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Gunfight at the Compton Corral
Masked gunfighter ready for action.
Bit slow on the draw.. Mouth full of carpet ūüôā

Good evening,

First of all, I’d like to thank Brad for the wonderful new trove of reading material and the T-shirt which I will wear proudly. I love regional T-shirts. Muuuaaahhh!! Lately I have not been visiting my mailbox as frequently so please forgive the delayed acknowledgement for your lovely gifts. Tonight I plan on reading “Casting the Runes” since I have developed a bit of a fixation with runes. Early this morning a few odd verses popped into my brain as I lay in bed:

Suppressed for centuries,

Lost to society,

Antiquity’s dark rune

Yields great wealth unto me.

Think those words may eventually help explain how a certain masked gunfighter (pics above) developed supernatural abilities which enable her to survive endless gunfights with other busty outlaws ūüėČ Or maybe they don’t explain anything at all. Sentence fragments often dangle inside my head – I’ve probably forgotten 1,000,000 of them for every one that I’ve noted down. For reasons unknown my mind likes to compose things. As a little kid I dreamed of scoring a job where I could name different shades of lipstick: “Lustrous Lilac”, “Cranberry Passion”, “Miss Liberty” (bright red), “Gold Cadillac” (perhaps for nail polish.) I still dream of that job even though I love what I do.

Tonight I am preparing Chosen Few starring Saharra Huxly vs. myself for release. Very weirdly I named the video Chosen Few on Wednesday night, met a friend on Thursday morning at a breakfast joint where we saw someone sporting a T-shirt emblazoned with Chosen Few MC. Prior to that moment I had never heard of the club but they do seem to have a colorful history.

So tired.. must stop typing. I will return in the morning to answer post comments. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Thanks again for the wonderful gifts, Brad. May your generosity revisit you a thousandfold.

XO Tanya



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Memorial Day 2017

Wilmington Cemetery- Memorial Day 2017

I would like to send much love and many thanks to active and former members of the US military on this Memorial Day holiday. Today I visited the Wilmington Cemetery in Los Angeles to reflect on our fallen soldiers.

“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. rather we should thank God that such men lived.”

-George Patton

Honestly, I got pretty weepy at the graveyard earlier today. Headstones date back to 1850s and many bear names of soldiers from World War I to present.

After returning home I felt need for a little diversion, began describing my latest encounter with Sheriff Wendy Whoppers:

Sheriff Wendy

Wendy’s awe-inspiring melons

Educate ten thousand felons,

Nourish rich tableau til lowdown

Desperado begins yellin’:

“Yo! There’s a new sheriff in town!”

Thinking of Whoppers always puts me back in fight mode. In soon-to-be-released Showdown I challenge my busty, blonde arch-nemesis to yet another duel.

Lowdown Desperado
Waiting for the sheriff.

Yes, the “lowdown desperado” is ready for action. Whoppers and I have a bit of history.

Will return tomorrow – hope everyone had a pleasant Monday!

XO Tanya



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Woman in Red

Good evening,

Somebody (1970s TV era) used to wear a red mask just like the one sported by Virtue above. Can’t remember who.. thought maybe Electra Woman or Dyna Girl but no..

I will think of it sooner or later. In any case, superheroine Virtue is facing yet more astonishing travails, this time in the Land of Abandon. Will she survive sadistic forces which threaten to rob her of life, limb, and dignity??

One shocking video will reveal the truth.. download Land of Cameron at TanyaTV.com now!

Earlier I began answering blog comments. Big thanks to all of you who take time to write. I always enjoy hearing your thoughts and will answer each message. Still have more to go. CatfightBlogger requested that I upload Purgatory starring Akira Lane vs. myself to my Clips4Sale store so I am working on that right now.. I shall return. Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!

