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Score Magazine Auction 4


In the video above I am wearing the same bikini as I wore on the cover of the Score Magazine Boob Cruise issue. Winner of my Score Magazine  auction will receive a DVD copy of this beachside video plus numerous other items of memorabilia/erotica.

Spent a long time at the donut shop yesterday but am now ready to continue my research into the current lives of the other Boob Cruise 2000 models..

Maxi Mounds – Looks like Maxi is still actively working in the industry. Just spent a little time clicking around her Official Website. She also has a Clips4Sale store with some recent videos. I heard that Maxi is a great performer but I missed her striptease show on the Boob Cruise. Just found a video – check this out.

Brittany Love – Retired. From what I can see she disappeared around 2008 or so. Brittany was one of the few models I shot with after the Boob Cruise: one time for and another for Napali Video. We shot for Napali in Las Vegas during an exotic dancer expo. Brittany was irate because noise in her hotel had kept her awake into the wee hours of the morning. On the night preceding the shoot Brittany had been staying at Donita Dunes’ home. Brittany flipped out because Donita was celebrating her anniversary and the festivities were preventing Brittany from sleeping. Donita’s husband had to drive Brittany to a hotel. Evidently she likes to get her shuteye. And give blowjobs. Just found her Clips4Sale store which has content from 2007/2008.

Of the 15 models on the cruise only five of us still actively work in the industry: Minka, Maxi, Casey, Linsey, and I. Not so surprising since nearly 15 years have passed! Click here to place a bid on several pieces of classic Score Magazine Boob Cruise history – only one day left to win the booty!

XO Tanya



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Score Magazine Auction 3



Two days left on Score Magazine Auction – place a bid now! I am still researching the fate of the other models who joined me on the fabled Score Magazine Boob Cruise 2000:

Ariana – usually provides good model info but they misidentified Ariana as Ariana Jolie and also listed a completely erroneous birthdate for her. By now Ariana must be in her thirties, definitely not in her fifties..  lol  She was a sexy, busty Indian model born here in the US. We did a hot foot fetish shoot on the main deck of the cruise ship but I never saw it published anyplace. I remember her commenting that she gets a 5 o’clock shadow on her legs even after shaving them in the morning. I have the same problem. We got along well during the cruise. A few years later I ran into her at an Erotica LA convention here in Los Angeles and she seemed a little cold. Conventions can be overwhelming. My best guess is that she is retired. Similar to Dawn Stone and Adina she did a handful of shoots for Score and then fell off the radar.

Alyssa Alps – Heard she moved to Alaska and got a normal job after her long career of feature dancing/magazine modelling ended. She did a small number of softcore videos back in the day. Check out this classic vid – quintessential early 90s erotica: big hair, Revlon Red lipstick, garish jewelry, and huge cans. I loved that era. Aside from an apparent shared affinity for 90s styling (which lingered into later decades) Alyssa and I had zero in common. If I had an evil twin who looked nothing like me it could have been Alyssa. I minded my own business – she minded everybody else’s business. We were polar opposites and did not get along. Perhaps she has mellowed out. I doubt it. To her credit she seemed to know what she wanted out of life and she definitely went after it.

By the way, Alyssa does not appear on the cover of the Score Magazine up for auction, but she does have layouts inside of it.

Going to hit a donut shop. I shall return with more Score Magazine Boob Cruise minutiae/trivia/memories..

Happy Labor Day!

XO Tanya



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Score Magazine Auction 2


Good evening,

My Score Magazine auction is still going strong and I’m back online to continue my journey down memory/mammary lane..

Melody Foxxe – To my recollection Melody and I did not have a single conversation during the week-long Boob Cruise. No animosity, no ill will.. just no interaction. I did shoots with Adina, Windy, Jessica, and Ariana but none with Melody. She lingers as something of an enigma in my mind, a sentiment which is increasing by the moment. According to my brief Internet research she had been actively modelling for nudie magazines since 1993 and was feature dancing both before and after the Boob Cruise. Our lives had many parallels but I don’t think we ever crossed paths except during the cruise, where we barely crossed paths at all.  I found a fan club address for her on Boobpedia. Almost feel like sending her a letter to see if it is still active.. Very little info about Melody on the Net. Odd since she seems to have had quite a long career.

