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Bill Margold: One of a Kind

Very sad to report that porn legend/historian Bill Margold passed away last week. Click on top pic to read extremely touching remembrance from his friend Brian Sebastian. Do not yet know all circumstances but one particular detail is driving me bananas. At our last meeting (December 2015, I believe) Bill told me exactly what words he wanted on his tombstone. Desired epitaph is eluding me right now and I feel determined to recall it. I had no idea Bill would pass so suddenly or so soon. He and I met on set at one of legendary director Jim Holliday’s productions. Amongst other onscreen appearances Bill and I exchanged a few lines of dialogue in Too Many Blonde Moments (box cover above). Seem to recall that Grand Inquisitor Bill laughed quite appreciatively at a joke I cracked.

Fierce intellect, steel trap memory, warm heart are qualities I most remember in Bill. So glad I visited him in 2015 and wish I had returned again to hear more fascinating and endless anecdotes regarding California porn industry from early 1970s to present. I will miss you, Bill. Please give my regards to Jim when you see him in the Great Beyond.

XO Tanya