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Glorious Hole


Good evening,

I just added Glorious Hole to my Diamond Club Members’ Area.

Here is a complete list of all selections currently playing inside the Diamond Club:

Glorious Hole
Star Trek: The Woman Trap
Up Close and Anal
Tropical Vacation
Bound for the Fetish Show
Kick Fight
Battleground Zero
Return of Miss Confederate
Lesbian Role Models
Oiled Sexfight
Origins of Aunt Tanya
Blonde Lovefest 1 & 2
Hotel Dominatrix
Crystal Palace
Tragic Demise of Power Woman
POV 4th of July Sex
Mother’s Day Seduction
Titfight Queen 1
Whipped Cream and Roses

Generally I add two videos and remove two videos each week. Selections at the bottom will vanish the soonest. Join my Diamond Club to enjoy the fun!

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Bound for the Fetish Show

fetish show

Good morning ,

I just added Bound for the Fetish Show to my Diamond Club Members’ Area.

Model Tanya Danielle is planning to participate in a fetish fashion show. She asks bondage legend Jewell Marceau to assist her in picking out an outfit. After selecting a white body shaper the two women set about choosing shoes. Jewell tapes nylon peds to Tanya’s feet and helps her try on various pairs of stilettos. Somehow Tanya fails to notice the malevolent gleam which is creeping into Jewell’s eyes during the process. Is Jewell jealous of Tanya’s involvement in the fetish gala? Does she regret having taken on the role of wardrobe advisor? Does she simply wish to ruin Tanya’s big evening because she knows that she can? All of the above factors probably contribute to Jewell’s ensuing course of action. With adrenaline-fueled speed the hot-tempered brunette suddenly overpowers Tanya, places her in a tight hogtie, and leaves her to struggle endlessly throughout the night. Needless to say, Tanya never arrives at the fetish gala..

Note to Members: In the next day or two I will be removing Road Rage and Ordeal of Agent Tanya from the Diamond Club so watch them now if you haven’t already!

XO Tanya



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Score Magazine Auction 4


In the video above I am wearing the same bikini as I wore on the cover of the Score Magazine Boob Cruise issue. Winner of my Score Magazine  auction will receive a DVD copy of this beachside video plus numerous other items of memorabilia/erotica.

Spent a long time at the donut shop yesterday but am now ready to continue my research into the current lives of the other Boob Cruise 2000 models..

Maxi Mounds – Looks like Maxi is still actively working in the industry. Just spent a little time clicking around her Official Website. She also has a Clips4Sale store with some recent videos. I heard that Maxi is a great performer but I missed her striptease show on the Boob Cruise. Just found a video – check this out.

Brittany Love – Retired. From what I can see she disappeared around 2008 or so. Brittany was one of the few models I shot with after the Boob Cruise: one time for Danni.com and another for Napali Video. We shot for Napali in Las Vegas during an exotic dancer expo. Brittany was irate because noise in her hotel had kept her awake into the wee hours of the morning. On the night preceding the Danni.com shoot Brittany had been staying at Donita Dunes’ home. Brittany flipped out because Donita was celebrating her anniversary and the festivities were preventing Brittany from sleeping. Donita’s husband had to drive Brittany to a hotel. Evidently she likes to get her shuteye. And give blowjobs. Just found her Clips4Sale store which has content from 2007/2008.

Of the 15 models on the cruise only five of us still actively work in the industry: Minka, Maxi, Casey, Linsey, and I. Not so surprising since nearly 15 years have passed! Click here to place a bid on several pieces of classic Score Magazine Boob Cruise history – only one day left to win the booty!

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