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Beach Girls

Beach Girls in Westminster, California
Beach Girls at cameraman Jon White’s mid-century modern apartment.

Good morning,

As anyone who lives here will tell you Los Angeles sprawls all over the place. I reside in one of the furthest corners of Los Angeles County while my friend Paul lives on a different fringe. Periodically we meet in Orange County (equidistant from both our homes) for drinks. On a recent occasion we visited Beach Girls in Westminster. Other than bikini-clad bartenders the beach theme has vanished. I seem to recall a large room with concrete floors, graffiti, and pool tables. Or maybe the graffiti was just in the rest room (top pic.) Paul and I had a good time there. A friendly bartender, wearing skimpy black shorts and top beneath flannel shirt, mixed us a gin-based concoction worthy of the Biltmore Hotel in 1923. Sounds like a strange description but it truly seemed like a cocktail that the dignified elite would have been sipping in one of America’s grand hotels during the Roaring 20s. Upon my first taste of the drink I had raised my eyebrows over the rim of the glass while my lips were still fastened around it. Paul spoke before I could. “This is great!” he commented with feeling. I agreed. After a lifetime of drinking I have felt that way exactly one time. Usually I drink straight vodka or gin with no desire to mix it with anything.

Accompanying photos of stunning Alix Lynx vs. myself have nothing to do with Beach Girls but I always post a few skin pics and Satyr’s Spell starring Alix vs. myself just went on sale for $19.99 (normally $28.99) this week. Hope everyone is having a pleasant Monday!

XO Tanya



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Satyr’s Spell

Alix Lynx vs. myself in sexfight fantasy “Satyr’s Spell”


I have returned to civilization from weekend shooting + a short road trip. Rather than buckling down to catch up on work/housework I headed to the beach this morning. Cool breeze rippled ocean water, wafted through my hair as I sat in the sand and meditated. Felt so wonderful. Public restroom was a different story. City officials have seemingly begun a crackdown on prostitution which was occurring in restroom area. They have removed all enclosures around toilet stalls and now leave front entrance door propped open. When I pulled down my pants today I noted with amusement that a highrise condominium development on shoreline literally has an unimpeded view into ladies’ restroom. Occupants would need to use binoculars but there is nothing to block them from spying on each and every woman who utilizes the facilities.

After walking home I got busy:

Still catching up on stuff but will try to answer post comments later today. Hope everyone is having a nice Monday!

XO Tanya



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Back on Top

Good evening,

Just ate dinner (Cheerios) and thought I would post some pics from March 27 shoot with Alix Lynx. As you can see our wrestling match was not as lopsided as my March 31 altercation with Saharra Huxly. Lol.. last week of March 2017 was quite memorable. In between those wrestling matches I encountered two dogs – blue pit bull and small chihuahua mix – running loose near my home. Normally I drive like a grandmother but suddenly I was flipping U-turns in the middle of the street, passing cars, merging onto the sidewalk but the dogs kept eluding me. Finally I parked vehicle, grabbed leash I keep in car for this purpose, and pursued them on foot. Many twisting, turning blocks later three wonderful ladies and I cornered dogs outside a restaurant and held them there until owner (thank goodness dogs wore ID tags) arrived in a taxi to reclaim them. I drove owner and dogs home while she explained that pit bull had already busted several locks on gate which leads into her property. She seemed a bit overwhelmed. I called a contractor I know (another pit bull owner familiar with strength of breed) who agreed to stop by and check out the gate. Later that evening lady pit bull owner texted “Thank you soooo much.. now my babies are safe in the yard and can’t get out in the streets. God bless you!” Within minutes I had another message from contractor saying: “You owe me a drink.” He and I agreed to meet on April 1, one day after my scheduled shoot with Saharra.

Honestly, I had no idea of the demolition I would experience at Saharra’s hands on that fateful Friday. Nonetheless, I pulled myself from bed on Saturday morning to meet the contractor at the tavern. Accompanied by a shaft of sunlight I strode into the dimly lit joint, climbed onto a barstool, and uncharacteristically ordered a coffee as pub door swung shut behind me. “I’ll have a real drink when my friend gets here.” I assured bartender. Friend never got there. Instead he sent several messages asking where we had agreed to meet, feigning confusion about time, place, etc. until I tossed phone into purse and ordered a Stoli on the rocks. If I could survive three matches with Saharra Huxly (yes, three) and show up on time then I had absolutely no patience for whatever excuse contractor might proffer. During trip to ladies room I did notice that wall art in pub had changed since my last visit:

Irish pub bathroom art October 2015
Same restroom in April 2017

Evidently pub owner keeps green paint on hand to periodically erase graffiti. Something about those renderings seemed almost tribal and mesmerizing when I saw each of them – guess I was drunk. Lady from 2015 has vanished but I stared at tiger for just as long as I had gazed at lady’s face two years earlier. Good thing I was establishment’s only female patron on both occasions.

Although April began on a strange note I spent time with friends in a different corner of Los Angeles County last weekend and really enjoyed the short road trip. In their neighborhood even the local Wendy’s fast food franchise has a nice view:

View from roadway diner

Getting ready for more shooting but will return to answer post comments this weekend. Hope everyone is having a great week!

XO Tanya



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