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Noir Heat


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Buried deep in the pages of Femfighter Monthly a single photo of September Reign generates more excitement than anything else inside the publication. Practically salivating, Tanya Danielle pens these phrases in September’s honor:

“Rich noir chocolate bar,

Indescribable treat,

Let’s unwrap you, my sweet,

Eat flesh in rite bizarre,

Savor your creamy heat.”

Months later the two women encounter one another at a Los Angeles-area wrestling ring. Tensions escalate quickly. Will veteran fighter Tanya Danielle succeed in disrobing, defiling, and devouring newcomer September Reign?

(September Reign and Tanya Danielle star in Noir Heat, a topless femfight thriller featuring interracial opponents, skimpy G-strings, copious trash talk, leg scissors, breast smothering, surfboards, grapevines, hammerlocks, half nelson, belly punching, breast mangling in ropes, biting, tit torture, chokeholds, multiple submissions, pleading, KO, more. Co-produced by Naz.)



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March 29 Battle Royale











Good afternoon,

Thought I would post some images from March 29 shoot with Lisa Tiffian. Our faces look a bit distorted due to mouthpieces we are wearing. After boxing we did a wrestling match which brought back the joy of really wrestling. Other than Christine Dupree and Liz Lightspeed I have not legitimately grappled with anyone in years. Evidently Lisa has done a number of videos for Ultimate Surrender. She told me that she had never wrestled before showing up at their studios. Due to her natural athleticism and strength (my words, not hers) they keep using her for more shoots. Very impressive lady – I hope to shoot with Lisa again.

XO Tanya



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Time Warp



Good thing that Stacy and I have a shared affinity for semi-psychedelic colors. Brightness of hue contributes to the time warp in my head when I gaze upon these photos. Stacy and I shot the top pic two days ago with JM Rolen. The other images (video captures from Blonde Bikini Battle) date back to perhaps 2003 or so. If things stay on track Stacy and I should reunite to shoot Blonde Bikini Battle – Part 3 at some point in 2024.  Wonder if those bikinis will stay intact.. and who gets the yellow one next time? 😉

XO Tanya



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Stars, Stripes, and Superheroines




Good morning,

The first three episodes of Adventures of Terra are now playing inside my Diamond Club Members’ Area. I mention this not only because they are awesome, (Stacy Burke plays diabolical supervillainess Lynx in these premiere episodes of the series), but also because I am retiring Terra’s signature sequined thong. You can own a piece of cinematic history by bidding now. This thong got around. Before becoming a key part of Terra’s official supersuit it appeared in numerous videos and magazine layouts, even on the cover of Tail Ends magazine. That particular issue of Tail Ends is not included in the auction but the winner will receive the sequined thong itself plus a truly stunning amount of other exclusive memorabilia.

XO Tanya



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