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Feast of Dick



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Good morning,

Getting ready to release new video inspired by longtime collector CD and crumbling architecture of LA:

Feast of Dick

“Ocean’s center,
Neptune’s nest,
Steely trident,
Dripping with death.. ”

Virtue receives cryptic message in wake of nephew Wonderboy’s mysterious disappearance. Night of tortured rumination leads superheroine to Ocean’s Center Building on Los Angeles coastline. Search of crumbling property proves futile. Virtue sinks to ground beneath statue of Neptune, allowing precipitation to bathe skin. Absence of rain clouds in sky prompts sudden, sickening realization. Bolting to feet crimefighter espies dripping object attached to Neptune’s trident, vaults thirty feet in air to retrieve blood-soaked paper. It reads:

“Prime steak,
Sausage on platter,
Tender loins,
Longer, thicker, fatter.”

Sinister import of words clutches at Virtue’s heart. “Prime, prime, prime..” she whispers urgently, trying to force vague memory into forefront of brain. Slowly, agonizingly she recalls mid-century restaurant, Prime’s Steakhouse, located just blocks from where she stands. Do Wonderboy’s captors intend to carve up his manhood, serve it for victuals?? Virtue will do anything to save Wonderboy. Thus commences stunning odyssey into very depths of sexual perversion..

(Tanya Danielle stars as Virtue in Feast of Dick, a shocking superheroine adventure which features transformation, thigh-high boots, V-string, forced striptease, taboo aunt-nephew storyline, masturbation, interracial component, double POV blowjob, catastrophic peril to superhero dynasty.)

Feast of Dick coming soon to TanyaTV.com..

XO Tanya



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POV Blowbang



POV Blowbang

A ref blows a call and Goldie has to blow everybody. Her favorite team slinks off the field as their opponents pull out their dicks. “Let’s go someplace more private.” Goldie suggests, eager to avoid unnecessary spectators and voyeurs with cameras. She and a handful of players retreat into a nearby residence. Goldie strips down to a remarkably old-fashioned slip and begins sucking with skill and enthuisiasm. Three cocks soak her from head to toe with a tsunami of sperm. Gambling debt paid in full, she prepares to shower off the evidence. Unfortunately for Goldie several discreetly wielded cameras have recorded every second of the raunchy proceedings..

Goldie Blair stars in POV Blowbang, an oral sex extravaganza featuring full satin slip, multiple dildo blowjobs, dirty talk, multiple facial cumshots, and bukkake. POV Blowbang is now playing at the Official TanyaDanielle.com VOD Store! (Co-produced by MM.)



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