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Mardi Gras Web Chat

Fetish diva Stacy Burke
Christine Dupree, Juliette March, me at hallowed STJ ring

Good evening,

Lotsa stuff happening – sorry I have not yet had a chance to answer blog comments. Just wanted to pop in and encourage you to join incomparable Stacy Burke (top pic) and myself for a live Mardi Gras web chat at 2PM PST tomorrow on Stacy’s YouNow Channel. Yesterday I wrestled Christine Dupree and Juliette March and can probably use a day away from the squared circle:

Ultimate Surrender veteran Juliette and her legs of iron

Hope to see you tomorrow – 2PM PST!

XO Tanya



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Brutal Valentine

Good afternoon,

I had a great Valentine’s Day with Stacy Burke until our live web chat devolved into a knockdown drag out drunken fight. Just kidding. Pics above come from soon-to-be-released sexfight video All-nighter. Those who missed my live Valentine’s Day chat with Stacy can check it out here. Very busy week of shooting and preparation but I will return to answer post comments within the next few days. In the meantime Valentine’s Day lives on:

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!

XO Tanya



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Donovan’s Curse

Good afternoon,

Thought I would post a few more pics from Donovan’s Curse featuring experienced wrestler Mia Li. She and I only battled on this one occasion (April 28, 2015) and she later declined a rematch for reasons unknown. Looks like Mia has been staying busy, however, with a variety of endeavors, including her first anal scene.

Donovan’s Curse

Trapped in sleeper hold Tanya experiences vision of mysterious, doomed nomad:

Drifter focuses hard, crystalline eyes
On society’s encroaching virus,
Noose descends from preternatural skies,
Opal sclerae swallow light blue iris.
Violently choked by suicide rope,
At eternity’s gate, blind without hope,
Nomad whispers: “Join me, you desire this..”

With blue eyes rolled back in sockets, rope affixed around neck drifter beckons Tanya into oblivion. Feeling strangely intoxicated Tanya almost succumbs to tight chokehold before breaking free, tossing opponent onto canvas, continuing match. Much later Tanya tells coach: “I saw some type of white-eyed daemon when Mia had me in that sleeper hold. The daemon reached out like he was trying to entice me into the netherworld.” Coach stiffens. “Obviously I was hallucinating.. ” Tanya says slowly. “.. but this man seemed so.. real. Has anyone else ever mentioned a similar experience?” Coach silently formulates response to disturbing question. Finally he says: “The daemon, if you want to call him that, is Donovan. His name means ‘strong fighter’. I don’t want to explore the mythology with you but legend holds that Donovan only appears in minds of the vulnerable. If he returns you must resist his advances with every ounce of your strength. Evidently you fell briefly unconscious during the match – tonight we will review tape to figure out how to prevent that from ever happening again..”

Download Donovan’s Curse starring Mia Li at TanyaTV.com!

XO Tanya

P.S. Just found some femdom videos of Mia tormenting my old pal David Christopher (AKA Pussyman.)



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Tis The Season

Good evening,

As you can see I’m lacing up my boots, getting stretched out, preparing for holidays. Just posted a bunch of updates:

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! I am going to turn on an audiobook and begin sanding kitchen cabinets. Getting a jump start on 2017 New Year’s resolution to fix my place up..

XO Tanya



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180 Degrees









Good morning,

I greet you as sun sets over Pacific Ocean. Big thanks to all of you who remembered my birthday. Your e-mails and messages warmed my heart. Yesterday I did something different for my birthday: went to a home loan modification  workshop in Riverside County, a 2-hour drive on surface streets from where I live. Twisting through canyon roads, passing thousands of heads of livestock I motored toward Wind of the Spirit Church, the venue which was hosting the event. Upon arrival a woman asked for name of my lender, looked momentarily nonplussed when I stated it, and then told me to sign a sheet marked by only five other people. Another woman handed me a number, directed me to a busy area where I could wait until lender called me.

Attendees occupied designated spaces devoted to Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, Citibank, etc. Clutching numeral “6” I sat by myself in the empty section assigned to my lender. Most companies had individuals overflowing from their chairs but I had several rows completely to myself so I settled in one and placed bags in another.  Like most women present I carried purse plus additional tote bag filled with documents.

