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Catty Coworkers


Catty Coworkers

36DD Tanya Danielle starts a new job at the Widget Corp. Her coworkers, Zoe Britton and Stacy Burke, hate her guts. On a quiet Tuesday evening they break into Tanya’s home and await her arrival. When Tanya returns from a nighttime swim the two women attack. Utterly shocked and infuriated, Tanya tries to fight. Her assailants strip off her bikini top, choke her with it, and then proceed to maul her breasts and torso. Quite by accident they discover that Tanya has a very sensitive belly. They work her midsection relentlessly, scraping their fingernails across bare flesh until Tanys nearly passses out. To revive her they maul her breasts and pussy, bite her, and laugh in her face before resuming the abuse to her belly. Somewhere in the midst of this ordeal Stacy and Zoe start to become aroused. Instead of clawing and viciously groping their victim the women begin to caress her body and kiss it. Tanya immediately responds to their erotic attentions and lets her pleasure build until she reaches a state of absolute ecstasy… (Stacy Burke, Zoe Britton, and Tanya Danielle star in Catty Coworkers, a topless, softcore sexfight containing skimpy g-strings, belly fetish elements, punching, scratching, wrestling holds, breast mauling, kissing, caressing, and forced orgasm. Co-produced by PG.)

Catty Coworkers is now playing for a limited time inside my Diamond Club Members’ Area. I will be removing Mother’s Day Seduction and POV 4th of July Sex in the next day or two so watch them now if you haven’t already.

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