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Woman in Red

Good evening,

Somebody (1970s TV era) used to wear a red mask just like the one sported by Virtue above. Can’t remember who.. thought maybe Electra Woman or Dyna Girl but no..

I will think of it sooner or later. In any case, superheroine Virtue is facing yet more astonishing travails, this time in the Land of Abandon. Will she survive sadistic forces which threaten to rob her of life, limb, and dignity??

One shocking video will reveal the truth.. download Land of Cameron at TanyaTV.com now!

Earlier I began answering blog comments. Big thanks to all of you who take time to write. I always enjoy hearing your thoughts and will answer each message. Still have more to go. CatfightBlogger requested that I upload Purgatory starring Akira Lane vs. myself to my Clips4Sale store so I am working on that right now.. I shall return. Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!

XO Tanya



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Crash! Bang! Kaboom!









Just woke to a raging thunderstorm – reminds me of morning I last encountered Geisha Warrior Maiden Akira Lane:

Ancient legend describes atmospheric peculiarities which presage arrival of Geisha Warrior Maiden:

“Black ink drips from sky, blankets mountains high,
Lays onyx finish over seas, conceals
Avenging executrix drawing nigh.
Crash! Bang! Kaboom! Gold thunderbolt reveals
Kimono-clad assassin’s creamy thigh..”

Words resonate with catfighter Tanya Danielle but only briefly. “Geisha Warrior Maiden..” she says contemptuously. “I beat Mia Li and I will destroy Akira Lane as well.” Misplaced confidence infuses nighttime dreams with strange tincture. After hours of restless sleep Tanya wakens to face black dawn. Hidden behind dense storm clouds rising sun casts only faintest glow upon obsidian-hued ocean waters. Tanya smiles wickedly. “Two can play at this game.” she says, clothing herself head to toe in dark apparel. “Wonder how Akira the Warrior Maiden will like facing someone who wears her own colors.” Tanya turns from eleventh story window just as thunderbolt illuminates shapely leg slipping out from beneath black silken robe..

Lol.. Akira knows how to make a dramatic entrance. Geisha Warrior Maidens always do ūüėČ

Looks like a break in the rain.. must seize opportunity to go jogging. Hope everyone has a nice Monday!

XO Tanya



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Disco Inferno








Good morning,

In my last post I wrote about the second degree burns on my chest. Ringmaster STJ shot above photos of Akira Lane and myself ten days after the fateful laser procedure which caused the burns. You can see traces of the damage if you look carefully but the discoloration is resolving itself really well. In fact, it practically disappears in the bottom two action shots ūüėČ

Lol.. all this talk about burns, plus the groovy suits Akira and I are wearing, have the lyrics for Disco Inferno going through my head right now. May have to load that into my mp3 player..

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

XO Tanya


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Kurt, Akira & Me


Here I am demonstrating the Kurt Angle ankle lock twist submission hold on the hapless Akira Lane during our brutal April 1, 2015 encounter. She does seek revenge later in the match. Photo courtesy of STJ (click to enlarge.)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. We are finally getting more much-needed rain here in LA. Next week I will be wrestling an Asian catfighter named Mia Li in STJ‘s outdoor ring. Ideally¬†wet weather will abruptly cease and then resume after our match ūüėČ

XO Tanya



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Rubbing It In





Good afternoon,

I am smirking over the success¬†of my¬†April Fool’s Day post. A lot of comments¬†are awaiting moderation. Although I would love to linger here and “rub it in” (haha) my pornographic duties are beckoning me elsewhere. At the moment¬†I am packing for a shoot with Amber Michaels. ¬†Yesterday I had the pleasure of filming two wrestling matches with¬†Akira Lane¬†so I haven’t yet had a chance to read/answer blog feedback. I look forward to doing¬†so tomorrow ūüôā

Above you can see the likely source material for yesterday’s prank photos.¬†Don’t have the exact shots but I think the photo manipulator selected/doctored images from these particular “lotion” and “nurse” galleries which at one time appeared in their entirety¬†at TanyaDanielle.com. Whoever creates these porn images does remarkable work. (Thanks for alerting me to them, Chris!) You can see more here and here. It kinda hurts my feelings that my partner looks so disinterested in the activities here. Guess he’s “done” already.. lol.

Hope everyone has a great night!

XO Tanya



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Super Bowl Sunday




Good afternoon,

I had a busy week shooting with Stacy Burke, Akira Lane, and JM Rolen. As most of you know Super Bowl XLIX is occurring today. I tried to put a little money on the Patriots but could not access my account at Sportsbook.com.¬† Never had that problem before. Superstition now dictates that I avoid placing a wager. No plans for the big game. In my estimation Super Bowl Sunday has joined New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, and 4th of July as an excellent date to stay home. Realize that I sound like an old fuddy-duddy but I have never had much enthusiasm for occasions that call for mass exuberance, if that makes any sense.

Despite both boxing and wrestling Akira yesterday I could not sleep last night. In the early hours of the morning I went for a drive around the empty roads of LA and encountered a bar that looks like it should be sitting on a street corner in Buffalo, New York or Oil City, Pennsylvania. It reeks of dejection, rejection, and neglect but still remains open for business. When I came home I typed its name into the Yelp.com search engine only to discover that no one has written a single word about it. I will check it out next week.

Lots of new photos to edit so I am going to tune in to a 1947 flick entitled Pitfall and get to work. Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

XO Tanya



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Free Akira Sex Video!


akiraxxx (2)

I live on the very fringes (not the edge) of technology. Don’t even have a Smartphone. I only adopt new technology when it becomes essential. This morning Brazzers.com sent me some of their new promotional material, including an awesome 3-minute XXX video of fellow catfighter Akira Lane. She looks incredible! Generally I know how to do what I need to do on the computer but I didn’t know where I could post this video. Inspiration dawned a few minutes ago and I uploaded it to the server which hosts¬†my Official TanyaDanielle.com VOD Store. I went through three hosting companies this year before finding one that helped me work with the VOD software. Prior to that some customers were having problems downloading the videos. Now everything functions perfectly.

In order to reintroduce my Official TanyaDanielle.com VOD Store I would like to offer you the opportunity to download the 3-minute Akira sex vid. This footage is a promotional piece from Brazzers and is doubtlessly circulating around the Net but I think a lot of catfight and glamour enthusiasts will like to add it to their collections, especially since it is coming from a safe source – me! Just send an e-mail to Jay at webmaster@tanyadanielle.com with “Akira XXX Video” in the subject line. He will send you a download link for free!

XO Tanya



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Akira Lane




Looks like Akira Lane is adding a new dimension to her career.. and she¬†is hotter than ever! Like many of you I know Akira from the catfight scene – two top pics above are from our recent¬†August 26, 2014 wrestling match. Bottom pic is from her brand new XXX scene for Brazzers! Far as I know this is Akira’s first heterosexual foray into the porn world.

XO Tanya



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