In the next room Bank of America representatives wore matching red garments, another lender wore black, tray after tray of coffee circulated, documents changed hands, and people stayed in perpetual motion even while seated. When my number got called someone lead me past a team in grey blazers, through another team in dark green, into the midst of twenty more animated conversations, and finally to a location directly in front of church pulpit where one individual sat all by himself with no coffee, no paperwork, and a big smile. I shook his hand.

After finding pertinent loan information on his computer he asked how he could help me. “I’m hoping to consolidate the first and second trust deeds on my condo.” I told him. “Can’t do it.” he said. “We’re not a lender.” I smiled, he smiled, silence. “What are you?” I inquired after a moment, unable to come up with a better question. “We are a servicer.” he explained, supplementing his answer with a list of services which his employer did provide. “The holder of the second trust deed directed me to talk to you guys.” I told him. “According to them only your company can enable me to consolidate the loans. Are you saying that I have no chance of combining them?” He nodded affirmatively.

Conversation improved from there. Basically, he told me what I need to do without really coming out and saying it. I gained valuable insight and feel glad that I spent my birthday on this mission. As mentioned in previous posts I have been experiencing some financial issues and am trying to approach them proactively, even though I usually cringe when I hear that word.

At the event people in the waiting area had been carrying on quiet conversations, often wishing one another luck when number holders got called onto the main floor. I rarely find myself amongst kindred spirits – if anything, I have been feeling totally out of touch with most of society – but yesterday I fit right in. Despite presumable hardships (why else would you attend a loan modification workshop?) no one behaved brusquely, raised a voice, or had any need to call attention to him or herself. In Southern California, megalopolis built around clamorous entertainment industry, this qualifies as unusual.

Money issues have humbled me, made me more sensitive to my fellow man, and much more appreciative of blessings in my life. I used to fixate on acquiring more, more, more material “gains” but now I try to maintain a happy, harmonious home and help others whenever I can. Priorities have changed, flipped 180 degrees. I reflected on all this as I sat in the church yesterday, pondering loan modifications and yet another passing birthday. Very glad that I went.

By the way, everything seems to indicate that my mysterious non-lender qualifies as a foreclosure mill. They acquired my loan back in 2012 when I was dealing with a bad tenant, facing the very beginnings of health issues, and falling behind on mortgage payments. Even though I’m stuck with non-lender for now I feel a new sense of equanimity. Like Jeff Lebowski I shall abide – no point in sweating issues beyond my control 😉

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes. Hadn’t intended to type this long but yesterday seemed rather profound, mainly because I realize how much I have changed. Anyways, back to important stuff:

  •  Pics above come from Underground Violence gallery (starring Fightbabe Robin vs. myself) just uploaded to FantasyImageStore.com
  • Onyx Castle is now playing inside Diamond Club Members’ Area with another new selection coming tomorrow
  • Lip is healing slowly but surely. Should be able to start shooting customs within a week, I hope. Huge thanks to my custom video collectors who are waiting so patiently!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

XO Tanya

P.S. Do I look a little dazed in photo below? You would too if you went ten rounds with Fightbabe Robin..




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Amarna, USA







Good evening,

Just emerged from bed and found pics from ringmaster STJ inside my inbox. Fiery Spaniard  Amarna Miller and I shot above match on November 10, I did another shoot yesterday, and then had to postpone today’s booking due to  recurrence of fever. Guess I should have taken more time to recover from illness I mentioned in last post.

Lovely Amarna, whom I met for the first time minutes before our match, struck me as both uncommonly intelligent and capable. Although relatively new to wrestling she successfully pulled off numerous moves that many veterans would probably not even try. Her pleasant manner, tinged with just the slightest diffidence, bespoke very refined cultural sensibilities. I found her intriguing and would like to know more about her. Have a feeling Amarna spends a lot more time reading literature than watching television, if you get my drift. A certain intensity seems to percolate beneath her red hair and beautiful fair skin.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I would like to send much love and gratitude to current and former members of our US military whom we just honored with the Veteran’s Day holiday on Friday. Mere words seem inadequate but sentiment behind them comes from the heart. Thank you for your service.