XO Tanya



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Good afternoon,

We live in crazy times. Even Captain James T. Kirk (transformed by gender bender cannon) finds himself challenged. Just added Star Trek Star Cross 2 starring Prinzzess Felicity Jade and myself to TanyaTV.com:

Star Trek Star Cross – Part 2

“Tall, blonde Amazon confounds perception,
Haughty eyes bespeak superior race,
Radically engineered conception.

Uberhuman creature radiates grace,
Scientifically honed deception,
Toxic subterfuge beneath red hot glace.”

Message on communicator confuses rather than enlightens Captain James T. Kirk. Alone on mission he can make no sense of puzzling words. Someone is attempting to warn him about… a blonde Amazon? A genetically engineered threat? Sublime trickery? Red hot ice?? Sudden noise returns Kirk to present moment. Instantly on guard captain brandishes phaser, comes face to face with towering blonde Amazon, watches in astonishment as beguiling beauty’s scarlet space suit liquefies into lethal concoction of red hot ice..

(Prinzzess Felicity Jade and Tanya Danielle star in Star Trek Star Cross 2, a sci-fi adventure featuring transgender supervillain, compulsory masturbation, lesbian domination, forced blowjob on dildo, simulated sex, orgasm, crushing subjugation of Captain James T. Kirk. Co-produced by MK.)

Think Prinzzess may have been a sex-crazed alien in a former life. She brings remarkable passion to her role ūüėČ

In other news:

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday! I should have time to answer post comments tomorrow.

XO Tanya



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Black Swan





(Pics above from Madeleine’s Mark)

Good afternoon,

I have pulled myself from bed after brief illness. Made a few lifestyle changes recently but want to see how they work out before I discuss them. Think alterations have shocked my body. Lymph nodes in left groin have exploded to sizes never seen.¬†Last night I sweated with fever, gobbled ibuprofen for body aches. Do I have the flu or am I reacting to recent events? Not yet sure but I did have some trippy dreams. One of them featured a black swan nesting within my kitchen (or pantry?) light fixture. Even inside dream I reacted¬†to black swan by staring fixedly and thinking: “Wow, that really is a black swan.”

During 2016 I have started listening almost exclusively to alternative media on YouTube for economic, political news because in this day and age mainstream radio primarily transmits propaganda. Alternative media makes frequent mention of potential black swan events which will adversely effect economy. I had never gazed upon a black swan til one surfaced in my dream last night. In honor of the omen (and sometimes omens do presage good things) I am putting Black Swan starring Goldie Blair and myself on sale for $11.99 (normally $22.99.)

While wracked with fever, body aches over past two nights I also rewrote some text:

Madeleine’s Mark

Legend of Madeleine’s Mark:

Moon beams as banished infidel,
Advancing soul from parts unknown,
Divinely guided but alone,
Encounters ravaged citadel.

Lost fortress strewn with mortar shell,
Excruciated human bone,
Irreverently toppled stone
Now offers up forbidden spell.

Ensconced in devastated site,
Submerged beneath dark, layered loam
Masked vagrant finds forgotten tome.

Alchemical book brightens light,
Rich gold explodes from honeycomb,
Kaboom! Deposed queen has come home!

After banishment from corrupt oligarchy Madeleine had wandered for years, stumbled upon remains of toppled fortress. Search of rubble lead to discovery of ancient tome containing alchemical secrets. Now possessing ability to create golden bullets Рmagic projectiles which will transfix enemies into quiescence РMadeleine prepares to leave indelible mark on society which had rejected her so long ago..

Previously I had released above video under title “Through the Looking Glass” but I had strange compulsion to redo text and change title to Madeleine’s Mark. I just added Madeleine’s Mark to my Clips4Sale store for the first time.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I’m trying to rest up because I have a lot of shoots next week and want to be 100% healthy.

XO Tanya



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Golden Amazon





Good evening,

Independence Day holiday is fast approaching while women in patriotic garb defend nation’s borders. ¬†Superheroine Golden Amazon received this¬†startling prophecy on June 18:

“Golden Amazon approaches peril,
Overlooks black ravens’ sinister cries,
Languishes in comatose disgrace while
Diabolical fiend parts well-shaped thighs.”

