women you have more excited to work in lesbian scene??

    And the three best women cunnilingus Who you’ve done to you??

    thanks! you are incredible!

  31. Dear Tanya,

    I hope you are having a relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving. I know that you, like us, take a low-key approach to the holidays but wanted to extend my sincere thanks to you for all the positive (and erotic) energy you put forth to the Universe each day and each year. Among the many things I have to be thankful for, you and your selflessness remain significant.

    Since my father was alive we have had a Famiglia Mingori habit of bringing food down to a local service for the homeless. I made some turkey gumbo for today which stretched tradition but I think was well received. Anyhow, I was thinking of you this morning and you daily acts of generosity of spirit and kindness to the various less fortunate characters you confront on your daily adventures. My yearly attempts at cooking are lukewarm efforts in comparison to your examples of equanimity which I remain sincerely inspired by.

    Beyond my own respect, you do remain a favorite at Casa Mingori. My GF, my grandmothers and aunts are big fans and again today they were pressing me for news of your adventures after dinner. Yes, they get anxious and confused in anticipation of your seeing your Christmas exploits with Randy Moore.

    Imagine their surprise when I showed them some photos I recently discovered of your Thanksgiving dinner with Ashley Renee. “Oven Roasted Tanya”? Wow. That was about the fun-est holiday fantasy I have seen. The same for mis abuelitas. The pumpkin pie was strictly ignored. Thanksgiving will never be the same for them. Or me. What came over you for that?

    All the best to you from all of us, Tanya. You are an inspirational source of so many kinds of positive energy in our troubled World and both the Universe and I am very thankful that you are out there on our side.


    1. Thank you so much for the touching words, Mingori. They mean a great deal to me. And I absolutely love the thought of your family discussing my exploits over the holiday table 🙂 Turkey gumbo sounds awesome! What a wonderful idea. Very kind of you to think of others on Thanksgiving. I had a wonderful time with friends and felt profoundly grateful for their hospitality.

      Where did you encounter “Oven Roasted Tanya”? Never saw the footage but I remember that shoot very, very well. Think site was mookiskitchen.com (?) but it seems to have disappeared. Then again, nothing ever really disappears off the Internet 😉

      Thank you again for your kind words.


  32. Dear Tanya,

    Thank you for your reply and your posts.

    Not sure how I came across this holiday treat. I think I was searching for a recipe online and typed in “Oven Roasted Turkey” and some subliminal, subconscious, subterranean subterfuge turned you up instead. The internet is truly strange.

    But I fear my inquisitive nature has turned up another bad memory for you as I’ve sadly done before. If I might ask, what makes you “remember that shoot very very well”? I have a hunch it isn’t Ms. Ashley’s olive oil rub down. But I hope the memories are good ones.

    If you don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine. The image in my mind remains from last week of my elderly aunties looking at the images of you on the platter and then looking at their own turkey dinners with profound disappointment. If I had a camera handy……

    all my best to you, Tanya


    1. Hi Mingori,

      Haha! Sorry your aunts were disappointed 😉 That shoot was a good one. The cameraman/website owner had an interest in historic properties and I remember talking at length about the 1920s-era residence which he was restoring with his wife, a professor at USC. Think we had ample time for discussion because Ashley may have been late. Overall a good day – no scandals to report. Think it also stuck in my mind because I have never done anything like it before or since. Please let me know if you stumble upon that footage again. Would love to see it.


  33. Dear Tanya,

    Mookie and his wife sounded like an interesting pair. With a pair of interesting hobbies. Not your typical academics, I guess.

    We only had photos of Ashley preparing you for dinner to share with the ladies while we were preparing dessert. No video, unfortunately. That would have been fun. Nevertheless, they were delighted and very impressed with you, as always.

    Have you seen photos from your time on the platter and in the oven?

    As you said, I’ve never seen anything like this from you before or since. You are an adventurous woman. I always look forward to what’s next.