P.S. I’m going to eat something and go back to bed. Will answer messages tomorrow 🙂



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Crash! Bang! Kaboom!









Just woke to a raging thunderstorm – reminds me of morning I last encountered Geisha Warrior Maiden Akira Lane:

Ancient legend describes atmospheric peculiarities which presage arrival of Geisha Warrior Maiden:

“Black ink drips from sky, blankets mountains high,
Lays onyx finish over seas, conceals
Avenging executrix drawing nigh.
Crash! Bang! Kaboom! Gold thunderbolt reveals
Kimono-clad assassin’s creamy thigh..”

Words resonate with catfighter Tanya Danielle but only briefly. “Geisha Warrior Maiden..” she says contemptuously. “I beat Mia Li and I will destroy Akira Lane as well.” Misplaced confidence infuses nighttime dreams with strange tincture. After hours of restless sleep Tanya wakens to face black dawn. Hidden behind dense storm clouds rising sun casts only faintest glow upon obsidian-hued ocean waters. Tanya smiles wickedly. “Two can play at this game.” she says, clothing herself head to toe in dark apparel. “Wonder how Akira the Warrior Maiden will like facing someone who wears her own colors.” Tanya turns from eleventh story window just as thunderbolt illuminates shapely leg slipping out from beneath black silken robe..

Lol.. Akira knows how to make a dramatic entrance. Geisha Warrior Maidens always do 😉

Looks like a break in the rain.. must seize opportunity to go jogging. Hope everyone has a nice Monday!

XO Tanya



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Good evening,

Years ago someone described bondage icon Ashley Renee as being “perpetually in distress”. I don’t think Ashley would object to the words. Haven’t seen her since the shooting of Tickle Torture but she always seemed to have more than her share of chaos. Lately I, too, have been experiencing a lot of misadventures (blindness, second degree burns, etc.). On Monday I tangled with a feral individual who really went for blood. Shredded from elbows down I visited local urgent care center for tetanus shot, prescription of heavy-duty antibiotic. Attack kitty is still prowling the neighborhood along with an adorable litter-mate. Yep, my assailant was a tiny cat, probably just weeks old. She had inched halfway into my pet carrier and then went bananas when I tried to zip it. I have contacted a local cat rescue group and we are intending to trap the kittens so they can visit the vet. A kind neighbor already wants to take responsibility for them.

Thus far my week has felt a bit catawampus  (kinda like top pic) but I have met some really nice neighbors and am healing quickly. Yesterday I wore long gloves at my shoot 😉 This evening I am working on Underground Violence starring legendary wrestler Robin and myself (above pics) and should have the video posted tomorrow at TanyaTV.com. Hope everyone is enjoying this June Thursday! I will return to answer post comments in the morning.

XO Tanya



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Dark Sky Dawning














Dawn breaks over wasted city,
Altered landscape, withered roses.
Radiant sunlight exposes
Knight errant, devoid of pity,
Searching rubble which encloses
Kingdom’s devastated palace,
Yesterday’s aforethought malice.
Dulled by arrogance knight closes
Arduous quest for Queen’s chalice,
Wrecks surviving architecture,
Navigates out of prefecture
Into region far less callous.
Next year brings sublime emergence:
Goblet raised, Queen toasts resurgence.


Tanya awakens, recalls odd dream with stunning clarity: dark knight, wasted kingdom warned of defilement and, most disconcertingly, she had recognized herself as beaten but resurgent Queen. Always mindful of omens Tanya knows that she should brace for a challenge, possibly an ignominious defeat looming in near future. “Not today though.” blonde catfighter thinks dismissively. “That newbie – what was her name? – has no chance against me in the ring.” Mere hours later exotic upstart Shia traps Tanya in excruciating camel clutch, giving champion ample time to repent arrogance. Loss seems fated but Tanya recalls that Queen in dream had eventually mounted a comeback..