Did Golden Amazon heed warning from Oracle and refrain from embarking on dangerous mission? Of course not. Wouldn’t be much of a video if she had ūüėČ Just posted Golden Omen at TanyaTV.com. Doing lots of shooting but will return in the next few days to answer post comments. Hope everyone is having a great week!

XO Tanya



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Feast of Dick



lbz (167)

may3015 152_pp

may3015 180_pp

may3015 148_pp

may3015 154_pp

may3015 232_pp

Good morning,

Getting ready to release new video inspired by longtime collector CD and crumbling architecture of LA:

Feast of Dick

“Ocean’s center,
Neptune’s nest,
Steely trident,
Dripping with death.. ”

Virtue receives cryptic message in wake of nephew Wonderboy’s mysterious disappearance. Night of tortured rumination leads superheroine to Ocean’s Center Building on Los Angeles coastline. Search of crumbling property proves futile. Virtue sinks to ground beneath statue of Neptune, allowing precipitation to bathe skin. Absence of rain clouds in sky prompts sudden, sickening realization. Bolting to feet crimefighter espies dripping object attached to Neptune’s trident, vaults thirty feet in air to retrieve blood-soaked paper. It reads:

“Prime steak,
Sausage on platter,
Tender loins,
Longer, thicker, fatter.”

Sinister import of words clutches at Virtue’s heart. “Prime, prime, prime..” she whispers urgently, trying to force vague memory into forefront of brain. Slowly, agonizingly she recalls mid-century restaurant, Prime’s Steakhouse, located just blocks from where she stands. Do Wonderboy’s captors intend to carve up his manhood, serve it for victuals?? Virtue will do anything to save Wonderboy. Thus commences stunning odyssey into very depths of sexual perversion..

(Tanya Danielle stars as Virtue in Feast of Dick, a shocking superheroine adventure which features transformation, thigh-high boots, V-string, forced striptease, taboo aunt-nephew storyline, masturbation, interracial component, double POV blowjob, catastrophic peril to superhero dynasty.)

Feast of Dick coming soon to TanyaTV.com..

XO Tanya



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Moon Wishes




Good evening,

On the receiving end of big action here: just accepted large delivery of Chinese food from usual joint¬†(top pic) while my editor in Dallas was sending me material I need for tonight’s release of superheroine thriller Blue Moon Doom (lower two pics.) “How is your weekend going?” I e-mailed editor. He responded:

“Weekend is good so far, but I’m ready for the Pope to go home… Yours?”

That made me laugh out loud. We have been experiencing endless coverage of the papal visit here in the US. Now – with beer in coaster, wonton in hand –¬†I am uploading Blue Moon Doom to my server. Decided to post this timely video in honor of tomorrow night’s super moon eclipse. As you can sort of tell by the below text I shot Blue Moon Doom during the blue moon¬†of July 2015:

Blue Moon Doom

Thunder moon rises for second time in July, casting eery blue glow upon Parker City. Mischief, mayhem, mystical occurences abound. Disappearance of rare gemstone from Museum of Space Science leads to frenzied investigation. Astronomers conclude that specimen simply disintegrated due to aberrant temperature, freakish environmental conditions. Superheroine Virtue knows otherwise. With unerring instinct she tracks missing lunar crystal to dingy motel on outskirts of town. Radioactive waves emit from unit 302, infusing superheroine’s body with magnesium-enriched adrenaline. Eyes cross, body shakes, synapses fire. Crimefighter propels herself through door, prepared to face forces of evil which now imperil one of Parker City’s greatest treasures..

If you look closely at below pic you will likely see what became of the missing lunar crystal:


Am I imagining it or do I bear a bit of a resemblance to Dee Snider in the following shot?


