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I love to fulfill custom photo and video requests! Prices for 20-minute videos start at $500. Contact Jay at for details.

XO Tanya



10 thoughts on “Custom Videos”

  1. I have had Tanya shoot dozens, upon dozens of videos for me over the years. I also have used a number of other models. So I can say this with authority.
    Tanya is without a doubt, the VERY BEST custom video model. Hands down.
    Not only is Tanya absolutely gorgeous, but she has an incredible body and has worked hard to maintain her physique over the years. On top of it all she wants to please the customer. She has wonderful “customer service” skills as she is responsive and very willing to act out your fantasy. And speaking of acting, her award winning skills are extraordinary for such a beautiful model. Will not regret hiring her. So what are you waiting for?

  2. Tanya,
    I see where you have posted my latest Superheroine custom on your site….and called it ……Quantumn Entaglement! Very cool. Given the special effects, this is one of the best vids you have done for me. Once again, you have created a classic scene.
    Thanks again for being such a pro in this business.
    I am ready to have you shoot another one, again, it will be a superheroine shoot with Virtue! The script will be coming soon.

  3. Tanya,
    While I appreciate your comments about the script being creative, it’s your amazing and raw sexual beauty, as well as your execution on that script that make your custom videos the VERY BEST in the business!!
    I will be curious to hear how well these 2 sell and what feedback you receive.
    Please keep me posted!
    Ps I also noted that on your clips for sale site, the Virtue/ Wonderboy custom with Mackenzie – Huge Thick Meaty Super Cock- is also a top seller!! AWESOME!!

  4. Tanya,
    That is great to hear! And I sure hope your fans will appreciate the extra effort you put into creating Quantum Entanglement. The special affects of you playing duel roles make it an Award winning clip! ( an unbiased opinion….of course)
    On another note, I remain hopeful that you can find some of our old aunt Tanya videos.

  5. Tanya,
    I simply must tell you once more, how absolutely terrific you are when it comes to shooting custom videos. While it has been awhile since I asked you to make one for me, the end result was worth waiting for!! As always you were a pleasure to work with, you are responsive, fair and…… well flat out a sweet person! A good soul as I like to say.
    My favorite character is Virtue, you play her so well and because she is also my aunt, I get a twofor!! Thank you again for all the pleasure you’ve brought me over the years, and it has been a number of years. I still remember each one, even thought the old VHS tapes are no longer any good. But I have vivid memories of each character, each script and most importantly each performance. And that is what makes you the best out there Tanya, you can play the role of Virtue or Aunt Tanya, agent Tanya, the mayor, the nun, etc, etc. You are so versatile!!

    Guys, if you have ever wondered if you should invest in a custom, please do yourself a favor and just do it!
    Thanks again Tanya,

    All the best,

    By the way, I am thrilled with how well “Feast of Dick” is selling on your clips for sale site!!

    1. Thank you so much for the glowing testimonial, Chris!!! I appreciate your words more than I can say. Hopefully our collaboration will continue producing custom video magic for many more years to come.


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