Tanya Danielle and newcomer Shia star in Dark Sky Dawning, an interracial catfight melee containing camel clutch, Boston crab, double-toed leglock surfboard, hammerlock, figure four headscissors, test of strength, schoolgirl pin, nipple torture, full nelson, forced submissions, trash talk, imperious victor. Co-produced by HH. Download Dark Sky Dawning at TanyaTV.com today.

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Twilight Zone








Good afternoon,

Felt a bit under the weather over the past few days and unfortunately had to cancel a shoot with Niki Lee Young but hopefully we can reschedule at some point in the near future. Slowly recovering today but taking it easy – just staying close to home, drinking lots of water, and catching up on computer work. Thought I would post some pics from 10-Count Twilight starring Nicole Oring and me. Seem to recall that I mounted a comeback after waking from the twilight zone 😉

Hope everyone is doing great!

XO Tanya



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Savage Secretaries


* Video Deal of the Week – Savage Secretaries reduced to $14.99 (normally $51.99) through February 21, 2016! *

Savage Secretaries

With stunning arrogance Tanya Danielle waltzes into company headquarters, fires Hollywood from secretarial position, allows shocked brunette ten minutes to gather belongings and get out. Several weeks later, however, Hollywood returns to reclaim her job. Shocking battle ensues as each woman resorts to brutal wrestling tactics, leg scissors, bear hugs, smothers, breast punching, breast clawing, belly punching, hair pulling, and every dirty trick under the sun to destroy her rival..

Two days left to buy Savage Secretaries for special reduced price of $14.99.



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Time Machine Ticking







Good afternoon,

What a beautiful day . Even received 1957 wheat penny in change for coffee. Love old coins. Speaking of classics.. ringmaster STJ recently found these shots of Tasha Welch vs. me in his vast repository of photos. You can buy the video, along with many other “vintage” matches, from SpecialInterests.com. Haven’t seen Tasha in years, think she retired from wrestling. I remember Tasha as strong, sweet, sexy, and determined. We filmed above footage at nondescript Hollywood motel in 2000 or so. Other models/wrestlers lounged in common area outside room we were using, waiting to shoot their videos. Wonder what regular motel guests thought when they arrived for check-in, heard noises of violence, encountered large assortment of lithe, toned beauties on premises 😉

XO Tanya



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10-Count Twilight







Good evening,

I have been shooting and revisiting older, never-released content. Yesterday I had opportunity to ponder twilight netherworld created by an expertly applied chokehold or smother. Usually I spend a day or two writing promotional text for a specific video but this popped out as soon as I put pen to paper:

10-Count Twilight

Astral silver,
Cherry marvel,
Cacophony of color,
Twilight slumber..

Wrestler fights for consciousness amidst swirling colors, disjointed thoughts, pressing breasts, twinkling lights. “1.. 2.. 3.. ” Breath impossible beneath massive tit smother. “4.. 5.. ” Body writhes. “6.. 7.. 8.. ” Spirit kicks free before final 10-count. Back on feet combatant smiles ironically, hears chirping of real or imagined birds. Opponent glares, angrier than before. Match continues with surprising twists and turns until one merciless bitch seizes upper hand..

Heavy boots,
Blue canvas,
Mystical séance,
Indubitable truth.
Loser hears peculiar words, faces reality before lapsing into painful quiescence.
(Nicole Oring and Tanya Danielle star in 10-Count Twilight, an exploration of female fighting which features multiple KOs, multiple chokeholds, altered consciousness, multiple referee countdowns, multiple kickouts, facesitting, stomping, grapevines, hair pulling, figure four head scissors, crossbody pins, sleeper holds, leg scissors, belly punching, camel clutch, Stacy Keibler corner foot choke, crawling, stomping, boob smother, rear dragon sleeper hold, Boston crab, stomach claw, championship belt. Download 10-Count Twilight at TanyaTV.com now.)
Photos look bad but I did succeed in mounting a comeback of sorts. More photos soon.. I just uploaded first gallery from 10-Count Twilight to FantasyImageStore.com. Hope everyone had a great Super Bowl weekend. I shall return in the morning to answer post comments – still recovering from celebrating my lucky Denver +6 wager 😉
XO Tanya

