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Beach Girls

Beach Girls in Westminster, California
Beach Girls at cameraman Jon White’s mid-century modern apartment.

Good morning,

As anyone who lives here will tell you Los Angeles sprawls all over the place. I reside in one of the furthest corners of Los Angeles County while my friend Paul lives on a different fringe. Periodically we meet in Orange County (equidistant from both our homes) for drinks. On a recent occasion we visited Beach Girls in Westminster. Other than bikini-clad bartenders the beach theme has vanished. I seem to recall a large room with concrete floors, graffiti, and pool tables. Or maybe the graffiti was just in the rest room (top pic.) Paul and I had a good time there. A friendly bartender, wearing skimpy black shorts and top beneath flannel shirt, mixed us a gin-based concoction worthy of the Biltmore Hotel in 1923. Sounds like a strange description but it truly seemed like a cocktail that the dignified elite would have been sipping in one of America’s grand hotels during the Roaring 20s. Upon my first taste of the drink I had raised my eyebrows over the rim of the glass while my lips were still fastened around it. Paul spoke before I could. “This is great!” he commented with feeling. I agreed. After a lifetime of drinking I have felt that way exactly one time. Usually I drink straight vodka or gin with no desire to mix it with anything.

Accompanying photos of stunning Alix Lynx vs. myself have nothing to do with Beach Girls but I always post a few skin pics and Satyr’s Spell starring Alix vs. myself just went on sale for $19.99 (normally $28.99) this week. Hope everyone is having a pleasant Monday!

XO Tanya



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