Sometimes superheroines end up with pretty wild hairstyles after long days spent fighting crime ūüėČ Does anyone else remember when Dee Snider addressed the United States Congress clad in skintight leather pants and flowing blonde locks? Those were the days..

I will have Blue Moon Doom ready for download either tonight or early in the morning. Be back a bit later to answer blog comments. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

XO Tanya

P.S. Been listening to an audio-biography of Billie Holiday this past week. Just turned it on and noticed the title: Wishing on the Moon



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may3015 210_pp

may3015 201_pp_pp

Good evening,

Hope everyone in the US had a pleasant 4th of July holiday. I donned patriotic attire and hit a few bars with a friend. Lower pic reminds me of how I felt the next morning when I caught sight of myself in the mirror whilst brushing my teeth. Have you ever done that? That inadvertent glimpse of bloodshot eyes, tangled hair, downturned mouth should be enough to dissuade me from ever drinking again but it never seems to work out that way ūüėČ Anyways, I have recovered and am now preparing for another shoot. Tomorrow evening I will catch up on blog comments and post more pics.

XO Tanya

P.S. Check out my 2014 Independence Day activities in POV Fireworks!



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Many Thanks, Mysterious Stranger!

Jan292015 105_pp_pp

Good evening,

I stopped to pick up my mail about an hour prior to my last shoot. To my delight I discovered three items from my Amazon Wish List: a gorgeous waist cincher, white sports bra, and long, sexy, black gloves! Stunning synchronicity enabled two of those items to fit perfectly into videos that I was shooting that day. I wore the gloves for a sexy gunfight (above pic) and another video tentatively entitled Valentine’s Day Massacre. The sports bra will appear in the opening sequence of Megababe Tortured before an unassuming civilian (me) morphs into her superheroine alter ego.

Thank you so much, Mysterious Stranger!!! You made my day. I love the gifts and will post more photos tomorrow. Muuuuaaahhhh!!!

XO Tanya

P.S. Thank you also to the very generous gentleman who commissioned my latest gunfight video and sent me the amazing black boots you see above. You are awesome!



Superheroines & Gremlins


Oct72014 063_pp

Sometimes the gremlins come out to play. Simple tasks become exceedingly complex. Stuff that would normally take fifteen minutes requires ten days to resolve. I trace my recent problems back to the beginning of November, around the time that I found myself sleeping in the driveway of a stranger. My doctor wrote me a prescription that day and told me to fill it immediately. Due to insurance issues and some potential, um, oversights (that’s putting it nicely) of the staff at my local CVS pharmacy I just got the medicine today. To be fair, computer glitches may have caused the entire delay. Two of the pharmacy crew did help me out a lot. And I do know a little something about computer problems. I last updated TanyaTV.com on October 31. Shortage of content? Nope. I couldn’t log in to my own server. Today I installed a new ftp program on my computer, inadvertently opting to include a virulent form of malware with the installation. Yes, I opted in to the program which contained the malware. I thought it was a necessary feature. Took a long time to get rid of it and I lost every single stored password in my laptop. Also lost my Adobe Flash player. No Amy Fisher on webcam, no past episodes of Disappeared, nothing playing on my computer until I rectify the situation. Will deal with it tomorrow.

Anyways, I’m actually pretty relaxed, just discombobulated. I do think the gremlins have left my building or my brain or wherever else they were hanging out. Tonight I am working on Superheroine Sex Doll (see above – Megababe looks how I feel in that top pic.) A few minutes ago¬†I used¬†the new ftp program to upload¬†Superheroine Sex Doll¬†to my server.. before¬†realizing that Glitterpimp had already uploaded it for me. Think the Universe is telling me to go to bed.

Signing off for now..

XO Tanya

P.S. I have a black eye right now too Рa bad one. Tell you about it tomorrow. Not looking for sympathy.. wrote all this because I find it strangely amusing, even comforting, how random difficulties all seem to converge at the same time and then evaporate almost simultaneously.



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