    1. Thanks, Mingori! I do now have a link to the photos but am having trouble opening it. Will get help from someone else this week if I still can’t access it. XOXO

  34. Hello tanya!!

    In a recent interview to the great AVA addams, She answered one of the questions About the three actresses who would love to shoot a hot lesbian scene nowadays. She replied that one of the three would be tanya danielle, other Romi Rain and nina mercedez. To ava addams likes a big tits 🙂

    That three actresses would love to try on a hot lesbian scene where they ate you up and down, Being your submissive and she eating your pussy. Thanks

    Ciao Tanya! you ara fantastic

  35. Hello tanya, that my two questions was:

    -That three actresses would love to try on a hot lesbian scene where they ate you up and down, Being your submissive and she eating your pussy. Thanks

    -And And that pussy would like to eat in a lesbian scene of some actric that has not yet filmed scene



    1. Happy New Year, Miky!

      Always wanted to do a full scene with legendary Janine – I was the “Hand” in her Digital Playground POV video but we never did a full scene together. Also think Mercedes Carrera and Ava Addams are both really attractive!


  36. 1-That three actresses would love to try on a hot lesbian scene where they ate you up and down, Being your submissive and she eating your pussy. Thanks

    2-Cunnilingus of ava addams to tanya danielle in lesbian scene is a dream of fans porn in the world! what opinion?

    ciao tanya!!

  37. Hello tanya!!!

    If I had to do a lesbian scene now, with what girl have you been repeating without thinking?

    And what kind of girl attracts you more a good brunette or a good blonde? Julia ann or ava addams for example??

    Get a little wet in the answer jeje

    Greetings! you are fantastic

  38. Hello tanya!
    Good tanya, I am miky I am from Madrid I am 29 years old and I am a mixed martial arts professional fighter in my country (Spain)

    I wanted to introduce myself since I have been writing for you for a long time, whenever I can. And above all to tell you that you are all a referent, and that I am a big fan of yours and your work

    You are a great professional and you are a very good woman, and here in my country we have the habit, know how to value the good work and make it reach the person and your tanya you are for me a person who will always be a referent as much as a woman like Porn professional, always responding to those we comment on your biography, educated, friendly, without more a strong hug from madrid spain
    And if you ever visit Spain (precious country) here you have enough fans that we would be delighted xd


    1. Hi Miky,

      Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m not completely sure what you mean by the term “referent”, however. How long have you been involved in MMA? Did you happen to see the McGregor fight over the weekend? Always wanted to visit Spain – hope to do so sometime soon. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.


      1. Hello tanya! 🙂

        referent in Spain is an example to follow. in MMA I have been involved for about 10 years, and fighting professionally in my country and around Europe about 4.
        If I saw the big macgregor fight but I imagined that result, in boxing very different to the MMA and I fight against the best one for me of the last times of boxing.

        and nothing to say about Spain simply that if you can visit it because it is the most incredible countries for a vacation, and you are currently working on new films? scenes etc.

        a hug

        1. Hi Miky,

          Something got a bit lost in translation: are you saying that you fought in a boxing match even though you normally are an MMA fighter? Thank you for referent definition and for the nice compliment 🙂


  39. Hello tanya!! two questions

    What do you like more in lesbian sex, eat pussy or do you eat the pussy ??

    Dominate a girl or a beautiful woman dominate you in the bed ??

    Ciao Tanya!!!!!

  40. Hello tanya!!!

    That five actresses throughout your career, would you say that they have made you the best cuniilingus?? what more pleasure / excite you during the shoot, the five actresses who best remember that you have eaten better the pussy known to give you real pleasure making you a cunnilingus.



  41. Hi tanya!! 🙂
    thanks for always contexting your fans and so fast, you are fantastic. Today’s question is:

    those five are the ones that have best made you a cunnilingus, and now that Six actresses has excited you more to eat her pussy?? the six actresses that most liked you to eat her pussy, and know that they more have enjoyed with your language of all the girls with whom you have worked and made them a cunnilingus.

    Ciao tanya!

  42. hello tanya!!!!

    personally I quite like jewell marceau, you have many scenes with her, but most son of catfigth or bondage etc..
    or some conventional scene in which you make her cunnilingus etc.
    I did not find a single scene in which jewell marceau makes you a cunnilingus to you, and I had that curiosity,

    I imagine it will be because a Jewell does not like to do cunnilingus or because she is not very good doing cunnilingus to other girls hehe

    it’s not easy to have a good language jeje


  43. hello tanya!

    but in that scene jewell does not come out doing a cunnilingus, you go out and eat her pussy at jewell.

    and I meant, I did not see scene that jewell eat your pussy, jewell make you cunnilingus, only you to her,
    that’s why i asked you maybe jewell does not like to cunnilingus to other girls

    greeting tanya!!

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