Lorna Morgan – She has a website but seemingly stopped posting stuff there back in 2011. Remember her as being kind of quiet, someone who kept to herself. Lorna was British like Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Jessica Turner but didn’t seem to be particularly friendly with them or any of the other models.

Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Appears that she puts a lot of time and effort into her website. Not sure but I think she used to be under an exclusive contract with Score. Judging by her website she is doing her own thing now. She and I did not get along especially well during the cruise. I had issues with the owners of Score because they wanted me to be more social with the paying passengers. Linsey didn’t understand my decision to opt out of some activities. “Didn’t you know it was going to be like this?” she asked me. “Didn’t you watch any of the Boob Cruise videos?” Don’t think I responded verbally. The expression on my face probably said: “Why would I watch any of the Boob Cruise videos?” I thought I was there for a modelling gig.

Jessica Turner – Retired. Score owns her “Official Site” but they don’t put much effort into promoting it. Evidently you can only get a membership to it by purchasing their “Big Boob Bundle“. Jessica and Linsey were good friends. Jessica’s personality matched her photos: festive and cheerful.

More to come..

Place a bid on my Score Magazine auction now!

XO Tanya



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Score Magazine Auction


Wow, nearly 15 years have passed since the fateful Score Magazine Boob Cruise 2000. Fifteen busty models sailed through the British Virgin Islands doing photo shoots and fighting with cruise organizers. In the copy of the magazine above I think the publishers refer to me as “a stuck-up, snotty bitch.” That is an industry term for a woman who sticks up for herself and sets her own parameters. I am wearing a purple bikini in the upper right-hand corner of the magazine cover (bid now to win both bikini and magazine!). The hot blonde directly below me is Adina Jo. She and I shared a cabin on the cruise ship and I will always have fond memories of Adina. Another model told me that Adina reduced her breast size and completely retired from the adult industry after the Boob Cruise. Yep, it was something of a rough journey out there on the open sea. I can laugh about it now. Hopefully she can too.

This morning I began wondering what some of the other models are doing so I did a little Internet stalking:

Minka – Love Minka! So glad to see that she is still shooting. Looks like she is living in Vegas and regularly updating her website.

Donita Dunes – Retired. I loved Donita too. Such a cool chick. We did a lot of scenes for Bizarre Video together. Lol.. check this out..

Dawn Stone – Retired as far as I know. Think she did a handful of shoots for Score and then vanished.

Casey James – Looks like she is still actively shooting/doing cam shows. Have a feeling she is based in the Midwest but I’m not really sure why I think that.

Windy Leigh – Evidently she works at a strip club in Pittsburgh in some capacity but is no longer dancing. Wow, she looks different! That is Jessica Justice in the upper right header of Windy’s FB page. Here are some pics of Windy from Boob Cruise era.

Jessica Justice – Good friend of Windy Leigh. Amazing dancer – very distinctive style, not the usual stripper. No idea what became of her.  Here is a brief bio.

I will continue my Internet research later. Going to do some yoga. For now check out my Score Magazine auction – lots of sexy clothing, magazines, DVDs, memorabilia for the lucky winner!

XO Tanya



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Big Celebration at Home Office Tonight



Extremely excited to have up and running/back in my control again. Since February I have had three different hosting companies and the third time appears to be the charm. Back in action! To celebrate I am going to a nearby Italian deli so I can order a latte. Lol.. I remember the days (not so long ago) when I would have been celebrating with a fifth of vodka. Back then I used any excuse for a drink and also managed to work an alcoholic beverage into whatever video I was shooting (see example above.)

Times change.. on my way to order a nice, big cup o’ joe  😉

XO Tanya

P.S. No, I’m not a recovering alcoholic. Still drink – just not all the time.  Good sense managed to creep into my life around 2010 or so. I definitely was not born with it.



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