Xmas in LA










Good afternoon,

Still haven’t answered blog comments, e-mails, or gone to my mailbox. However, in addition to getting sloshed with my friends, I have accomplished a few things. Legendary wrestler Robin and I met at the STJ ring to settle some differences. Despite bitter California cold (60 degrees) we donned skimpy bikinis, braved elements, battled for honor. Tis the season for vengeance 😉

XO Tanya



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Morning Mayhem

Haha.. joke’s on me. After yesterday’s post I crawled into bed, shut my eyes.. and then realized that I needed to rise at 4am to move my car out of a street cleaning zone. So much for getting lots of rest. I do love these hours of the morning though. Sun is rising outside my window as I type these words. Just remembered that last week I promised to present some photos of awesome new wrestler Shia:







On morning of Shia shoot (which occurred on a Sunday) I had floated through traffic and arrived at STJ’s place long before appointed hour. Not wanting to descend on him too early I sat in my car and, true to lifelong habit, began scribbling on a notepad.  I later found these words lurking inside a folder where I keep model release forms:

Leaves blow, church bells toll. Absurdly early, I park car a few blocks from STJ’s ring and watch two guys cleaning large, plastic container on their front lawn. Family with toddler in tow casts suspicious looks in my direction, enters different house. Sipping coffee I peruse script for thirtieth time, quite well-acquainted with egotistical opening dialogue and my later comeuppance at hands of ruthless opponent..

Either Apollo or CatfightBlogger had recently asked exactly what I do in the hours before a shoot. Above sentences reflect the rather banal reality. Wish they contained more excitement but I prefer to enter the ring feeling calm and composed. Incidentally, I rarely document the (non)events of my life as they simultaneously unfold. Preceding narrative reminds me of a Family Guy episode in which Peter was doing precisely that. Think Lois punched him in the face.

XO Tanya

P.S. That top pic looks a bit reminiscent of another episode..



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Racked and Rolled








As you might expect I spend most of my days gazing upon either naked women or their images whilst editing photos. Above shots from Elite Blonde Corps struck me as noteworthy this afternoon. I include top image because I still marvel at the magnitude of my former rack. Ariel X’s stunning midsection speaks for itself (second pic from top.) Prior to this shoot I seem to recall falling asleep on the beach with a book on my stomach – hence the peculiar tan lines (third pic from top.) Not much I can say about the bottom three shots other than that I got rolled by the best 😉

XO Tanya



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Good afternoon,

I just wrapped up three days of shooting, two with Francesca Le and the third with Jackson (pics above.) Yesterday morning I had to move my car at 9am so I began the journey to STJ’s ring even though I wouldn’t be wrestling until afternoon. It seemed like a nice morning to enjoy coffee, bagel, writing. In second pic from top I am finishing text description for an upcoming video entitled “Executive Dominatrix”. Not sure if Yum Yum Donuts has nationwide locations but they have exact same menu as parent company, Winchell’s. After fueling up on caffeine I headed to the ring, filmed a solo POV fight video, and then prepared for my first ever actual match with Jackson (prior to yesterday we had only shot photos together.) I will describe Jackson as very fun, very strong, very flexible, and very skilled. Sort of made me feel like I should spend less time at the donut house and more hours training 😉

XO Tanya



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Christmas on Elm Street?



Good evening,

I shot above pics earlier today. Christmas decorations? It still feels like summertime.. of 2003. How are months and years flying by so quickly? After gawking in disbelief at Xmas décor I spent the second of two days shooting with lovely Francesca Le. Time keeps passing but Francesca looks exactly the same as she did 15 years ago, possibly even better. Below pics come from soon-to-be-released Jamestown Caper gallery of September 2015.




Tonight I am going to unpack my suitcases and start preparing for upcoming shoots with wrestlers Jackson and Shia. I shall return in the morning to answer blog comments and post more pics. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

XO Tanya

P.S. Below image re-creates traumatized expression on my face when I encountered both Santa Claus and a bona fide Xmas wreath in the early hours of this morning. Felt like Nightmare on Elm Street..

November12015 114_pp



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